Last Epoch discussion thread

Free expansions vs $100 ones... why would you not want to give Blizzard money?
skill trees and variety of builds... no, you play how Blizzard let you. One build per class... easier for us to make costumes to sell you then.
100 stash tabs vs 6... I mean, Diablo clearly wins with only 6.
loot filter.... omg, I forgot about this
Crafting that lets you choose what to put on items, no random choice enchanting.
Legendary items might actually be worth while...
it has 3 end game systems... at launch, not added over a year because you launched game with nothing to do after story is over.

Think I will pay for upgrade to deluxe edition, its not that much if you have base game. I have played it already though months ago.

They announced yesterday that 1 million copies have sold already.

I guess I need to remember how to play again. I vaguely remember first area... only as I played it the most. I will need to start again anyway. Why didn't I think of this at start of weekend?

I probably need to delete a few characters but as they all offline, perhaps I should play online...

Seems Version 1 gets new graphics engine as well
looks like a different game to one I played... wonders if he remembering right game? used to be more indoors? I see game starts completely different than it did before.
Seems classes still about same, mage is a glass cannon, as is rogue. Primalist is still a struggle, and acolyte is not bad.
Sentinel still looks easiest. Probably why I have a lvl 27 one now, but game has changed since I played them. areas are not the same anymore.
These are just archtypes, every class has 3 different paths

plays a little as a sentinal, needs to remember buttons, too used to other games. qwer are strange buttons for attacks. I kept hitting 1 and that is the heal potion... too used to diablo/tl and all the other games.
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You don't need to tell me thats a portal. Going to take a while to learn buttons, but at least my friends can help.
Starts again as had chosen wrong passive skills on 1st necro. 2nd one found my stash... I knew it was around somewhere. Suddenly goes from wearing crap to all yellows... almost. Need to take sentinel there as well. He is right area at least.
I have a page full of uniques already. Helps that exists at least.
Sux you start with no healing potions and only get them from fights.

Helps I had played acolyte and Sentinels already. Sentinal has lots of choice.
Mage I have less gear for and it seems I don't have anything for three of the classes.. I need to buy more tabs. As every class can have tabs under it... this system is what I missed when I played Diablo 4 and saw how restrictive it is.
You can have a section for every class and then tabs under every class. I need to buy some pages for the other three classes that have none yet and move stuff onto them. I have some gear but no tabs. Only restriction is cost.
I like Acolyte as she is a necro or lich, and I like sentinel as he is a tank... two classes I seem to play. Rogue is high dps but squishy. Mage seems to lack aoe which is ironic, and Primalist is slow to get moving. But not as bad as Druid in Diablo 4.
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There aren't any expansions yet. They just plan on making them free. Every version gets them for free.
From what I can see deluxe just gives me cosmetic items in the online servers. I think I wait for version 1 before going there. Need to remember more of game first.

Deluxe includes:
  • "Golden Guppy" the Baby Chronowyrm - Pre-Order Exclusive - Cosmetic Pet
  • 100 Epoch Points (EP)
  • Adolescent Chronowyrm - Cosmetic Pet*
  • Fallen Ronin - Cosmetic Armor Set*
  • Firefly’s Refuge - Cosmetic Portal*
  • Temporal Guardian - Cosmetic Armor Set*
  • Twilight Fox - Cosmetic Pet*
  • Adult Chronowyrm - Cosmetic Pet*
  • Celestial Way - Cosmetic Portal*
  • Full Original Digital Soundtrack (OST)**

So probably not worth buying... I don't know. I can't use any of them until after game is actually released. Shame I can only use them online. Not sure how you use pets. seems they aren't as useful as TL2 ones.

There is clearly a store since I got points to spend. Could be it just sells cosmetics...

It is more close to Diablo than Hades. Its not a room clearing exercise. You can skip areas if you move fast enough.. I mean, there might be spots like that but not in general. Its much longer... I think... I really don't know. I am at the start of chapter 1, there are currently 9 in the game. You play through an intro area before chapter 1. Guess its a tutorial but its not holding your hand.

I know you don't like videos but in some cases it helps to work out what game is like.

respec is easy as well, I probably didn't need to restart acolyte but well, I am remembering game again. I have materials for crafting I must have got on previous characters.

Since entire 1st area is different now, curious what happens if I load my lvl 27, where will they be. If anything I just want to look at their gear. I also have no idea what is past the stage I am up to as the lvl 5 tier list stopped soon after where I am.

