Random Game Thoughts Thread - February 26 - March 04

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Edit: Never mind. I just had to go down. I was expecting that once I got lined up, that it would dock automatically. I just bought the docking software, so maybe that will do it.
With Docking 2, you don't bother with any of that stuff. Just request docking and dive right at the indicated pad. The automatics will take over and set you down (or lift you back up if you came in fast and clipped into the geometry). I'm not sure what Docking 1 does, if I used it at all, it was only briefly. If you've got a captain for your ship, you can tell the captain to dock & wait, and the captain will do it him/her/itself. (Not taking the smartest path sometimes, but they get there eventually.)

Oh, there's a subtle aspect to "dock & wait" and the similar "fly & wait" command to send ships to a certain point. The "and wait" part is supposed to mean that they are going to keep that command going. If you tell a ship to dock & wait at a station, then you get in that ship and fly it somewhere else yourself, the captain will fly it back to the original station after you leave because they've still got the same 'dock & wait' command. You've got to right click on the ship and remove the order to get the ship to stay still. (I'm half tempted to make a mod for a "dock & stop" command.)
Far Cry 6

The Wicked Chicken
I didn't recruit Amigo Chicharron last time out due to the melee fights involved. This time I geared up with protective gear…


…and went to meet his handler…


…who introduced me to his crazy warrior rooster:


Off we went, with Amigo Guapo the croc also in tow, to fight the good fight. Make that 3 good fights—1 against a kennel full of attack dogs, and 2 against waves of enemy troops.

All's well that ends well, as we survey the final carnage:


Now I'm leveling him up to max his traits, which can be summarized as crazier, craziest, and totally nuts. He's very well done, great animations and sounds, so I'll enjoy him until he's fully nuts.