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Its hard to adjust to the keys. I normally have attacks on number keys, in this game they are on qwer keys. ANd I keep accidentally using heal potions.


Tried all the classes already - there are only 5. But they all have mastery subclasses and I have no idea when they come... I think its about lvl 20
Started as a tank, as I normally do. Then tried a ranged rogue and died... so I swapped to a melee rogue and she is further in than other one. You can respecc but game remembers if you died and spells it out in stats as Deathless in red.
The tried a necromancer and well, like other games with them, the pets sort of know where things are and it is up to me to run away from pouncing enemies.
Then tried a mage, not really a mage player...
Last class is shaman, might have to look at it at again some stage.

Can zoom in more than most ARPG I play

Gear is an entire conversation with this game. The crafting system is basically this - you find a drop and game lets you change it based on other components you have already found.
You don't make anything from scratch but can alter almost every item excluding sets and uniques (i think)

Just like GD, its not spelled out and it took me a while to figure out what I was doing.

I need to watch more videos. The beginners guides I have watched seem to be aimed at people who played POE.

This game is deep. Just the stash is deep. You start with 1 page/category. You can make a new category at any time and buy new pages that go under that category. SO I can see myself having categorys for each class. Or rings or amulets...

The amount of potions you can carry seems to rely on your belt. That is a throwback to Diablo2. No energy potions from what I can tell.
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it does but i find it better to adjust to how it is than to change things. There are menus that they don't tell you about... like the loot filter. I wish some rules were pre created. Having to make one to hide white items on every character is annoying.

At least my pets don't stand on me in this game (yet, anyway - build I am using only gets 3 skeletons as there are better pets later on that I will use instead)

I have to adjust to item colors
White is still trash
Blue in LE = Yellow in GD
Yellow in LE = Green in GD
Orange might = blue, its hard to say if they have set stats or not. I don't have many of them.
Set parts are Green, same as Diablo 3
Exalted are purple... they are drops only and have affixes at levels you can't craft.
Red is legendary and are created using some process at the end of the game. They can be truly unique.

I have to adjust as my auto reaction to finding yellow is to assume its rare... when its not.

I have to sell a bunch of gear I saved thinking it was useful. Gear isn't useful, stats are... crafting in this game is very close to what Diablo 4 are doing with the ability to save the special abilities on gear, you can break down gear to get the affixes and suffixes you want on them and use those shards to enhance other gear. Hardest part for me right now is knowing what is rare or common. Guess I will learn as I go.

I did same thing on GD at first, saved all my yellows/greens thinking they were useful. Now when I load old characters I cringe when I see yellow.

its not open world, its more - really big corridors. I recall a game like this before - getting flash backs to FF13 but its not that bad - another RPG did similar a long time ago. It might be because 1st area is underground but even the outside areas feel like caves. I only notice as I tend to clear areas before leaving and these aren't very wide. Its akin to Dungeon Siege -

The answer to the potion thing is this - make it so you can't drink a potion when at full health. It doesn't make any sense to let you drink 3 potions if you at full health. Only case I can think of is if it gives some bonus to health regen before a fight.
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One advantage to necro is you can avoid being hit.
I started tonight on a tank, as I wanted to get further into game. He died when he got over confident and had too many things attacking him at once.
Now my necro is at the same area but well, my pets took the hits, not me. I was also slower and didn't just assume I was safe.
I did say the pets get bigger

Archers only last as long as it takes for me to get to 20 and reach a point in campaign where I get to choose a main class. Then they get swapped with mages.

Big guy is a baby stone golem, I am making it bigger as I lvl up. He is my tank. I don't need to worry about being crushed as much now. Its just hard to see shop keepers in town.

Class is technically called an Acolyte but her masteries are Lich or Necro. I prefer pets so she will choose that route once i get there.

it can be dangerous to portal to town as on your return anything in area will have respawned again. It goes against my being to ignore items... I should set up loot filters and only see the things I want. Still hard, I am used to collecting everything and selling it.

I couldn't work out how to use 2 handed weapons. Seems unlike other games, if you have a shield equipped, it won't be smart and unequip it and main hand weapon if you try to equip a 2 hander, instead it just says it won't work. I thought it meant only certain classes could use them. But no, its dumber than that. Just remove both shield and weapon and put on a 2 hander and it works. It sure explains why most of the items my tank got at beginning of game were 2 handers.

Using 2 weapons needs a skill, I figured it was the same.

Weather here got in the way of progress but she is at the beginning of chapter 3. There are 9 chapters so long way to go. I don't get to pick a mastery until chapter 4.
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It is odd, if I put the shortcut for game on desktop and run from it, i sometimes get this warning screen saying it now runs through steam and to use that.
If I start steam and then launch game from it, it works but it can take as much as a minute before game actually starts.

I don't know if its waiting for a server as its multiplayer part came out last month and you have to logon to a server even if you play online. Another possible cause of slow load is its a hdd instead of my nvme but they not that slow.

