Diablo 4

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Finished chapter 2, mid way through chapter 3. I want my mount lol. Some of the areas are just too far to run around in.

I wish I didn't get so many oblongs or whatever they called. Being forced to gamble just so you can pick them up sucks... sometimes
4th role on chest

I was like... but I need to spend more still. Gamble on boots and get a pair of those as well. Only yellow she is wearing is pants now.

bonuses on gear don't stack. I already had +2 skeleton warriors but adding chest didn't increase number.
Other evidence of that can be found on my hands

where its bonus is eclipsed by the one on my sword.

Sad really, can't stack same bonus.
Mum always says I look like death

So I guess its fitting - don't look too deeply into my eyes



I only just noticed it added 2 more skeletal mages, so now I have 5 of each.

Playing as anyone other than a necro feels lonely.
Normally have 1 gollum
5 or more warriors
5 Mages

I stand with the mages in most fights.

Run out of bodies to heal them all with.

shame all the resistances are broken. Hope they can fix it, as they do very little now.

I thought I knew who the boss was for chapter 3 after she was mentioned but it seems we fight her later. Main reason I am still in chapter 3 is I got tired, I did most of chapter 2 & 3 but I decided to do side quests for a while.

Treasure goblin got me that helm, dropped 2 legendary at once. Other was ring... then when going back along its path of gold, I killed something else and got another legendary sword. Shame most have skills on them I don't use. Bone tendrils anyone?

might have to make one of my characters the bank of spare legendaries.

Really dumb ONLY having a shared stash. Most games have one for each character at least. It gets worse once you start running nightmare dungeons. They need to change some systems as its impossible. I am not up to that stage yet.

All of my characters have 2 paragon points now. As soon as they created, they get 2. Lilith statues are your friend... ironically. They also start with 5 SKill points as well.

There is no quest log, no way to tell which quests you have & haven't done. They exist and then once done, they are gone. Who thought that was a good idea?
Hard to tell which side quests you are missing. They don't show on the map until you in the zone... so have to visit every zone to see any? Once again, who thought this was a good idea?

I am collecting stronghold quests. Might get an invite to attack one, one day. I know one I am ignoring. I haven't picked it up.

I bet this game has no way to share quests with other people either. I mean... if someone has a quest for an instance you don't have, in wow you can share it... this is a half mmo, half not... with none of the advantages of either. THey made wow... don't they know what people expect.

sucks you can't drop priority quests. I have one in a pvp zone, I have no intention of going in but I can't drop quest either.
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I generally don't play ranged classes but playing as a necro I act as a conductor more than anything. I stand in back row and let my 6 warriors + golem tank anything I shoot at, and the 5 mages & I hammer them. Mages set to freeze

So boss fights my job is to keep them alive - and me as well.
Having 7 heal potions now sure makes it easier.

The only time I have come close to death was my fault. You can swap out commands on the fly using D key I think it is, and I accidentally replaced my main attack with Blood mist which is normally completely harmless to monsters, and I was so lucky to survive that by summoning all my minions after they had died. The only saving grace is it made me immune to damage while I was on - I just couldn't hit anything in return... although there is a hidden synergy with corpse explosion that makes these boots interesting... if I had blood mist on this character... always next time

I wish I didn't get so many oblongs or whatever they called. Being forced to gamble just so you can pick them up sucks... sometimes

careful what you wish for, I haven't had any since saying that... guess I didn't do any events today. I should fix that tomorrow... really depends if anyone else around. Some easier with help... even with a party of 13

Game doesn't show all the pets in towns, some decide to not show. only shows default numbers sometimes, golem is often missing.

Level 46, need to think about:
  1. What changes to make to build if any since I don't get any more skill points apart from 2 more from reputation in the 2 last zones
  2. What to do with paragon points after 50?
Only one region I haven't been into yet. I assume its where chapter 4 is. My map is pretty open now, apart from that area. I been collecting statues of lilith in new area, This guy ignored them all in 1st two chapters as I had them already on my other lvl 44 necro.

