September 2023 Random Game Thoughts Thread

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Known September Game Sale Dates

Steam: Strategy Fest: August 28 - September 4; SHMUP Fest: September 25 - October 2
Epic: None listed for September
GoG: Autumn Sale: Now till September 11

Coming to PC Game Pass in September

  • Gris – September 5 (Console, PC, Cloud)
  • Starfield – September 6 (Console, PC, Cloud)
  • Lies of P – September 19 (Console, PC)
  • Party Animals – September 20 (Console, PC)
  • Payday 3 – September 21 (Console, PC, Cloud)
  • Cocoon – September 29 (Console, PC)

Top Game Launches for September (From PC Gamer):

  • September 5 — Chants of Sennaar - Linguistic puzzle adventure (Steam)
  • September 5 — Rune Factory 3 Special - Fantasy Harvest Moon port (Steam)
  • September 6 — Starfield - Bethesda's new original space RPG (Steam)
  • September 8 — Fae Farm - Farm sim with extra fairies (Steam)
  • September 8 — Synced - Match-based roguelike looter shooter (Steam)
  • September 12 — Eternights - Post-apoc hack-and-slash dating sim (Steam)
  • September 14 — AK-xolotl - Bullet hell roguelike with AR amphibians (Steam)
  • September 14 — The Crew: Motorfest - Ubisoft's open-Hawaii racer (Epic)
  • September 14 — Pathfinder: Gallowspire Survivors (Early Access - Steam)
  • September 14 — Railroads & Catacombs - Darkest Dungeon on rails (Steam)
  • September 14 — Ugly - Braid-ish psychological puzzle platformer (Steam)
  • September 15 — Wandering Sword - Wuxia tactics RPG (Steam)
  • September 19 — Lies of P - Bloodborne, but you play Pinocchio (Steam)
  • September 19 — Mortal Kombat 1 - Liu Kang's cool new timeline (Steam)
  • September 20 — Men of War 2 - WWII RTS with co-op (Steam)
  • September 20 — Party Animals - Gang Beasts as beasts (Steam)
  • September 20 — Warhaven - Medieval team PvP (Steam)
  • September 20 — Witchfire(Early Access) - Wizardly roguelike FPS (Epic)
  • September 21 — Payday 3 - Clown-masked crime co-op (Steam)
  • September 26 — El Paso, Elsewhere - Neo-noir slowmo shooter (Steam)
  • September 26 — Mineko's Night Market - Cats and crafting sim (Steam)
  • September 26 — Paleo Pines - Dino-based farm sim (Steam)
  • September 27 — Fortune's Run - Deus Ex in space (Steam)
  • September 29 — Cocoon - World-hopping puzzle adventure (Steam)
  • September 29 — Saleblazers(Early Access) - Shopkeep survival (Steam)
  • September ?? — Felvidek - Monochrome medieval RPG (Steam)
  • September ?? — Super Adventure Hand - a hands-on puzzler (Steam)

Other September 2023 Releases Perhaps of Interest

Note: Some demos are removed upon game release

*Has a demo
*Has a demo
*Has a demo
*Has a demo
*Has a demo
*Has a demo
*Has a demo
*Has a demo
*Has a demo
*Has a demo
*Has a demo
*Has a demo
*Has a demo
*Has a demo
*Has a demo
*Has a demo
*Has a demo
*Has a demo
*Has a demo
*Has a demo
*Has a demo
*Has a demo
*Has a demo

Games Coming to Early Access​

*Has a demo
*Has a demo
*Has a demo

Notable DLC​

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Still playing POE league and my boneshatter build (well, big duck's one) has been working a treat after i lucked out on some decent gear and loot. It does wonders mapping but against a single target its decidedly disappointing.

Although i have 8 challenges, getting the next few is a nightmare. its the long grind and honestly i'm questioning whether i should actually bother at all. The problem is much of it is late game content or with obnoxiously difficult challenges. no simple get to 90 or kill x number of monster, I can't even beat most of them joining pub lobbies and letting someone else do the work like in sanctum league.

