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possible memory leak, it was eating ram for the first few months.

I am slow, I only realised today I can click the loading screens and it stops showing them. I had used space before, It doesn't speed up anything but I have heard music too much already.

Also reminds me, they repeat some music in regions. I thought every area had own music but I found two that share it.
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Nah, I got nothing… … …
if you wait long enough, it might come to you.
I went from 500k gold at start of day to just under 3 million now. Mainly from not spending money on too many "What ifs" as getting a drop that is just below a breakpoint makes you wonder. Stats are rerolled at break points, I have got up to 40+ on a stat increase that way... normally you don't get large jumps.

Tried it on one sword (note: not sward) and after fully upgrading it, its dps was exactly same as what I was using.

Tried it on a helm and got +500 life as an increase on 1 lvl.

Without a few what ifs, probably be on 4 million now. BUt gold is only there to be spent. My "couldn't be bothered stopping to pick up" amount is getting bigger.

A lot of it came from side quests, I have one region maxed out on rep so got 4 paragon points, but I want the other 16 points.
lets see,
  1. started today on 53.
  2. Did the Tier 4 entrance exam at 54 exactly. Was pretty easy. Her sword from tier 2 was pretty good
  3. Did 1st nightmare dungeon at 54 but the game didn't give me the glyph that goes in 1st slot until I hit 56 - I was starting to wonder.
  4. I opened another stronghold as I had a Nightmare dungeon there. I had seen this coming.
  5. Did 1st helltide, game finally recognised I opened a chest. I had done it on other characters,
  6. Finally got some fiend roses - used for replacing stats on tier 3 items. Last 2 characters hadn't got any.
  7. She decided to expand range of Nightmare Dungeons willing to do. I prefer one but I have at least tried 3 of the other ones.
  8. Fully upgraded items to tier 3, she just wants a better sword. Still... never happy. Was using the unique scythe but its a trap.
  9. Ended day on lvl 60.
she still feels like a bulldozer. though things are trying to fight back a little now. Its unsual, she has more life than DPS. But well, her dps is 3.5k, her life is about 3.9k and armour is about 5k. DPS fixed once she gets a better sword. The one she has is 300 dps higher than one she was using before, but I know you can get more... i have had it.

She is still capable of 20k crits, so I am not overly concerned. Its not bone spear territory but its better than blood builds that can't crit.

Rarest drop (besides unique items) for me are the items used to add sockets to gear. Meant to fall of treasure goblins. I am starting to wonder. Only ever have 2 at most. I think they drop off bosses too.

She had boots with +14 movement speed and also a +14 boost if I do damage to an elite, and an amulet that added +16 after damaging an elite. I was too fast, I took the boots off. Using the unique ones that are being replaced tomorrow. My pair always have stats it has now, new ones swap intel for movement speed. Irony

Its a good change though as Necro so slow.

HIgh fire resists mean demons and the exploding guys less a threat.
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Currently lvl 62. Spent time doing quests so now 3 areas are maxed on rep and I got 8 more paragon points than I had before. Last 2 areas will take longer. No rush.

4 uniques today, 1 in a normal dungeon and 3 in Nightmare dungeons. None I haven't seen before...

I was in a dungeon when game just stopped... latest patch is live, currently getting a 2gb download

they changed one pair of boots I have, hope I get the new ones. Given I get repeats, its likely.

they mention quest names in the patch notes ... but the thing is, no one remembers them unless they have a problem with one, and game doesn't show you which you have done or are missing. I have no idea what ones I am missing. Most are pickups, so you have to be lucky.

The way game treats quests that have multiple steps is interesting. It counts each step as its own quest. So I had 49 quests in one zone but really its only about 12 or so with multiple steps... I was wondering where they all were that I was missing. Also makes getting rep easy as each one rewards 30 points. One chain can easy be 150 points.
SO they updated my boots, but the old ones stay as is.
So I guess these get to stay in my bag

Because game gave me the new ones

And apart from value differences, the main difference is the top line and it sure helps. Necro are slowest class, now I almost 20% faster. Not as fast as reogues but they silly.

Noticed one possibly unintended side effect of a fix. There is a necro passive that stopped working in season 1, They fixed it but not sure if its meant to work if you have it on an amulet and don't have the skill before it in chain.

