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My wife is now playing in a PvP server and has made her base in an abandoned mineshaft. It has two ore nodes in it and from what I've seen it's mostly flat and is big enough to fit pretty much the entire base circle in it. It's much harder to spot than most bases built on the surface and the entrance can be walled off with layer after layer of walls, making it much harder for other players to quickly raid your base.
That one would definitely be better on a PvP server than the place I listed, but would be a bit worse for singleplayer, and I need both stone and trees so I don't have to build the stone quarry and lumbermill. If you build those, the Pals won't work the ore, and they won't get you any paladium or fiber. It's really annoying to me if I don't have those things and would have to keep teleporting around to find them, as I wouldn't want to constantly work my way out of a cave and a series of gates just to grab 30 stone, for instance.

But, yeah, that sounds great for PvP where the primary concern is defensibility. Probably aren't a lot of people playing PvP yet since it isn't in the vanilla game. I guess you have to get mods for those servers.
Apr 10, 2024
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Just saw the latest update chat and thought I'd share how we're doing things on our end. We've been running a pure vanilla server from the get-go—no mods, no wipes, all adventure. Honestly, with how the updates have been rolling out, we haven't missed mods at all. The game feels richer and there’s always something new to explore or tackle.

It's been awesome seeing everyone's progress stay intact through all the updates. No wipes means everyone’s hard work and achievements just keep stacking up. Makes the whole experience feel more rewarding, you know?

Curious to hear what you all think about playing vanilla vs. modded, especially after the latest patches.