Realistically, i can probably do 4 mor,e but after that? its going to be too tedious. its not helped i can't sustain the higher tier maps i need to keep going.

onto other news AOE2 i'm on the final mission of the Joan of arc campaign and whilst i saved it at a point where i am comfortable, its been a quite literal up hill battle. Whilst the wall built from homes has been working a treat. Things got decidedly more tricky when the AI started brining in large numbers of battering rams. The other problems is that i deployed my castles too close to the walls, so infantry could plink away at stone walls until they break through. The third annoying thing is that the Ai is too aggressive by default. They're set to chase enemies to the ends of the earth and too often errant units charge out of the gates and then leave it open for enemies to barge in.
looks at video... that is very strange. Looks like a rhythm game. A really weird one.

I am inbetween games again, mostly my default state. I would play diablo 4 but the lack of free character spaces means I would need to delete someone to start again. Think I just wait and see what happens with game before season 2.
this was last month but it looks pretty good.

For known events, if you log in right now theres a Playstation PC Publisher sale until the 7th.

Mortal Kombat
is the only one listed here im probably going to buy (pre-order) because well its MORTAL KOMBAT!! . Starfields on gamepass so im gonna wait for that. The reviews coming out put it at about a 6-7/10 so im gonna keep my hopes at bay for it.

im just glad they are bringing back some of the best old fatalities with a fresh look:

this was last month but it looks pretty good.

All I know is I enjoyed the tutorial. After that I got distracted by something else. I haven't gotten to the combat yet, but building and running your robots is pretty good.
Yeah I have Desynced wishlisted, and Zed played it last month and commented on it in these posts.

Going to play it some more this week. I've just overwhelmed myself with games I want to play.
I'm digging Starfield as mentioned in another post. Did a 15 hour session and am drawn in. Being a lover of Skyrim and Fallout I feel right at home. The gun play is great, no real glitches so far, 1 crash.

Also I gotta mention if people are wondering, You can run it on stuff lower then what they have listed as requirements. My good pc is at my gf's place so I'm playing on a weaker one here that's bellow what they listed. Ryzen 5 3400g, GTX 1650, 8 gigs of ram. I got full res going on with low settings and it plays at about 30 fps.
I ain't gonna complain at all.

Also the pathing system for your scanner works really well so far. If you need to get somewhere it will point you in the right direction and with the most effective path that seems to take the least amount of time.

I can't wait to see this game on my good pc though. It's gonna be sick.
So the good news is that in AOE2 i've finally beaten the joan of arc campaign! So technically my AOE2 demons have been banished right?

Well, actually no. Playing the saladin campaign and my progress has literally come to a halt. mission 2 of the campaign and i'm struggling. The problem is that i don't have the resources to mount any meaningful defense against the ongoing horde of catapults and skirmish archers.

having had a look at the quick walkthrough apparently it should be a cake walk to just charge in and kill the peasants and job done....
I had stumbled upon a quest in the Nuka World expansion of Fallout 4 that required me to find 35 items (Star Cores) scattered throughout the map of the expansion. Collection quests are never the most interesting, but if the rewards are worth it I don't mind keeping my eyes open while exploring. However, remembering the disappointing reward for Skyrim's Stones of Barenziah quest, I decided to look up the reward beforehand. Turns out that I can't even fully complete the quest because I chose to exterminate the raiders and the rewards I could unlock I don't care for.

I did finish killing the leaders of the three raider factions, though the last faction was by far the hardest. They were in a building with only one entrance and guards right by the door, so I couldn't sneak in. Also, this faction has two leaders, both of which had massive health pools. Luckily I managed to find a power armour somewhere which helped keep me alive long enough to keep spamming stimpaks.

Thinking I had cleared the building, I exited the power armour and went to loot everything, when I stumbled upon another boss, also with a massive health pool. I got her down to the last 15% or so when she went into my power armour and I had to empty an entire clip of my gauss rifle to kill her.

I'm pretty sure dogmeat did the most damage during all of this though. I think one of the mods I installed buffed him to a ridiculous level, but since I'm not using any other companions during this playthrough I don't really mind.
More AOE action After several attempts i've finally beaten the second chapter of saladin.

Stressful stuff. Constantly attacked and harrassed isn't fun and honestly had i not exploited a quick cav rush to kill all the peasants in one of the armies i would have been snuffed in under an hour. But after neutering one of the factions it just left one at the sea and yeah, i could have probably done it faster if i just built 2 or 3 unit types and just went with that.
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