Passive before it gives you more essence. I had it on an amulet but suddenly found I had no essence all the time, and thought... they changed skill, wonder if it being on an amulet I have is making it work. That skill is great on some builds that don't spam the attack button. Not so much on mine.

I had to replace amulet, which wasn't in the plans.

Seeing 30k crits now. I stopped using the unique scythe as it nerfs your dps. I was getting 3.5k using it, on other scythe I am getting 4.5k base damage. With a feature of the paragon board, I get 5.1k if no bodies near me, and reduced damage taken if there are any near me.

One change in patch is they made Nightmare Dungeons more crowded. Its not as bad as I imagined, there is space to think in most, Bosses don't seem any harder but then I am doing more damage than before.

The Butcher showed up twice, I beat him up both times. I wish I had tried the previous two times.. He continues to give me garbage drops.
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These guys so interested in the chat they haven't noticed an extra in the group. The skeleton is one of my minions


I wonder what his opinion is.

I wish people wouldn't keep asking if you decline an invite., I just log out now... but I want to play, not avoid people.

I was looking to see what glyph to lvl up 3rd and noticed I still don't have it yet. I assumed they fell from mobs in tier 3, whether it be in a dungeon or wild, within a few levels of you being there. MY 1st one I needed was slow, seems its a pattern.

I didn't do many whispers in tier 3, as you start getting glyphs at 50, regardless of difficulty. I thought I had most of them. Now the enemies are a joke as they 5 lvls below mine, even helltides are easy and they 3 levels above me. All the things that used to be scary die real fast now. Saw 40k crit before.
Tree also gives them out, its how I normally get most. Not up to levelling up 3rd one but be nice to have it. Up to 3rd page of paragon sheet and don't have glyph that goes on it

Level 65. Lost track of how many dungeons I did today. They only take 20 minutes each.
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So today, including those boots. I have received:
1 x Blood Artisans Cuirass
2 x Penitent Greaves (Boots)
2 x Greaves of the Empty tomb - so far 1st pair found still best
1 x Deathless Visage (helm)
2 x Bloodless Scream
think thats it. Game is giving me everything I had before... just missing the ring now. I got a new bank tab today, its almost all gone.

Still missing Glyph. Will need to do whispers again once I hit Tier 4. Only thing she still really wants is a sword, doesn't want to use Scythe.

So I wanted to get a better heart to replace the one in this ring

Just a newer version of the same heart, maybe with more damage. Instead, game gave me this and now looking for a better ring to put it in

two hours later... need more than 1 good ring,
This heart is contentious and its effects are still a work in progress


funny, before today I hadn't seen any wrathful invokers, now I have 3 and 2 wrathful hearts I need to find homes for. The last one is interesting.
Tried the barber, it turns me into a cannon. It also makes single target dps into aoe. I see why rogues like it... necro don't really need it... I mean, if you want AOE, play blood burst. it may not crit but you hit everything on screen at once... I don't think Barber can do that. It can't crit though, so there isn't the bright yellow numbers all over screen, just blue ones... it does a different damage type.
It has its downsides. It depends on what heart you replace it with.
I have 3.
One auto curses anyone near me
One auto casts corpse skills (they need to be on your bar to work, so on mine its raise skeleton and Corpse Explosion)
One adds crit damage.

I had planned to replace the crit damage ring with barber but reading guide it was suggested replacing the auto cast corpse skills... that means I would have to cast Corpse explosion (CE from now on) myself as well as raise any skeletons that die. Both came to bite me though not lethally.

I use CE to replenish essence. Its one of the 3 ways I have.
1 CE
2 a Curse I have
3 Wait for it to regenerate by itself... this is slow

I had a fight and was wondering why everything was attacking me, then I noticed most of my skeleton warriors are dead, and cause I removed auto cast ring, I had to do it... the ring does it without me needing to. Or thinking about it.

So I decided that even if Barber is amazing, I prefer the convenience

I might try replacing the crit one anyway and see if it can still work.

made a new sword, I am not sure it actually is better than scythe. I just feel I should be using a sword as they have higher crit damage modifiers.

Keep waiting for a 710 or so sword. really just needs to reach 725. Current scythe was a 699... so close.. upgrades add 25.