I was wrong about sharing aspects. This guy needs to do the dungeons to get them, they not account based. That makes sense as you just do them all on 1 character and never need to again.

one choice for number 1 is a change but close enough to what i have now. just need to learn new attacks. - https://fextralife.com/diablo-4-minion-necromancer-build-blightlord/
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spammers replying to this thread don't last long... no idea why'

This is why do I like treasure goblins

they worth chasing sometimes. I think he used both of them. Not sure.

Finished chapters 3 & 4 today... chapter 4 was way shorter than I was expecting, I knew I had to fight one boss, I was expecting it in chapter 3. Didn't see it coming in chapter 4. Now apart from Lilith, and maybe Inarius, not sure what other bosses are left to kill. Big name ones. Mephisto is around but I doubt I will have to fight him.
Level 49.
Boss in chapter 2 wasn't as bad as I expected. Boss before it was more of a handful on the 2 occasions I fought him so far.
My necros have decided to use a shield to survive some attackers. Beats losing half my health in 1 hit. Also opens up another slot for extra aspect
All my other characters feel slow now

lets not tell blizz that my horse doesn't seem to be attached to its shadow. One foot isn't on ground either.
Meanwhile another character is on the quest before end of chapter 3 and another just started chapter 2.
All 3 are necromancers... perhaps I like the company. Sure beats trying to get a group. Since most of my legendaries are for Necro, it makes sense to use some of them and get 3 to a lvl where I can delete a bunch of stuff from my inventory. I really hope they fix storage soon.
I wonder how good they are at soloing strongholds.
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What are people's thoughts about this article?

From what I've seen I agree that it doesn't seem like Diablo IV innovates much, which I suppose could be a problem for experienced ARPG players. It seems to be working just fine for my wife though, who has become somewhat obsessed with the game.
I've played a tiny bit myself and it's definitely a lot different from the couple of ARPGs I've played.
thoughts about this article?
Journos and a segment of gamers are obsessed with innovation, just like with all the other fashion industries—heaven forbid we're seen in a similar shirt or playing a similar game to last month's :rolleyes:

If you're a Fashionista, or Diablo 3 was bad, then pay attention to the article and let it inform your purchase decision.

If you're not, and Diablo 3 was great, don't.
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Jan 21, 2020
What are people's thoughts about this article?

From what I've seen I agree that it doesn't seem like Diablo IV innovates much, which I suppose could be a problem for experienced ARPG players. It seems to be working just fine for my wife though, who has become somewhat obsessed with the game.
I've played a tiny bit myself and it's definitely a lot different from the couple of ARPGs I've played.

I mean as far as innovation goes...what can you really do to innovate an already robust, well working formula that has been working for numerous projects over the past decade. Diablo 2, Diablo 3, MU, MU LEGENDS, Lost Ark and much more. I feel like making D4 more of an MMOARPG was pretty ballsy but I'm not complaining, it's kinda the same stuff though, kill, kill, kill, kill and kill...which isn't a bad thing at all, I'm enjoying the game right now and Diablo 3 was not genre-defining by any means but it also wasn't terrible.

I'm not addicted to D4, I find myself playing it for about 2 hours then taking a break and moving onto something else but overall, I enjoy the game as the casual gamer that I am.
Journos and a segment of gamers are obsessed with innovation, just like with all the other fashion industries—heaven forbid we're seen in a similar shirt or playing a similar game to last month's :rolleyes:
it could well be this. It could be click bait, it worked :)

It could be it innovated by reducing amount of stash space people have - not an innovation anyone really wants. D3 had that auction
house that was so innovative they removed it as it turned D3 into a shopping game. Open world is an innovation. D4 is an mmo you only sometimes see anyone else playing - that what it feels like at the moment. I don't know how many servers there are right now. You can play for hours and not see anyone.

they innovated by removing the completed quest log, you can't tell what quests you have done so no way of knowing which ones you are missing... joy

The muddiness of the world does improve. its not all gloomy. That describes the beginning zones but there is a variety to be found, though the jungles in D4 are easier to live in than the D2 ones. No pygmies with sharp daggers attacking shins. The rate at which the change happens in environment is subtle enough you may not notice its gone from snow to desert, could be 1st chapter is in snow, 2nd is in muddy snow and 3rd is mostly in sand. I haven't played enough of chapter 5 to know what rest of map looks like... I had hoped for a second continent lol... but can't expect too much. I didn't forget chapter 4, it just doesn't change environment at all.

