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You get up to 5 wolves with beast master. he is fun to play but took a beating in his first monolith and haven't played him since. Mostly me forgetting buttons. He got a reward in form of a purple chest that works for him.

seems to be working for me

Just tested it then... pretty sure that's 5, unless bottom wolf is really long :)

I started another forge guard. I understand now why the last one just got to the Dreadnought and stopped... the stage before, the tower... when you have no necrotic resist or low electric, those two stages aren't fun... other characters didn't have as much problem.
He had 8% necrotic resists at one stage... I have at least got about 50 now. Need to be careful not to nerf damage in aim of staying alive.

He is in the desert now, just. Should have enough poison resistance... shame no potions right away... might visit another earlier zone and get some before going in... might make sense. Desert with no potions is asking for trouble. Especially with a build where you have to hit things to get helpers to arrive,

Have to remember to do that in morning.

I don't know how he survived one fight. Good thing escape actually stops game. Then I enter another zone three Immortal Eyes are sitting there waiting to fight me... one is bad enough but three at once is a bit steep.... once I somehow survived that I was feeling good until on ship mages exploited his low electricity and I was happy to jump off ship at end.

TBH, easiest part of entire stage was the boss... reminds me of Diablo 4.

I somehow missed a skill early on that makes Forge strike actually proc the swords, I fought one boss and none showed up... then the dragon and only one showed up... next point I looked at the guide and found what I was missing and for most point - apart from lvls above - its been fun,

You can get quite a following. I have seen at least 8 of them. Shame they can be hard to spawn.

First 5 points of build after sentinal go into paly tree. healing hands will proc off my melee attacks eventually, so that is something I will get after 35. Just need to get to desert town and try not to annoy worms too much. Guess I can use the heal before I proc into it.

10 points in paly to get ele resists.
10 points in Void Knight to get Void & physical resistances.... these things are normal. The Paladin build does same thing. takes skills for VK tree.
I wonder if their void knight build uses any paly skills.

Unlike my last character that ran through chapter two and couldn't see the big void fears, I did see them tonight. It was a relief. I got the patch you mentioned.
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So I worked it out and it's a wierd bug. I have a helmet with +1 to Summon Wolf. I put it in the forge to upgrade it then put it back on again.

It obviously took a point off when I unequipped it. But it wasn't the last point allocated. It was the furthermost right hand node. Which is "Saftey in Numbers"...

I did however get this today

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The game should tell you if there is a point removed. Its nice like that, it actually tells you which perk it was removed from. What point it takes off isn't (ever?) the last point allocated. Its a little annoying as you need to look at guide (if you following one) to see which point is missing. I would prefer another way, like the added point is shown more clearly in the tree.

Would it be better if it named individual perks or would that just make it even less likely you find the exact one you want.
I think I have the advent hands about 3 times now but maybe only shoes twice. 3 shields so far. I wonder if there is a chest or helm

Seems apart from the individual relics, I am only missing the belt so far
  • Ambitions of an Erased Acolyte: Relic-type item for Acolyte class
  • Advent of the Erased: Boots-type item for all classes
  • Code of an Erased Sentinel: Relic-type item for Sentinel class
  • Communion of the Erased: Belt-type item for all classes
  • Cradle of the Erased: Shield-type item for all classes
  • Dedication of an Erased Primalist: Relic-type item for Primalist class
  • Font of the Erased: Ring-type item for all classes
  • Gambit of an Erased Rogue: Relic-type item for Rogue class
  • Knowledge of an Erased Mage: Relic-type item for Mage class
  • Swaddling of the Erased: Gloves-type item for all classes
Started a rune master, got bored in chapter 1. Went back onto Forge knight, gathered some potions in shattered valley and then... destroyed the desert. I think he drank one potion entire time and it was a missclick

The mage froze the boss in chapter 1

As for Erased items...
Shield number 4

Mage relic:

Not sure I have had that before. It doesn't look familiar
Both fell cause this guy uses a 2 handed khopesh.

I made some boots, fishing for a pair

New to me.

Forge knight in chapter 8 now. Rest of game after the stages I mentioned have been easy... when you can have 10 swords assistants, its more me chasing them to see what I need to hit. I need to hit things to spawn them... don't need to be enemies, wood works... 4 at a time... depends how many things I hit. helps to have a 4 stack up in case they all disappear at once.

He looked the same for ages as he is in the armor suggested by guide

I gave him a different weapon to what is suggested but the khopesh I had wasn't exactly right

It would seem the only strictly melee classes are Void Knight and Beast Master. Once I have swords out I don't have to attack everything myself.
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Guide for for next build says it only works if you have certain hands... a few hours later

given most of his perkls add bleed and Fire damage, that adds them both together.
though he has the legendary ones... reminds me, Paladin got about 5 temporal sanctum keys a few nights ago, I should try that one day and convert a few legendaries if I can finish the place. I only have LP1 though... better than nothing.
Upgraded sword

Not the same one as before. Games reaction is to give every creature in every monolith more life lol.

magma shards = fires beams out of me... I was wondering what was attacking me at first.

