Get your spook on. 13 Free Horror Games on Steam

(Simultaneously posted to the Free Games Not Time Limited list for completionist purposes)

It's that time of year. I don't know if people do this as much elsewhere, but half my neighborhood has been decorated for Halloween since mid-September. We've gone to the pumpkin patch, made pumpkin bread and bought trick-or-treat candy that, if I weren't on a diet, I would have cleared out by now. Now it's time to get serious about it and play some horror games so scary cheap that I don't have to pay anything for them at all. Note: this is just a list, not recommendations. I haven't played most of these.

Here's a list of 13...

You wake up at a pier not knowing who or where you are. This is probably about me because I played this game but don't remember it. I left it a positive review, though, so that's something.

Haven't played this one but the trailer, graphics and voice acting seemed okay and it has Very Positive reviews.

Multiplayer deception spooky shooter. This one sells cosmetics, but appears to be free other than that.

A remaster of a much loved, much YouTubed, SCP game.

Free first person game that launched a whole series of paid games.

Somewhat older (2016) first person horror based on Greek mythology. Graphics look okay to me despite the age. Only Mostly Positive reviews, but for free you can make up your own mind.

As usual with horror games, please check for content warnings, as some games may deal with subjects that could upset some gamers.

Excited that I had actually written a review for this one, I clicked on "View your review" with much anticipation. My review said simply, "Welp". Please use this knowledge wisely.

Hey, I remember this one. It's sort of a point & click taking place in a one room cabin. The secret is...

First person horror with unanimously mixed reviews.

A scary first person shooter that, like me, looks even older than its age (2014)

Another first person horror with mixed reviews that looks better, perhaps, than people give it credit for. Probably at least good for some spooky atmosphere and a jump scare or two.

This is a big one. Built in the Source engine, this horror shooter, which started as a Half-Life mod, has over 52,000 Very Positive reviews.


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