The deserts are well done. Its not a bright game... I only ever seen deserts at night... starting to wonder if its ever daytime in this game. Only remember it being daytime during a sandstorm really. I am glad its not all snowy everywhere, this isn't Skyrim after all.

Reason being is there isn't a massive variety in monster types, it changes slower than the environments so its easy to miss the background if you fighting the same things all the time - its not exactly this bad but you do see the same things a lot in this game.

At least night in this game isn't as dark as Grim Dawn - I got to point it was easier to stand in town all night in that game, than go out in it. Waste of time.

As if to say, "You can't call this one Diablo: Rainbow Edition, eh?". Similarly the combat is slower and more restrained, much of that hand-holding around character-building has been removed, and the classes are all Diablo classics. On the face of it, they're sensible changes—but they're made purely in reaction to Diablo 3, not out of any progressive vision for the genre.

if repetition isn't your thing, don't play Diablo
Really, all those that have wanted a new game in the years since D3 just wanted more, they didn't want the game to innovated so much its unrecognisable to any that came before... would D4 the rhythm game be better? Wasn't immoral innovative enough? It turned Diablo into a cash crop. After Immoral, all people wanted was a return to D2, where the people aren't treated as cash cows.

I sort of like how even though you can respec any time, the penalties of not having the right equipment (unless you planned ahead) means you better off starting again. I hated how D3 did it. No need to play the same class again. It destroys re-playability. This isn't innovation I really wanted.

This game hates collectors.

i can't believe they restricted stash to 4 bags. I want to slap the person who thought that was enough space. They let you change the bag names and icons but its pointless without more space so you can addd more bags to category. Lost Arc lets you make categories but also lets you buy more bags to put in them.

I hope they fix this soon. Don't they understand some of us want to collect things for other classes. I see why they said pick a main class to play as 95% of the drops will be for the class you on. Thats great and all but only giving us only a one shared stash, and not individual character ones is just dumb. Where are the other classes meant to exist? Should I just delete all my other characters and turn them into banks? I can see that happening... I don't want to do it yet.

They need to fix how glyphs work as they go in your stash - refer last paragraph. They take up more space... they should have their own tab on character sheet. they don't need to be physical items.

This game isn't set up for 1 class, its set up as 1 character really. No other character can play when you have shared stash full of gear for another one.

Don't they want you to play game on all classes? Why even give 10 character slots?

I feel like I need to just give the game a few months to be fixed. At least the problems with this game aren't bugs. I have only had one weird thing happen where I got stuck and had to logout to be able to move again. I have had rubber banding, I accept that my minions will just stop moving everytime I leave an area just to suddenly catch up again. None of it has affected combat yet.

When you join a party, the state of the world is set to how the leader of party sees it. I found a bug in this as I helped someone in chapter 1 when I had just started chapter 2 myself. game reset the progress of my world even after I left the party. could be the order we left party, seems they all left before I did. It doesn't matter now but its not a perfect system. We all beta testing the game still.

start of weekend I had 1 million gold, currently on 4.5. Drop sizes grew a little.

Currently no set armour in game, will be added in a later update.

I hate being restricted to an X amount of character slots too. Diablo 3 had 10 so I guess they just copied it. Steam has about 26 but I still hit that max too... stupid online only games. Sacred 2 still works without servers... luckily.

I had 2 quests in pvp zone but I didn't want to do pvp. I decided last night that since the town there is so close to edge of map, I could hand quests in and hopefully not get attacked. So I set a route and rode there. It was only at end I realised it had taken me through the entire zone to get to town... doh. I guess there are advantages to rarely ever seeing anyone outside of town. Quests done now. Not sure I even got that portal. All I had to do was hand them in. I think there are 2 pvp zones, I have only found one. could be in chapter 5 area.
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Open world... where you can go anywhere at start of game and visit end zone without needing a portal.... innovative or Sacred 1? LOL

I just thought of it. Sacred 2 you can almost get everywhere but final quest on another island. I guess Diablo 4 could end in hell or heaven... hard to say right now. Its spending more time on Sanctuary than previous, and Inarius hasn't shown up again in my game.