He done 2.5 monoliths so far, was half way through one and entire game froze. That is new.

Not many end game builds for Forge Guard, One uses shield rush and other uses the manifest armour.
Probably go with this

I had to nerf his damage a little to fix resists. He almost has 75 everything now... almost... poison is always the weakness. He hasn't found a fun encounter yet. Genies or whatever they are, are annoying. None of my characters really like them.

think my standards are too high. If a character dies, I feel it has failed and I start again. Blame Sacred 2. Blame experience bonus that doesn't exist here. I don't think it is helping here. Would get necro to 70 and swap to wraith lord but current one has no phys resist. Easier to start again and make sure I use right equipment and not just what is new. Implicits are something I ignored too long.

Maybe I start one in a few days, its too soon after making the forge guard.
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Got this weaver item with some nice upgrades

Finished campaign quickly today at level 56. Killing Lagon is getting to be second nature now. He's really easy actually, just watch were the eye is. If it goes red get out of his gaze.

Resists are almost all set
I changed my warlock, had to take all points out of warlock tree to respec some in Acolyte. Wasn't cheap... build took skills from lich tree

she 71 now. Maybe I try chapter 8 now...

I got the boots again

warlock trained them well.
She has been using two handers all life, now using a wand and her offhand adds to ward amount nicely

not sure what she be like on lagon, she good at clearing crowds... probably look at her resists. might let her use a shield there.
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she 71 now. Maybe I try chapter 8 now...
Your life is more than my Beastmaster. Add in your ward and it's more than double. When I was doing the campaign I was switching idols around to change resists.

Poison is annoying though as DoTs go through armour. I died a couple of times to those large cobra snake things.

BTW apparently any ward build ends up way more tanky. People that are pushing the highest corruption all use Ward.
most build guides say you need these two...


Shame its not even LP1, Glad I have ward retention or it kill me fast.

i had forgotten you need to fight architect before lagon, I was going to do it now but its 5am and maybe I leave it until I am awake more.

both those just dropped in lagon. At least I got the portal... try it tomorrow. Much easier to clear there at 71.

new build is faster to play. last one I would fire off main attack and then wait for mana to come back... this one I can fire and run away and not need to wait for mana. The skill points in Lich did the trick there. Can clear places way faster. Smoother.

some of the errors you get taking skills out could do with rewording. I didn't understand one for a while...
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Finished on level 65 tonight. Rahyeh, The Black Sun dead with only a few wolves downed right at the end of the fight. Circle moving to avoid the ground thing that moves around is easy if you stand near the boss.

I think the more you do the boss fights the easier it is with any class. However the DPS of wolves seems really high.
hink the more you do the boss fights the easier it is with any class.
knowing the fight helps a great deal, getting most classes through.

I didn't try it today, I started day wanting something easy... so levelled up a necro from lvl 8 to 60. Started monoliths at 58. They seem to have changed build a little, I had more variety of mages before and I am sure some were pyro


Um, what is difference? Removed skeleton mages and replaced them with... skeleton mages. I feel something is missing here.. They act differently I think? I think last two mentions of Skeletal Mages should say Cryomancers. Since it it is only choice left.

Description not good enough. I don't know if they still get the crit chance for it based on poison like the cold and pyro ones did. It was main reason I have high poison damage shared with pets. All my idols add poison damage... I think they do so I won't go and replace all the idols.

Game gets confused as well, I should only have four mages, but I often have six. Four cryomancers, and two regular that shouldn't exist. I see if they show up tomorrow.

New to me

spell blade might look at those.

shame its for a rogue

Not many new drops today, more repeats. I made a fair amount of money which is nice as bank balance was going backwards last two days.

Most of her resists are way better than the last one but need to find a chest with a large amount of Physical one it, as her current one has 60 and might be hard to replace. She not meant to be hit but it can be hard to avoid... had to boost up fire resists as two monoliths in a row were both fire, I took the hint. Resists weren't really a priority for necro... she has several walking shields. Or just work out how to get ward on her, she has ward retention of 104, so can hold some but can't get any right now. Probably need to change

I worked out how to get the Etendell quests... just go into the zone and it auto gives it to you. Still only necromancers have done that quest for me. Coincidence really.
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I bought this helm today


weirdly some of them have names. In this lot I had one called "Spot" rather than "Primal Squirrel".