Keep getting rain before save points, so I played same character through same area a few times now. At least it remembers your gear, I would just like to get to next town to access stash and sell stuff. I don't get the ability to use a portal until a certain point in game.
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All the bosses in the game are easy until you hit this guy. More likely to die from trash mobs than the bosses so far. End of chapter 3 is where it changes. About time really, whirlwind build. I just spin everywhere.

My Tank can kill everything in game but I didn't know to kill the things firing beams. I will try again later
He is lvl 25, needs to kill a boss to become a master class.
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This guy feels typecast, his armor makes him look like someone who makes all his own clothes from things he kills

Shaman are slow lumbering oafs in this game, and for about 5 levels don't have any attacks worth using and even then they lack the armor to stay in for long.
Mastery classes let you be beastmaster or Druid - think werebear. You either have your pets fight for you or you become one yourself. I chose the later but have to get there.

Need to work on rogue, every other class including the slow shaman managed to finish chapter 1. My last archer got swamped. She not good with crowds, and lacks the armor to tank them like Soldier, or the pets to do it for her like shaman/necro. I am not sure if my mage has tried that fight yet. You literally have to fight a forge. Its a good thing my wolves seem to be fire proof.

Mage should be okay, he has range up his sleeve. Don't need to go in flames to hit the thing, forge spits fire... annoying for melee. If archer can get to that point she should be fine too. its the mobs before the forge that got her. Need to check if she has multi shot yet. That would help. I need to practice blink more (not blinking, Brian)

reminds me, the quest to kill the forge bugged out on my druid so looks like I have to repeat it again. I had to talk to someone at end of armory but he just kept saying same thing. I just left. There might be a portal I can take to skip fighting forge again...

Oh and I killed a dragon

Or should I say my Bone Golem did. Shame I can only have one.

what makes most builds tricky is they don't invest many points into the base skills and mainly focus on the mastery ones. As you don't get those until after lvl 20, you have to make do with under powered spells until you hit mastery. If you lucky they use 2 base skills so you can buff them up and rely on those. My tank's base skill is whirlwind which is nice as i rarely get hit while using it and I can use a potion without stopping. I reduced its mana usage to point I always spin now... need to increase its speed though... and add flames to it :)

Getting used to leaving things on ground. Soon I work out loot filters so it only shows things I want on that character.

You can buy new slots in bank. I don't know what limit is. I have one general category and I have also made categories for all 5 classes but so far only have 1 page in necro area and its sort of shared with the mage. There are 4 pages in general. Probably easier once I split them into categories to track the items. At least all the materials for crafting don't stay in the inventory or you wouldn't have any space. I already have over 300 mats. I seen people with over 10k.

Categories are free to make, the pages cost ingame currency though. No actual money is paid.

Each new page costs 1000 gold more, but gold isn't hard to get.

this slaughters GD in its sleep in comparison, the 5th bank slot in GD costs 250k, the 5th here will cost me 6k... although there is only a shared stash,
No individual ones unless you make a category for it

Need to sort it more... make a page for each category at least... i can move pages with the config tab menu above, once they sorted a little more.
Its a pretty good system. Only gripe is I wish all items were same size in inventory, could fit more in then. Still beats Diablo. Being able to modify almost every drop you get is fun too.
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The slow loading times thing is server related as it didn't happen at a time when most of the world was asleep.

In hindsight, the whirlwind build was too easy to play. It got to point I was always spinning, hold right mouse button down and point in a direction. I had been waiting for it to stop working but it took a boss with a mechanic I didn't know to stop the spin to win train. And that is only a lvl 25, though monsters were starting to hit harder.

I have to expect deaths at start. I don't know the game, its not like some others I played before and returned to. It still stings but as I get better its less likely to happen due to me being an idiot... okay, maybe not.

Having night off. Problem with only 5 classes at first is there could be cookie cutter builds made real fast. I wouldn't mind a best build for getting to 25 before you respec. As respec not painless in this, you lose skill levels each time, but you don't go to 0 and are asked to start again. As you play the lowest level your skills can drop to is increased. So if you choose another skill you get a refund on the difference.
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So much for night off, went to watch someone else playing it and lasted about 2 minutes before i loaded it myself.
So 2 deaths today. Shaman are slow, he couldn't get out of a disintegration beam fast enough so he died. I did say they are lumbering oafs. It didn't help I was trying to keep my distance and the mage in question spins on one spot while firing a beam out.
Then I tried a rogue and died, they are too squishy. Ranged and you get rushed and with a sword... its not fun.

So far only 3 classes gotten out of chapter 2. Acolyte does it in her sleep, have 2 now. One is training to be a lich and the other will rely on pets to do most of damage. Soldiers are easy too. I have finished chapter 2 with 2 of them now. I didn't play the one who is furthest in, I wanted to try something else.

