Civilization 7 Pre-Launch Discussion

My favorite part of Civilization 6 was actually the lead-up to the game. They released so many interesting videos. So now we're back here again. Civ 7 is coming in 2025, and we can expect lots of videos on leaders, new features, etc. So let's have fun posting the videos and discussing them. Articles are certainly welcome, as well.

I'm excited for Civ 7. I didn't really get too reassured by the launch trailer. I'm hoping it will be quite different to Civ 6. Still, we didn't see any gameplay so I'll be cautiously optimistic.
After playing a lot of Civ 5, I hardly played Civ 6 at all. I thought it was ugly, and I didn't like what they did with the builders and the roads. I didn't get much deeper than that.

That's new, right? A little disconcerting…

So August before we know anything useful. Still, good to see the announcement—2031 is filling up nicely. And if the game + expansions + final patches + best mods is good, 2032 looks full too :)

Can't infer much from the teaser. It implies they're sticking with the epic theme, so hopefully the art direction won't devalue that this time.


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