I'm now level 75 and doing 85 monoliths. XP is quite nice but like PoE I think it's on an exponential curve. I never ever got a PoE character to 100.
I had that helm, it was main reason I made my Beast master. Now I don't have it I just don't care to play him

I had helm until I deleted 4 bank tabs by accident and its about only thing that hasn't shown up again since. I have tried... How did you buy it? ON some trader in chapter 9? I am tempted to just stop playing completely as whats point of a game if its inventory system loses items.
Seems furthest I can get a necro before something kills them is 66. She died in two stages in a row, both where it had "rare monsters can shock 100%" but neither times it was shock. Not really amused but I knew it would happen with uncontrolled weapons firing at anything they see.

A few new things
Must be for ghostflame

Think this is rogue

I had the belt and gloves for this already.
How did you buy it? ON some trader in chapter 9? I am tempted to just stop playing completely as whats point of a game if its inventory system loses items
Yes bought from Merchant Guild for 50k gold. You need Rank 3 to buy Legendary items (that have no potential). I was already rank 5 as it's shared across other characters in same mode.

A few were cheaper but this had a +2 to Summon Wolves and some were stupidly priced because of the high tier rolls on them.
So game was guessing what I was going to do at 70

Shame it doesn't actually help. I don't think?
I don't want a wraithlord minion, that is my job

this sounds interesting... wonder what upside is

Rogue spear? Primalist? Acolyte? melee acolyte is something you don't see... I want a warlock paly hybred, his resists, her damage... make game too easy.


Druid/Shaman amulet


nice resists, fire damage as well. I would wear on necro but her rings benefit minions damage...

Necro hit 70 and became a wraith lord... does a random monolith from 1st age to level up skills again, and this fell


I had it before I deleted all my uniques... last few weeks its been get everything back. Think I missing a few things still. Hard to tell... every other unique drop I see I have already had. Same sword dropped 3 times today. Volcanus.

Now I run out of mana before I run out of them. Unlike squirrels they only stay in one spot but you can place them exactly where you want them, no more "minions wandering off and attacking random mobs". More control.

Does ward replace life? Can you have a ward total but no life total and game lets you keep living provided ward exists? Its only way that chest piece I have makes any sense... why else would be so prized? taking 20% of life and replacing with ward only makes sense that way. Not in a rush to kill a character in process of finding out.
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Does ward replace life? Can you have a ward total but no life total and game lets you keep living provided ward exists? Its only way that chest piece I have makes any sense... why else would be so prized? taking 20% of life and replacing with ward only makes sense that way. Not in a rush to kill a character in process of finding out.
not entirely. I tried it on necro since she has died already twice today.
It was a concern but it slowly stopped removing all my life, just most of it

Necro not meant to use it anyway, its more for the warlock...

who needs more life to really use it. She meant to farm more uniques in monoliths I haven't reached yet... should look at the bosses of the ones I been wasting time doing.

Seems more life you have, more ward you can maintain. I wasn't aware life was the key. I need about 2500 before I can use that armour. Without armour her ward is 1100 now.


wonder what class that is for... Primalist?
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Not seen this before

Using a combination of Runes of Removal, Chaos Glyphs and Hope Glyphs I made these



My Beastmaster finished at level 84 having completed normal monoliths and started
on a level 100 one. Have to occasionally chug a potion which is annoying - need to remap that to a mouse button.

Finally anyone fancy a

I believe there is Milk in game but that is rarer :)
I saw odds, beer is in one in a 1000 potions, milk is something like in 1 in 10k

I have seen a few beers now.

interesting sword

its hard to use any other shield when I have 4 Cradle of the Erased now. It is addictive and makes the rest look like crap until you reach higher lvl... mainly its block effectiveness

that was last one I got, its not finished its weaving yet.

It may not look like much but its what the 2nd last line does in combo with a low lvl characters resists that makes it good. Even on my lvl 50ish Paladin it adds 1000 to his total. Not many things hit him. My Beastmaster is using one.

I am wasting time in lower monoliths as I struggle thinking about attempting bosses I have died on already... a few times. Same thing happened in beta where I got stuck on boss from chapter 3. Didn't get past there until main game was released. Now stuck on chapter 8. Its a mental thing really... eventually I will just try it again... warlock was closest I have been... maybe later. I don't know if I want to play today.

Also need to look into Black sun and whatever the other side boss looks like... any reason why you don't do both sides of the monolith branching paths? I done so many in one I reached the web reset options.

I might take longer to learn games. no rush... I need to delete a few characters though... i never noticed how many I have made. These first 70's are just the vanguard. Some one needs to see whats to come.