Not sure where Mage is up to... looks,. he half way through chapter 2. Further than I have managed to get a rogue so far.
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The class choices in Grim Dawn have ruined me. In Last Epoch you only have 5 classes to start with, not much variety. All 5 do have up to 3 mastery classes to choose from, not all main classes have 3 choices yet. Only Sentinal and Primalist have 3 at the moment, rest come with full release of game - its still in beta. Next version of game should be release. Current version is .9f so they running out of version numbers before 1 hits.

  • Void Knight
  • Forge Guard
  • Paladin
  • Shaman
  • Beastmaster
  • Druid
  • Lich
  • Necromancer
  • Sorcerer
  • Spell Blade
  • Blade Dancer
  • Marksman

AFAIK you have to choose a subclass - it makes sense as most people actually take skills from all the trees available. Basic passive tree ends at a certain point and you don't get any more skills in it after 20.

So they tend to be the same until you do a quest in chapter 4.
Whereas with GD, it depends on the combo of classes as to what skills you get and the choice to pick a combo happens at lvl 10. I won't list all the combos here but its way more than above.

One saving grace of Last Epoch is the fact every skill has its own skill tree. So if you click the button for the skill in the skill menu, a screen like the below example will appear. Every few levels after level 4 you get points to put in skills like this. You can only specialise 5 skills so its not as open as it could be. Probably just as well as it would get too complicated real fast.

Specialisation lets you alter the skill or reduce its energy costs. Above is Warpath AKA whirlwind. The more points I put into the blue icon, the less mana it uses before I have to stop. If you put 5 points in you can spin constantly and use very little energy, but perhaps those points could go somewhere else. Maybe I want to do more damage or leave a fire trail or echoes of myself behind me. I haven't really looked into it very hard, following other builds instead of learning blindly.

Its a way to have 2 characters who use the same skills but in a different way.

One shaman skill that starts as an attack eventually can become armor.

One odd thing, weapons don't show any DPS figures. It makes it difficult to compare two weapons.
I have a unique mace that starts as +24 melee damage, and it gains 1 level of melee damage for every level I have, is it better than a flat +39? When should I stop using it? I can't tell by just equipping it. Nowhere on the stats screen says what damage I am actually doing. Its possible its an option to show damage numbers on screen.

Game is still slow to load, I don't think its because its on a hdd. I feel its because it has to wait for a server to respond before the actual program shows on taskbar. I hope it speeds up once its out. I might try a defrag of hdd but I doubt that will help. its not like:
1. the hdd is full. its a 3tb hdd with 200gb of files on it
2. the drive was fragmented. Was less than 1%. Still thinks it will take 10 hours to finish but thats an estimate based on a full drive, It won't be running in an hour.

Putting games on hdd means the nvme isn't running at 60c all day, PC is cooler over all and room is easier to be in.

3 hours later defrag shows 2 minutes to go... been there for a while now. I forgot I had my windows 10 VM files on the drive. Its what is slowing it down. I just stopped the program, will worry about the 1% fragmentation some other day.
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i didn't play long last night, inbetween defrag running longer than I expected and a storm showing up, I didn't achieve much. Decided to keep playing 1st character I made just to not be able to find build he was following so I got him to 1st town. dumped anything useful he had in bank and deleted him. I have a few sentinals already. He did find a drop an acolyte could use so I played her for a while.

I have two acolytes, one who is on path to be a lich and other on path to be a Necro. Only difference is their choice of passives. Every level you get a point to allocate into skiills that are always active but only buff characters up in certain ways. So they all have ones that make them stronger or have more resists. Others are more specific to class. Or even your build.

I played the lich in training for a while and then swapped to the necro. Only real difference at this point is the necro's pets are more useful as her passives help them and the points put into her pet skills do as well. Lich can aftually hurt things by itself. I have to not draw agro

I have noticed game will throw different monsters at you in some areas, depending on class. If you play a pet class it has mobs that target the player that don't exist if you are only attacker.

Contemplating leaving game until its out and playing it then. The start is rough for some classes.
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Finally got a rogue through to chapter 3, though right at end she was using a movement skill to run away from everything and exit zone, so not convincing in any way. It doesn't help things will chase you to end of earth, be nice if they would just forget.

She uses shuriken to do most of her damage, daggers are just there to add damage I guess. Guess she is a ninja.

have the shaman into chapter 2, he is still clunky

Mage is um still in chapter 1 but well, I am not a mage player.

At least game doesn't track number of deaths, just whether you had one or not.

I need to delete some characters, some I start and just feel like they won't work.

game would be easier if you didn't have to get to a certain quest to get masteries, and it was just tied to some level. Then you could just grind to it. Would sure make some fights easier if I had all the skills build is meant to have.

Not sure I like this game. I can't explain why.
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I forgot about this screenshot.

Most potions just say Healing


this one stood out as different. Alas it was just a potion when I picked it up.

If I play later, need to check if the loot filters are per character or per account as if they second, I need to remove one as I have made one on each that ignores items for all the other classes. But if they all share same filers, then some classes won't see anything. It should be obvious. otherwise I have to make sure that I edit it when I import it onto the new class so they aren't missing items. I did that already today.
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