Question Need help with Far Cry 6 demo?

I now have the Far Cry 6 demo in my Epic Games Library. When I click on it it asks if I want to link to my Ubisoft account. When I click the Link vs the Cancel option, it goes through the process of trying to link, but comes back with an error message saying it's already linked. When I click Cancel the link window that popped up just disappears.

I also noticed the Ubisoft store shows no free demo for Far Cry 6, but I'm not sure that means anything. I've also tried having a separate Ubisoft Store window opened after logging in to my Ubisoft account, but that didn't help.

I see no way to actually PLAY this demo. Can anyone help out here?
Uh, whoever directed this thread to Shooters is not doing me any favors, as it gets a tiny fraction of the activity Gen Gaming does. I've also seen some threads in Gen Gaming lately that get HUGE activity yet aren't even as gaming oriented, so.
That was me, back in GG now :)

I had a look at the FC6 free trial thread from last year, didn't see anything useful there :(
Thanks for putting it back in GG Brian. Anyway, since posting the above, I have in my searching found that you're supposed to get an install option when clicking on anything in your library. I also found a Far Cry 6 free trial link that took me to a Ubisoft page for FC6, but there was NO button to click for a free trial, just an option to buy it at full price and an option to subscribe for $15 a month.

At this point I have to wonder if the free trial and demo are not being offered anymore, and Epic has failed to take the demo offer off their site yet. I sent them an email asking about it, so hopefully I'll get an answer soon.
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