So first chapter is new but rest of game so far has been what I remember. Think I am in chapter 3, but maybe only chapter 2 still. I can't really tell.
I couldn't work out how to get my masteries, but I just followed story and got to the stage I needed to be, just after finding out where it was. I had run out of places to put points in sentinel... so I knew I was close. Void Knight has an entire new tree to work on. But I couldn't figure out how to start until I put 3 last points into sentinel to get Smite as it was a necessary skill to have to pick first skill in Void knight.
I remember where I am now but I can't recall much after it. I know there is a boss coming up soon. I fought it once before.

Build = whirlwind. With a big axe.

The game resets the map if you portal back to town. So this isn't a game about collecting everything and taking it to town... as all the monsters return as well. Handy if you want to farm something specific I guess. But it goes against my being to just run past rares on the ground. Later in the game there are factions that can help you buy/sell or find better gear. Not sure how far in that is.
Not sure my loot filers are working. It hides the whites/blues but not sure its highlighting things I could use.

I know why I stopped before, I had run out of money... stash tabs are 20k each right now, so not in a rush to spend half my money on one. Money isn't that easy to get yet.

My frame rate in last epoch is 37.6... um... that is average. given every other game I play runs over 100, its a little strange. Might run the overlay next time and see what it reports, I turned off afmf on it as its not really useful at that speed.
It is beta, I see if it gets any better in 9 days when they release final version. Could be it just hates AMD I can't say I noticed it was running slow. felt okay to me. shrug
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Acolyte to lvl 12
Primalist and mage to lvl 4
Damn rogue died before she even got to first boss. So I deleted her lol. Maybe I try again later, they too squishy.
She struggles where even the mage had it easy.
She almost died fighting a bear...
she was almost always out of potions.

I had same problem with the one on Diablo 4. They move too fast to keep track of what I am doing.

Guess I am type cast. Necromancer or Tank. Last few ARPG ever since Age of Conan I have liked Necro. Guess its cause you can let game play itself... its funny when one of my pets attacks a spot before the creature has arrived there.

Not sure what primalist to play, might go Shaman.

curious, now my frame rate is 59.3 after I turned Hyper V off and just running defaults.
Acolyte to lvl 12
Primalist and mage to lvl 4
Damn rogue died before she even got to first boss. So I deleted her lol. Maybe I try again later, they too squishy.
She struggles where even the mage had it easy.
She almost died fighting a bear...
she was almost always out of potions.

I had same problem with the one on Diablo 4. They move too fast to keep track of what I am doing.

Guess I am type cast. Necromancer or Tank. Last few ARPG ever since Age of Conan I have liked Necro. Guess its cause you can let game play itself... its funny when one of my pets attacks a spot before the creature has arrived there.

Not sure what primalist to play, might go Shaman.

curious, now my frame rate is 59.3 after I turned Hyper V off and just running defaults.
Rogue seems more like a co-op class.
Pretty sure, like Diablo and other games, the first part of the game until you reach the first portal is single player only. Its just a guess since I am playing offline. that would make sense to me.

So every class should be able to do that part alone and I probably just need more time playing the game to get through it. Until 1st portal they have to rely on what game gives them, once they reach my stash they can get better. Rogue wasn't sure what weapon she should be using. Game starts her with sword but first drop is a bow, and she can use either... she died from being indecisive and from a lack of potions

Every class has a mastery they reach/choose at lvl 15*
Base classes don't get any better really. This isn't Grim Dawn where you have two trees (although you can put points into the other trees if you wish, the Void Knight build I am following puts 15 points into Paladin tree) where you can make up to 35 different classes... (tries to ignore fact they adding more classes to that game, more combos).

Acolyte can become
  • Lich
  • Necromancer
  • Warlock
Mage can become
  • Runemaster
  • Sorceror
  • Spellblade
Primalist can become
  • Beastmaster
  • Druid
  • Shaman
Rogue can become
  • Bladedancer
  • Falconer
  • Marksman
Sentinel can become
  • Forge Guard
  • Paladin
  • Void Knight

Paly is about only healer so if this was an mmo, they would be really popular with all the other classes. To point no other sentinels would be needed. A tank that can heal? What are you? A Druid?

Guess Druid probably has heals as well .. I didn't look. They are the Primalist form that can go into other forms, so maybe?

My Acolyte will become a Necromancer, I have been there before with one. Lich was lacking its main form in the past build.

