Random Game Thoughts Thread—November 14-19

Anyone into this? Sounds really good, Obsidian team lead by Josh Sawyer..

Atm still into W40K Chaos Gate etc, its actually pretty good. I think the campaign might be quite a bit longer than I thought. Not much time at the moment either so I'm only 10 hours deep.

Minecraft a fair bit with the little one, some Divinity OS still chipping away couple times a week in the co/op.

My winter semi hibernation starts at the beginning of December (probably) I'm looking forwards to having a bit more time for at least a few weeks then.
I'm also very busy atm, but I found the time to look into These nights in Cairo. All in all, I agree with @Brian Boru 's conclusion, the only thing I have to add from an egyptologist's point of view: I have feared it to be worse than it was in the end. I can imagine that the dev is interested in the ancient languages or has at least done some serious research about them since the explanations they give are mostly correct. So I'd say for the first half I was quite sceptic and then I started to find my groove with the story :giggle:

The next in line would be Lost Horizon 2, but I want to fully sink into the story without any time pressure... So for now I've preferred to made some crash landings in Outer Wilds :) I forgot how relaxing this game is!


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I'm still cruising along in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous.

It did another weird false-boss fight. Twice a nasty boss ambushed me, and it was clearly out of my league - especially when unprepared. Weapon attacks could only hit with very high rolls, often natural 20's. Magic was resisted every time I tried. At first, it would fly off after just a couple of rounds. Then I got a couple of chances to ambush it, fully buffed up - and it flew off each time when at half health. ARG!!! I finally got to its final location and, for whatever weird reason, the game wouldn't go into turn based mode and the boss wouldn't fight back. I'm not sure if the game bugged out or if it was intended, but the nasty thing finally went down.

Then I went downstairs and got wiped by a couple of enraged plant things. Eeesh. :eyeroll:

I dig the new grenades.
I see what you did there!
I haven't had much time to game either. At least on PC, I have played a bunch more of Slice & Dice on my phone, maybe a bit too much.

This game has a great amount of content. For each class there's 5 base variations, 8 variations for level 2 and another 8 for level 3. I've seen 76 of the total of 100 so far. Then there's 59 monsters, 354 items, 789 curses and blessings (these don't really show up in the demo) and I've found 56 attack modifiers (it doesn't mention the total).
The full game also adds another 18 extra modes and extends the main dungeon from 12 to 20 encounters, but I haven't bought it yet. Maybe if there's any money left after the holiday season I'll consider it.
Have you scanned the reviews on Steam? I marked it 'Ignored', my note to myself—love that Steam feature!—is "Reviews are bad—much worse than first LH game."
I never listen to reviews when it comes to sequels of a series. Especially if the first game was exceptionally good, the reviews for the sequels are very often bad because people get fixed ideas of what to expect of it. I may be wrong but wasn't it the same for Secret Files too? I think the third part got the worst reviews in the end.
After all, the devs already created my favourite PnC series and I also loved Lost Horizon... So the least I can do is build my own opinion about the sequel. :)

@Brian Boru Since you also play classic PnCs from time to time, I wanted to ask: Do you already know The Raven? If not, I think you may like it. :)
Playing co-op in Divinity: Original Sin 2 and it is pretty fun. Especially fun when I forget that our undead friend takes damage from normal healing spells and he gets angry about it: "Nooo, not again!" or when we are in a fight and someone tells me "Yo! are you looting that corpse while we are fighting!" and me going: "no, no no, I would never do that" while you can literarily see the loot vanish. Of course, we do divide the loot afterward. We also have a team member who ALWAYS gets in trouble because he suddenly decides to go on an adventure by himself. After some time you'll often hear: "Guys, I need help, I'm in combat". The funniest episode so far:

Me: "Ahh, I think we need to talk to that black dog by the beach"
Everyone runs to the beach and there we notice a dead black dog
One guy in the team goes: "ohhhhh....ops".