I forgot I was still in game... clicked desktop and next thing you know, DIablo 4. Its closed now.

lvl 69, guess I should think about the tier 4 dungeon soon... again.

I got another unique I have had before, a pair of gloves. Apart from rings and a pair of pants, she could wear all unique items in every slot.

I keep wanting to use one pair of unique hands but they reduce my dps by 200, might not be worth the loss.
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Not sure how but I have the glyph I was missing before... I don't remember seeing it fall. They are blue from memory, so should have stood out.
I got one to rank 15 and was looking to see what I should do next and it was in my list... and I was like, that wasn't there before. I did a double take...
So it won't take many dungeons to get it to 15, one lvl 16 took it to rank 5.
realistically, its not really an important glyph, it just buffs my minions - tbh some fights they do most of the fighting. I just pick on the bosses. and they act as interference.

Short day, have to go out tomorrow.
Got to 70
Got 1st glyph to rank 15.
Made a new helm. Old one didn't fit the build but had 900 health on it, and life regen, so I was stalling removing it. New one has more armour so it works. I still have life regen but its slower
New helm has +50 to both dexterity and willpower, the two stats I see needed on most rare nodes on paragon board.
I wasn't sure it was helping until I started seeing 60k crits. I saw I 100k hit before but it wasn't a crit... I may have misread it. Edit: It seems the 100k was an overpowered crit, as it showed as orange. Never seen one before. I assume it killed whatever it hit.
I did the amulet quest I was saving as last time it rewarded a nice amount of life. Not this time, it disappointed me. Not that a healing amulet really helps this build. Better to kill things.
Sold first Bloodless Scream - I don't need 5 - and it got me 265k gold, so they good for one thing at least. Paying for my speculation upgrades when I see a 710 item and start wondering.

Not sure if I mentioned but maxed rep now. Only do quests if I am bored or if a Nightmare Dungeon is in same place.

Lvls 1-53 - stare at map waiting for next whisper
Lvlsd 53 - 100 Don't ever see map unless doing legion even or world boss, no need as the act of clicking a sigil and clicking the tab key (usually map) centres your selection on the dungeon you need to do and takes you right to entrance.

Only need to interact with outside world in helltides. They only good for materials... its why I go. Don't really care about any of the items. Mats for upgrades more useful. I have 90 fiend roses, they used for changing stats on sacred armor. My previous 2 characters had found none so those 90 are all hers. Same with most of the gold I have made... its amazing how easy game is if you do damage and have a build that works.

I hope they fix blood surge builds, they would be fun if their damage type scaled at after 70.

New obstacle to upgrades. I have run out of silver... can't say I had that problem before. Its a drop from mining nodes. Guess I need to run around outside dungeons for a while... too bad at 70 everything attacks but has little chance of beating me. Or surviving. I guess eternal I had more characters all contributing to pool.

Guess I have to be happy with what I have for a while. Game telling me to stop playing with gear.
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The Butcher showed up twice today, he died twice. He hasn't learned his lesson. He is meant to give uniques, he has one only he can drop but its not for my class. All I got last time was a sigil for a nightmare dungeon. I had to use over 9 potions to survive fight... i only hold 9. Lucky he drops some or I be dead every time.

Game dropping hints I should be in Tier 4. LIke giving me sigils I can't do yet. I might try it tomorrow. I am too tired right now to think... about it.

I weakened, I upgraded one sword and now have 1 silver. I did a Helltide and was more interested in mining nodes than killing anything...

its possible I got the glyph I was missing from a Helltide as it is one way to get them. I didn't bother going there until I had enough good gear to survive it. So I may have done that to myself.

Biggest nightmare of some dungeons is finding a Treasure Goblin and spending rest of dungeon wondering when Butcher will show up. I just had that happen in a dungeon where everything that dies causes an explosion around them. I was just waiting for something that didn't happen.

He tends to show up in the easier types, to add a challenge I guess.
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Aug 18, 2023
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It's interesting to reflect on the timeline of the Diablo game releases and the anticipation that comes with them. While the frequency of a new Diablo game every 10 years seems like a pattern, it's worth noting that development timelines can vary. Your perspective on the story's role in the Diablo games aligns with how some players approach the series, where gameplay takes precedence over narrative. Given your experiences, it's understandable that you might approach the upcoming Diablo 4 with a more measured level of excitement.
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