My current Primalist will probably be a Beast Master. Need to get used to the melee attacks with him, I have been relying on a ranged skill I won't be upgrading and my two dogs to do most of the damage.

Spellblade looks interesting. Runemaster looks complicated, Sorceror less so.
See if I can get a mage past lvl 4. Next area is a little more crowded than start. He doesn't have many attacks that kill large groups, or should I say, he hasn't changed Fireball yet to make it more dangerous. Every skill has its own skill tree. So while you can't pick your skills, you get more than you can use at once on bar, and can modify the ones you do use to do different things.

He has an AOE based on himself. so I see how useful that is.

If I got a rogue through it would probably be blade dancer. though maybe I should go ranged.

My Sentinel is already a Void Knight, next time I might choose paly. Forge Guard is odd as you create sets of armour that fight for you.

Every class has a variant that uses minions: Beastmaster, Necromancer, Forge Guard, Falconer, Spellblade.

Falconer and Warlock will get introduced to game when game is launched.

I will go online on 21st and hopefully there isn't a max number of characters on there as stupid as Diablo 4. I can use offline to learn game. I will play the other classes anyway. Enough variety there

I bought a new bank tab last night, 20k gone. I don't really use money for anything yet so might as well give Druid a stash tab for themselves. I have categories for Mage & Rogue but no stash under them. When I have spare 20k again, I will buy them one. I assume I can move stash tabs around anyway, so I have 3 general tabs that I could distribute around to classes that don't have any.

I don't have many spare items for primalist yet. His stash tab has 2 items on it. But it gives me somewhere to put gear once he takes it off. He won't be my only one. I always think about next time. If you don't need money, why sell something someone else might find useful. Especially if you have crafted it into something good.

My fingers still go to the number keys for attacks and that isn't how it works. It doesn't help you can drink potions even if you at full health. I can have 3 and suddenly none as my finger is on wrong button

I won't be playing for a few days now. I have to do other things besides play a game. Lets see how well that goes. Storms may not give me much choice.

*depending on how fast they go through story. Took me until lvl 18 but I wasn't sure where I needed to be to unlock the choices. I have been clearing maps, you really don't need to but if it exists, I must see it... need to learn the maps so I can just get to end in stead of running around in circles but so far its fairly obvious which way to go... I just like clearing maps. Its all experience. Some zones have quests you can pick up in them... though so far I only seen one of those and it was impossible to miss.

Sure, you could ignore it... I did ignore one quest but I have done it before... its a choice, give something to one of two people and get a reward. Both give a unique, I have it about 5 times now. I never use it.
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Sure, you could ignore it... I did ignore one quest but I have done it before... its a choice, give something to one of two people and get a reward. Both give a unique, I have it about 5 times now. I never use it.
There are a few choices like that in the Remnant games. At first I was making the choices based on the narrative, but I soon dumped that and started reading the wiki to see which reward I wanted most.
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The guy I ignored is also the games Gambling system and having seen tips, I realize its a waste of money... and money not easy to come by early on. Better uses for money later in game.. or just to buy stash tabs.

One reward is good for magic users and the other for rogues. Sentinel who currently hits things with his axe really doesn't care. Its just an extra quest, don't need to do it really.

Just remembered... void knight was running through an area and I found something I hadn't seen before... a temporal containment cube. Click it, mage boss attacks... fun... I killed it but I am glad it was on Void knight and not someone else. Spin to win Whirlwind attack... hardest part is when I run out of mana and have to run around for a while to let it come back. I have ways of reducing its mana usage to nothing so I never have to stop spinning...

I can almost play him without needing a finger near the 1 key. Guess I did try to make sure he has health regen gear on. Need to look at what his axe has on it, I swapped weapons last night and may have reduced his life regen. Being wrapped in armor, defense isn't really a problem for sentinels, doing enough damage can be.

Given its not really new, just back tracking for my Sentinals. I stopped him where he is as I don't feel like fighting one boss tonight.

I think cycle = season. I could look in the ingame guide. Its pretty extensive.

Shame I had to start from scratch, makes game harder than it needs to be. He already has a belt that holds 3 potions, most I had found before was 3.
Should go to sleep but think I start an acolyte now instead...
I ended up fighting that Boss after all... on someone else.

She passed him. she doesn't do much damage alone, but well... she has friends who do most of it. My job is to summons them.
5 skeletons
1 golem
1 fire skeleton on call
1 wraith
2 Fire mages
more to come, just need more levels.