Playing some Return to Monkey Island also. It's fun, I like the art style and the puzzles on the hardest difficulty are at times challenging, but not to the point of it being frustrating. There are some puzzles that are a bit MEH, like the "apology frog", but I can live with that. Always nice to see Stan again also, he looks like...well...STAN:)
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This is ridiculous. Civ6 is still releasing DLC over 6 years after launch!
Pah! Just more leaders and fluff. On the other hand, they've got a sale going on that should last into the Thanksgiving sale.... err, I mean the Fall sale. Solista is doing the "black Friday" thing already, too.

Have you played Civ6 lately? How is the 2K Launcher treating you? It sure left a bad taste in my mouth just as I was finishing up XCOM 2's expansion.
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Did you mean to post a link to a fetish channel
Is it? I just looked for a quickie for my fav Stanley and posted that—didn't check channel.

Have you played Civ6 lately?
Not since this thread where I provided a lot of info re my experiences of early Civilization VI play—so ~5 months ago. I'll be baaaack tho :)
How is the 2K Launcher treating you?
Very well indeed, since I found out how to bypass it :) Info in post #6 of thread above—note the "path error" gotcha I mention.
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My wife suggested I try Magic the Gathering: Arena on my phone so we can play together, as she is a fan of the game. However, my patience is being tested already. I was playing the third tutorial level when I had to put my phone in standby for a bit. When I returned to the game it just took me back to the level select screen and I had to start all over again.

I really dislike mobile games that don't just let you pause or even quit whenever you want and let you continue exactly where you left off.

Even worse, the second time the game bugged and wouldn't let me play a card after a few rounds, so I had to force close it and restart again.

I've been considering getting Google Play Pass for a while, but I've been hesitant so far because I'm also trying to cut back on the amount of time I spend on my phone and I don't want to pay for a subscription I end up barely using. However, since my wife has started playing WoW a lot it would be nice if I can still game whenever my wife is using the computer. I've even made a list of games roughly ordered by how interesting they look and got to 31 games, with the top ones mostly card-based and/or roguelikes.

Star Wars: KOTOR is one of the available games, but I'm not sure if that's something I want to play on a phone instead of on the PC. Then again, I don't know if I'll ever actually get around to playing it on PC...
12 years later, this quest just hurts as they never did start making it

that holiday is still going :(
@Pifanjr I am tempted at getting Kotor on my phone too. I freaking love that game, but am fearful of how it may run/control on a phone.

One of my fav Star Wars games. Honestly a shame they didn't do more with it.

@Colif they did make a 3rd game, although most sacred fans would disagree.
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Busy patch at the moment
I'm free! :D

Finished off Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Siberian Strike DLC. It's better than the base game, but nothing special—I only stuck with it because I knew it was short. Very linear, a succession of set pieces—no wandering patrols , NPCs or wildlife. Clear a spot, you can sprint across open ground while whistling Dixie.

I've changed my 5-minute break game to a nice little Nonogram game "also known as Hanjie, Paint by Numbers, Picross, Griddlers, and Pic-a-Pix, and by various other names." Mine is Picross Touch—it's free, but with 'donation levels' from $1 to $9 as DLC if you want to contribute.

The puzzles are easy, and there's also a "rock-solid workshop community with thousands of quality puzzles" according to a review. Ideal intro to the nonogram sub-genre, and for relaxing quickies of anything between 15 seconds and 5 minutes if you're experienced.
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Deep Silver made the 3rd one, Ascaron didn't. Deep SIlver farmed it off to people who changed it into another type of game. They wore it as a skin suit to con anyone who wasn't taking any notice and who remembered previous game. Same applies for TL3. Shame 3 is where many arpg end.

I hear ya on TL3. I don't mind it, but if we would of got it as 2 and then 2 as 3 it would of been great, but 3 feels like a step back. Also I think there's a new Torchlight game....... le sigh.......
cross play mobile/pc... ingame shop

its a sequel of TL2, ignoring the TL3... I will have to keep an eye on this

I played 1300 hours + all the time before game hit steam on TL2
I played 59 hours of TL3.
Disappointed wasn't the right word.

it is dumbed down, but so was tl3. I will look at it in future, I just have things I have to do before I look.... resists... struggles...
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