I would give game time to be fixed if it wasn't so much fun

The stash situation might force me to... either pick one necro and ignore all other characters
Stop playing game until they fix it either with something you can make which needs expensive ingame mats or add them to cash shop, or let us buy them in game with gold.
Its dumb, WOW has had extra bags in game for 20 years now.

Didn't anyone testing ever play more than one character at a time.... I think answer was clearly no. Too busy making sure it works.
I wonder if stash space was mentioned in beta.

No one ever thought, where do I put all my glyphs for other characters. Where does their gear go?

I can only guess the other characters are there to feed the main. It is only reason I can think of that mats are account based but the results - elixirs - aren't. Reputation is half account based, I think any new character I have now starts with 5 skill points now. But they can still get a token gold reward for achieving it themselves.

All it takes is to play more than 2 or so classes to see problems.

Didn't do much today, had to go out and I have a course I am doing and have to have early nights 2 days a week, and tonight is one of them.
I got my reputation on my lvl 49 to max in 3 areas, other 2 are only starting out
Chapter 5 looks like its swamps... great, poison. Shame resistances are broken and don't do anything.

6 acts + an epilogue

So I am 2/3 way through game.

I think I was seeing things, saw a lvl 23 on a mount... That would take single mindedness to manage to do 3 acts before getting to 24. It might have been 73, I didn't get a good look. That is way more believable.

Once they fix the stash situation, I will be ready to play another class through game I know how the quests in main thread are structured, chapter 4 was only one so far that didn't go like this:

  • Quest one leads to 2 quests that appear on map
  • These 2 quests are separate chains but end up with a boss fight
  • once both quests complete, you meet back with who ever gave you both of them and continue on through a further chain of quests to meet a super boss and end chapter.

Acts 1,2,3 & 5 are exactly same structure.
No idea about Act 6 yet. I probably try that on weekend.

So ideally you do acts 1, 2, & 3 early on, get mount at start of act 4 and then start exploring world. I did it in reverse. Must see all of the map :D

50% hit rate with goblins today, one got away just as I was firing at it, other one was surrounded by my minions. NO good drops, I got 2 legendary shields via gambling as I spent a lot fo time soloing events to get the obols I need to gamble. Shame max you can carry doesn't seem to get much beyond 550 tops. Thats with lilith statue bonuses.
Everyone has 8 potions now. Sure beats 4. Most I seen anyone with is 9. I think max is 10. All reputation rewards.
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Having seen a few lvl 20's on mounts, 2 thoughts come to mind:
1, they are alts of people who have already finished
2. They had help being teleported around map so they didn't have to walk too far between main quest areas, and had friends help them fight the bosses.

Combat just getting to quests would get you over 23 anyway.

Lazy... walking isn't that bad really. Even in the last few areas, you just fight more on foot. Can ride past some things on a horse... horses mean end game closer... must get to end, ignore all content before then.

Best I can do is end chapter 1 at lvl 20. I did that tonight, just to see how it might be possible. But one of the 23 was in a party with two higher lvl characters would which have helped, if only with portals.

So I was in a dungeon tonight, just finished a quest when server Disconnected on me. Now I get server errors. They doing 2 hours maintenance, says should be able to log back in... nope. Not amused. Blizzard server maintenance always seems to be at 7pm my time... Wow used to be Tuesday nights... which also happened to be a raid night. So every 4th raid night didn't go anywhere.

Nice to think they fix bag space but they too concerned with people finding fav farming spots. They want people playing all the content, not just some dungeons. Advantage to online is they can tell what people have on repeat. They nerfed the drops.

Seems you can't fight the big bad bosses anywhere apart from in story. They pulled that crap in D3 too. People just want to kill them over and over, whats wrong with that? Shouldn't have to play story over and over to get to fight them, if you want to.

I killed 2 things tonight and both times when I sold the items they dropped I only got 2 gold. I think some people might have been farming them... I just happened to be in area... its 1st area of chapter 2.

Treasure goblins have so far either given me rubbish or gotten away tonight.
Jan 14, 2020
So I finally finished the campaign. I'm not going to bother going around grinding renown in all zones. I'm glad that I won't have to do the campaign again. It's just really long and I can't believe that you don't get a mount until really far into it.