It seems online is a little broken. Once its not I will try it. Some of my extras only work online.

Game really isn't that dark all the time, its just where I get screenshots.
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Acolyte/Necromancer got these, not really for her

but they actually best sentinal gloves, so had to get him to lvl 15 to equip them

He fought that boss I didn't want to fight... done it twice tonight now.

Proof its not all dark...

Guess stage is called "The end of time"

Two are close to each other now. Think I have a break now...
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It sure helps to have an army

She is way past where I been to before though she doesn't do a lot of damage without help

Most of her gear just buffs her pets. She has no direct attacks, every button summons something... though one of them is an exploding skeleton who charges at enemies...
Seems I need to rescue someone off of a Dreadnought. Think I am in chapter 4 now. Its hard to tell as you bounce around time zones. Loose track of where I am meant to be. I hate not knowing if I missed a turn off in a map, and needing to backtrack to make sure.

I do know I missed one quest so far. I might go back for it.. only a side quest. I had one to use the forge at one zone, but I got reward just by opening forge, didn't have to make anything.

It does seem dark in screenshots... worse still when its a night stage. Turn light off, hang on... I can't see my keyboard.

I passed one boss that stopped me last time I played game, while i killed the adds, 13 minions beat it for me. Was very handy. I remember not knowing I could kill adds and well, they ganged up on my sentinel. He had felt invincible until that point. I thought the adds were one of his attacks.

I think I will try to get Necro further ahead of the other two Sentinels, it gets boring playing the same zones. At least it gave me an idea how far away I am from a boss fight at any stage.

I wonder if there is a time when necro pets just die all the time and pet builds are a trap... I seen that happen on Diablo but they managed to keep them alive on Age of Conan. Provided they don't just become cannon fodder later on, it should be fun.

Also have a lvl 25 Paladin now. I played him first tolday... he died once already but all that means is it doesn't show deathless under name. Game doesn't track deaths... which is nice. He died at same time as boss did... run back to find drops waiting. He is unlikely to die any time soon again. Most of his skills add to Armour. or defense... Needs a better weapon really.

Started a Primalist, they have changed his second skill. None of the builds seem to have taken it into account. His 2nd attack is now an electrical melee attack, whereas before it was pretty lame but gave him a ranged move. Think I wait until builds catch up and then make one.

No rush to make Mage or Rogue yet. Still haven't found much for both those classes.
Stash tab prices seem more reasonable now. Not that I am going mad. Need to get more Runes of Shattering... shops not offering them.
I didn't find any useful uniques today
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I got a little further ahead'

I chose a non dark location for a change... it isn't easy to do actually. Lots of portals are inside.
Chapter 7 now. Have to rescue a god... if you asked me what story is I would say its something to do with shards but I don't know anymore.
Unskippable cut scenes are odd when it lets you skip all the others... I thought I was dead until I realized what I was watching...

She now 21 lvls ahead of next closest. Still not enough...

The golem acts strange in some dungeons. He doesn't really fit in the corridors so zips around. Its really strange. He will be behind me and then in front, never stops. Not sure if he was bugged out and he didn't show up in next zone. I had to summon again and he was back to normal... he wasn't much help when all my skeletons are ranged now. 7 bow users. He is meant to tank things though... its why I have him.

I have 50k gold but tabs in bank now cost $20k so I really need to have a fire sale. Or start the two classes I haven't got yet just to dump stuff on them.

I hadn't though of bank characters yet...
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It was weird, I thought I recognised one area only to later realise, the area I was thinking of, was in Grim Dawn.

Some of the boss battles will be a lot of fun on characters who can't let game play itself, One battle seemed to be against all the bosses I had fought up until that stage. I walked into that fight not realising it was a boss... other parts of quest hadn't been so but it is main quest line... I should have guessed.

Bank characters might end up being failed normal characters as 1st zone isn't best place.. most convenient anyway. Time wasted as it puts you at start of zone and need to run to bank each time. End of Time is best place to base them. It loads you right in front of bank... only downside is no shop there. Everything else including side activities - The monolith of fate (I think its end game). I only have 1 of 10 time lines discovered... no idea really. I find out later on.

I wonder where the quest log is... I could look I guess. I randomly hit buttons assuming it would be obvious. It does track quests... unlike Diablo 4 which can't tell you which ones you have done. I didn't think of J for Journal though, so I will use that later... I know I should backtrack and do one side quest. I figured I would find the drop I needed in surrounding area... but no.

