Question Far Cry 6 PC keeps crashing and I don't know why!

Jan 5, 2024
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Ok, I have a problem with Far Cry 6 that I have not being able to find a solution to since Oct of last year. I have literally tried everything and then some. I have went to the Far Cry forums, opened a Ubisoft ticket(that was a waste), you name it I have done it. I click on the game either through Ubisoft or the game folder, the initial loading screen comes up with the spinning logo in the lower right corner, in about 20 seconds right back to desktop.

The first time this happened back in Oct. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it worked, for about 4 days. I have Windows 10 and Windows 11 installed on separate m.2 drives. Works on neither one. The rest of my specs are,
I-5 12600k
32gb system memory
GPU RTX 2060 6gb

I even tried repairing Visual C and uninstalling and reinstalling. Did the same thing with Direct X. Running both Ubisoft and game launcher with admin privileges. Oh yeah, Downloaded the demo through Steam and low and behold it works. Added the game through steam as a non steam game. It doesn't work. I wonder if I buy the game through steam, will it work. Just don't won't to buy it twice. When I first purchased Far Cry 6 it was only available through Ubisoft.

Oh, and I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Ubisoft launcher. Bout the only thing left is a reinstall of the OS.

IS there any thing else I can try reinstalling besides the Visual c and Direct X?
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I have FC6 from Ubi working on lower specs than yours, played most of it a few times so far.

I have Windows 10 and Windows 11 installed on separate m.2 drives. Works on neither one.

Did you install FC6 into both OSs? I see it has Registry entries, so I assume just a single install can't work on both OSs.

Assuming you did install twice, check if you're eg trying to launch the Win10 version from Win11, or vice versa.

Assuming you installed only once, check you're not trying to launch game while in the 'other' OS.

Apart from that, you've already checked anything I can think of. Before doing a Windows reinstall, try a full uninstall of the game again. Make sure to reboot before redownloading and reinstalling.

If you do a Windows reinstall, make it a fresh install—you don't want to keep any problem-causing dregs deep in the bowels of the current install.
Jan 5, 2024
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I have it installed on the same drive as win10 and again on the same drive as windows 11. What baffles me is, I downloaded the demo through steam and it goes right into the game. I have a crazy uncanny feeling that if I do a download through Steam it will work. Only problem is the only way I see to do that is to buy the game again through steam. Not a good idea since it is 59.99. And what do you know it is on frickin sale through Ubisoft. And I did try to run it as a non steam game through steam. Whoever decided to use 2 different gaming platforms should be slapped, that is my 2 cents on it.
it is 59.99

Good news, looks like it goes to $15 about once a month on average!


Bad news:


See if any of these Denuvo drawbacks might apply to you:

In Ubisoft Connect, use the 'Verify Files' if you haven't already:


I assume there's plenty of free space on the drives you've installed it on.
Jan 5, 2024
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I have done everything you are suggesting and then some. This has been going on for about 6 months and I have found no solution. I have over a tb of drive space left on c drive. What I can't figure out is that out of the thousands of thousands, I seem to be the only one having this issue.
I don't know what else to do to get this crap to run

Same here, can only suggest a full reinstall of Windows—but that probably won't help since it fails on 2 different Windows for you.

That Danuvo, has it always been a part of the game

Yes, from the beginning.

out of the thousands of thousands, I seem to be the only one having this issue.

Very bad luck. There are trillions of possible PC configurations, and always a few outliers who get caught by a weird glitch.

Final thought: remove any exotic hardware or software you have, anything which might make your config an outlier.

And it's worth physically removing one of the Windows drives to see if game will run then.

Long shots, but…

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Have you tried updating your GPU drivers?

I helped someone a while back who had her game crashing constantly on startup (it wasn't FC6 though). Turned out her drivers were a year out of date.

Chances are slim, but there's a chance you have outdated drivers them if you haven't updated them.
I don't see it suggested nor as a "have tried" yet, hence why I'm asking.
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