Tried the Capstone dungeon and final boss I just find kills my minions off too quickly. I spend too much time trying to resummon then get hit with his attacks. Best I've done is to get him down to 50%. I really think, and some guides tell you to, that this is best done in a group. Now that really annoys me!

Also given that in the beta they nerfed minions then buffed them I don't think they considered higher world tiers. I've even got several +minion life equipment and it just isn't worth it. Boss and even some elites will just wipe out all of your skellies in one special attack.

I might replay a Necro in the first Season but for now I'm done. Diablo 4 just doesn't hold up to other ARPGs that I've played.
Historically Summons builds have always had a problem with keeping summons alive. I see a few builds where they sacrifice the summons for bonuses, but the entire point to me of a necro is the pets. Might as well just play a mage. Playing alone is weird after being around 10+ pets.

I am up to chapter 5, I know there is only 2 more to go. I haven't looked ahead

I find you can get enough rep just doing a few side quests in the region and the main quests. That got my lvl 50 to rank 3 in most areas so far. Just missing last 2 areas.

She got to 50 tonight, got access to paragon points... i need to look again. She respeced and I not sure I like new one. Which is a pity really,
I started another necro today with a build I hadn't tried, even though it killed 1st chapter I didn't really like it much. So I started a blood burst necro, already have one but its my sightseer.

Could say I am stuck in a rut but its the lack of a personal stash on every character that is to blame for me only playing necro. They only class I have gear for now. If you exclude whatever the other 5 characters are wearing.

Must be able to get mount as part of restarting after campaign. I saw a lvl 19 on one earlier.

I am not in a rush to get to end... I never am. Stall as long as possible. 119 dungeons I haven't seen all of the insides of yet... not even close.

Need more monster variety. Gets to point its killing same things in various environments. Guess some are classic Diablo enemies... speaking of which, is Diablo even in this game or is he doing a Mad Max and letting someone else star in his game? I seen his shrine but it wasn't anything special.

I like game, its just got things stopping me playing it more...
  1. No stash
  2. No way of knowing what quests you have done, or are missing still. = Really annoying you have to go to the region before they show on map. Sux when not all regions have portals.

I was going to make a list but thats about it.

I am not bored of it yet


Looks good for lvl 21.
its weird, chest looks red in game.

I heard the Diablo 3 easter egg, one of the quest givers voices is the same as one of the mercenaries in the game. I knew it right away. Its in Act 5.

I think they patched in new mount armour tonight as I picked up two in quick succession. I hope they bound to account, its hard to tell what is/isn't now.

I am sick of being invited to groups when I am about to log off, where were they all day?
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Wish they stop the maintenance when no one is playing BS... Right, Australia is a myth, I get it, but its really annoying when the time no one is playing is prime time for me.

Can they fix something useful like Stash space... stop fixing the dungeons people like playing and making them as bad as the rest of them? Nah, why should anyone enjoy themselves.

I am lvl 29, all legendaries... damn goblins just dropping crap tonight.

its not funny, everytime you decide to swap areas you get a Disconnection.
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So Airidah fight, there is a graphical glitch that shows up before and after fight. It might not be obvious but all the grey lines on screen aren't meant to be there. Its more obvious with picture moving

Might be an AMD bug

Lilith isn't content with just being an NPC

I did several events today, I did the same one 3 times in a row and got a legendary each time. This sickle is most useful and looks good

Guess I should finish chapter 2, He has no pets, he plays alone, and sacrificed them for benefits
  • Melee Skeletons; sacrifice the Skeletal Defenders, as this provides us with #% increased non-Physical resistance. Seeing as we will be tanking enemies, we want to mitigate as much damage as possible.
  • Mage Skeletons; Bone Mages will be sacrificed in the name of Lilith to provide a huge increase to Overpower Damage.
  • Golem; Blood Golem will also be sacrificed, as this buff provides a massive increase of Life.