It seems monsters in zones are always the same level, regardless of yours. So no scaling here. Experience gained caps at +5 levels so no putting a low lvl character in a group and farming exp too fast anyway...

I don't see rush to endgame. The campaign only takes 70 hours to reach lvl 100. This isn't Sacred 2 where there are 600 side quests to keep you busy. You only play through story once on a character... not 5 or so times like I used to like... games aren't allowed to be long any more? Must push people to buy new games...

Found a unique sword just before a boss fight, swapped to it and then started to regret choice as I was doing virtually no damage to boss. Lucky it couldn't hurt me either on Paladin so it was a slow fight. Need to concentrate on damage skills on him... next time I play him. Pretty sure sword better suited to a Rogue.

Not sure fighting time trapped mages is worth the effort, unless they drop nice runes, they mostly only five blues with special effects on them. Guess my Necro is wearing a pair so not that bad.

Dual wield - can't use 2 swords at same time, must use dagger in off hand. Daggers seem rare early on.

25 online character slots... hear that Diablo 4?
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Snow flowers

this game has a thing about bees


Necro got to lvl 50 without dying.... um, I made mistake and she died because of it. But well, I blame me. She on chapter 8 now. Level 52.
Both Paladin & Void Knight are both lvl 28 and have killed the boss I got stuck on before.
Started a new acolyte as I want to try her as something other than a pet build, might try warlock...
Also started another sentinel to try the one type I haven't yet.
Tried a rogue, she is only lvl 2. No deaths... they are hard mode character really. Mage died on way to first town.

J doesn't open journal, regardless of what a search I found showed me.
Acolyte - easy mode. Second skill you get summons 3 skeletons. They can do everything from then on and join you at a really handy time too
Sentinel - Easy mode. Mainly as he in plate and has shield from start. No pets but 2nd skill he gets is Whirlwind
Primalist - Maybe easy mode. Starts with a wolf already and 1nd move is different to what he had in beta. Need to play him more. 2nd move used to be ranged, now it s melee attack. Need to get his timing right...
Mage - I am never any good with mages. So probably not right person to ask
Rogue - Seems hard mode to me. No pets, no armour, no shield. 1st drop is always a bow. 2nd move? I can't remember.
Yes, Primalists are pretty easy... he has died once but that seems normal
Ain't he cute... Don't feed the bears

I guess we need some scale

Screenshots make game seem darker than it really is. Maybe I should use dark theme here...

I see why the sentinel gets the whirlwind as main attack, to make them different to Druids. Dual wield 2 axes. melee class...
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So um, a boss in Chapter 8 is going to be fun.. well, most are without help. Need to watch videos maybe... shame its the only quest she has left...

edit: It doesn't help it was the first boss with multiple stages. Every other boss was a matter of burning it down, this one has 3 stages and I died on middle one as I didn't know what we were meant to do. Now I do...


Nasty is lvl 56 now. Now about 28 lvls between here and next best. Need to reduce that gap.

Purples are nice

My Void knight want that.. actually, all my sentinels do.
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Trying out a self-made necromancer minion build. I'm super squishy because I have invested a lot in minion damage and will be changing up for more defense through hybrid health and perhaps some idols when I get to empowered monoliths. I try to rush through the normal mode monoliths because it is nice for leveling especially when you are 10-15 levels below the monolith level which is possible since there is no corruption. The right side of the monolith tree is the fastest and has the highest map level.

Hungering Souls spell looks pretty nice which is why I am trying to build around it. I also love how you can melt the enemies with it and you also hear some of them scream, like some ark face-melting stuff is going on:grin:
I was on a run I didn't want to end today, then game bugged out. I didn't have any UI and the map wouldn't take me anywhere. I had to kill game to get out... sad... wanted more unique drops.

New necro, trying again

She had amazing luck




She liked that armour until she got killed by a void explosion... Fire? I stand in that.
She got a reward for her death though

bit harder to hit me now

I am playing same build but picked skeleton skills in a different order, currently only have 3 normals and 3 mages. and a golem

Guess my luck won't return like last time... oh well, 5 uniques in one run isn't bad. Annoyed she died but oh well.

I kind of guessed you ahead of me. I don't really care, I have been trying everyone

lvl 56 Necro not included.

Paladin was cruising until got to stage after the dreadnaught. Admiral is easy, just stand under him.


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