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I think they re-enable it whenever theres an update

Microsoft used to do that with Windows 10 in 2016-17, but have been good boys since—just an occasional glitch since. Isn't there anything like ShutUp10 for phones? Or at least a script someone has written to set the Settings per a config file?

You'd only have to write the code yourself.

Now you well know that's totally against best coding principles and practices!
“Good Coders Copy but Great Coders Steal”

Or to quote the most revered tech icon to date:
“We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.”

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i expect you can block the assistants on a rooted phone.

you can delete any activity on gemini -

stop the assistant working completely -

My answer is to just leave them unset up. though i expect its still listening for some code word like "ok google" - i didn't look at gemini too hard. I will resist using them until I have no choice.
I like being disorganised. I don't need a digital assistant knowing where I will be at any time.
Apr 24, 2024
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