I thought I would miss them but you get used to it and with no minions, I don't get them attacking things I don't really want to kill.
Jun 15, 2023
The very first fact about Diablo may surprise you: the game was not originally a Blizzard project. Programmer David Brevik started thinking about the idea of a role-playing game in high school, in which the time from launching the intro video to obtaining trophies from the first skeleton killed would be record-breaking. X-COM: UFO Defense was the first example and source of inspiration for him, thanks to the "random" maps and the combination of the angle of view with the character's size. After that, Moria, Angband, Nethack, and other games successfully forgotten by that time were added to this list. But Brevik did not immediately take on a global project: for a start, he and his friends founded the Condor studio to gain experience on contracts.

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One obvious way a lvl 19 gets a mount is to buy it off the shop. I couldn't figure it out as no way you can finish chapter 3 anywhere below 25.

I know someone who must have bought it as they only finished chapter 4 tonight and was already on a mount the entire time... unless the shop one is faster, its a waste of money as you get one for free at start of chapter 4. Its the entire aim of getting to chapter 4 in my eyes really. Its the main reward. Paying cash for something you get for free by waiting is... typical lol.

We were doing main quest as a group. get up to chapter 5 and the person who invited me into group just logged out. Must have been too late for them. I don't mind, I have seen up to that point in game already. Now have 2 necro at same spot in story.

I think pretty much everything he is wearing is new, maybe not the pants
I wish I could say this was planned
Shield creates barrier if I damage an elite

Helm boosts my defence if I have a barrier in action

And weapon boosts my attacks if I have a barrier active

Shame lvls of legendary drops seems to be 10 below your current one. Only way to get one at your lvl is to inherit it. He borrowed a lvl 40 Dagger from my other lvl 50 but he isn't using that anymore.

Only died once, took on a boss I should have left alone. I retreated from one boss as I couldn't damage it... stun might have done it. Most of my quests now are Go and clear this dungeon/Stronghold.

The drops are only worth 2 gold... I suspect people were farming them or something as all the bosses that are always in same place give nice rewards but they only worth 2 gold. It stands out when other items sell for 20k. They worth using if you the right class.

11.4million gold now. Level 51. Spent most of day doing side quests and finding as many lilith statues as I can, extra stats doesn't hurt. Paragon points help too, doing 25% more damage than I was 1 lvl ago. Only areas I haven't mapped now are PVP zones and Strongholds - Not sure you can solo those or I will soon. It seems you can - https://diablo4.wiki.fextralife.com/Strongholds

I have to agree about the side quests. Shouldn't need to be in the vicinity of the actual quest to see it on map. Not having a quest log also means you have no clue what you have done before.

I wish there was an option to turn off the warning you get when you leave town and have a portal active. It is fine the 1st few times but everytime... people should have learned by a certain number. It just bugs me.
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I worked out why I haven't seen any unique items, they only show up in tier 3& 4 so Its ironic, they feel like the actual legendaries in this game if you never get them. I am only playing on Tier 1, once I finish story once I will go up. Not in a rush, exploring world.

I have only seen one person with them. I didn't realise you could see all 4 tiers on the same server, though it probably explains the lvl 99 I saw yesterday.

I saw that video listed but I didn't have 2 hours to watch it.

being forced to break down legendaries now as I am running out of space. I did put 33 onto another character but that only works so many days if you get a few each day.

From my stand point, in tier 1, uniques are legendary whereas legendary happens all the time. A really good legendary is rare.

You meant to break down legendaries and make your own but where do you store the good potential upgrade items? NO SPACE effects it all.

They adding a gem tab, but what about a list of glyphs instead actual physical items that clutter up another tab.

The only part of this game that feels like an old Diablo game to me, is the beginning. When you alone and can't see that others in the game. And maybe killing Fallen reminds me to.

Seems there are only 3 animal types I haven't killed yet... accidents happen when you AOE. Not sure where you find rabbits.
i wish people would whisper you before you get a group invite. I would like to know what they doing before joining... it sort of helps. I might be doing something myself.

I don't mind from people I know but randoms. I just log off if they persist.
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Not sure if anyone here wanted to know, but i was curious to see "hours played'' since battlenet doesnt officially let you see this, this site seems to be accurate enough for me:

for me im a little over 120 hours, i know rookie numbers, but i havent been able to play as much as i have wanted to :(