I wish they didn't record Deathless against character names. If death didn't have a status, I wouldn't care so much. It shouldn't matter, I don't know if you lose anything in process as last time I even had minions with me on necro and any drops found up until that point... maybe Experience? Gear doesn't get damaged so could try all day... but I just don't want to.

Instead I make another character, get to same level and start again... rinse repeat until I get bored or Steam tells me I can't make any more characters... happened in Grim Dawn. Happened in Diablo 2 remastered.
kills lagon, knowing to watch eye helps. Had to use one potion at start as something hit me, lucky for ward. I wasn't expecting such a long chain of events to get to traders.

How do I get a prophecy if I only have 104 rep? Do I just have to go kill things to level up more? it insists I get one but I can't afford one. It could at least know that. it says to do quests so I guess I do that.

So I say have to kill LIath in her area to get points towards this?

or is that the cost of getting the prophecy?
So confused... so i went and killed Liath to see if it would just happen... no, but going back I had enough to get one, so I killed her again.. 3 times in one day... enough Lagon for today :)

edit: its the cost, I found one I could afford, killed Liath again and got 3 set chests... shame it was same one twice... Last Bears chest. Also

Do a prophecy for 3 set helms...

same helm 3 times... keep best one. I already got it yesterday, I don't need 4.
Yes, another death rattle but no LP

Crystal boss wasn't a surprise in chapter 9. Its killed me on other characters in monoliths. Nice to see monsters in their native environments I have already met in monoliths.

guess I should look in temporal sanctum, a use for all my keys.
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Also need to look into Black sun and whatever the other side boss looks like... any reason why you don't do both sides of the monolith branching paths? I done so many in one I reached the web reset options.
The right side is faster and has better rewards which is good for getting to the empowered monoliths. It does not matter that much when you are playing through with your first character. It is more helpful when you have a lot of characters you want to get to the empowered for better monoliths blessings (the grand ones) and higher corruptions.
How do I get a prophecy if I only have 104 rep? Do I just have to go kill things to level up more? it insists I get one but I can't afford one. It could at least know that. it says to do quests so I guess I do that.
Anything that nets experience points will also give faction favor points. You also increase the favor rank by spending your favor (press Y to see that). There are a couple of ways to get more favor inside the monoliths: running the arena nodes or getting the tome of experience. You can see which one is arena nodes as their name will be the same when you hover over them. The arena node is valuable because you often get good mob density and you can repeat the arena endlessly if you exit the node before you finish it. So with higher and higher corruption, this strategy is even better since you get more xp/per hour which will increase favor points faster.

A tip when doing the prophecies is to look for prophecies with (3-4) or more next to them because that means you can do the same prophecies several times getting the same reward. The cost of the different prophecies isn't balanced so you could end up paying a lot for one that isn't good. You also have the lenses you can buy at the vendor that make it easier to target farm, like a 15% unique drop rate, etc., which you can put in the lens sockets next to the prophecies. These two lenses are especially good, but you need a high rank:

i thought the number next to prophecy meant you had to kill them a certain number of times.

I been avoiding arenas as I watched a video a few weeks ago and he just skipped them all.


Warlock needs more levels

though she doesn't use possess... none of mine do... she really only uses one command.

I got this fighting the boss that shows up on the edges of a web

warlock has lich skill where all forms of leech are turned into damage instead.. not to me, but to everything else. That ring may not be helping her really. she does physical, not melee, and no void...
Now Dark Sun at corruption lvl 4. As it reset the web.

I know to spend favour, just trying to save enough to get a few of them at same time that are for same area.
I need to do temporal sanctum but as I killed Liath 4 times today, I think I leave a new place for another day. She actually easy really. Getting to her is the annoying part.
I did it 4th time for the favor I showed above. I got 4 purple wands, one was an upgrade for her.
  1. I thought, I wonder if I can add something to this... and look in F
  2. go into a monolith and apart from using more mana, it seemed normal... I put that down to a ring change I had made.
  3. Get back into town... look in inventory... where is her wand?? empty slot where it should be.
  4. PANIC
  5. Look in sold items,.. not there
  6. look in bank tabs.. no.
  7. Press F.. its in the forge... I think if this was an AAA game it wouldn't let you close that screen without taking items out. I knew you could "store" items in there but I had forgotten it let you.
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One for my spellblade

One I missread and thought it said character letters, not levels...

Best thing I found today... randomly make a new category by error and go to delete it and told I need to move the tabs in it into another place... what tabs?

ALL my lost uniques

Beastmaster will be happy.

Now I have way too many keys. It was bad enough already... might have something at LP1 worth running Sanctum for after all.

Need to look for duplicates now and only keep good ones. Not all the items are uniques. But a lot are... now I have 2 wraithlord staffs.
i thought the number next to prophecy meant you had to kill them a certain number of times.
That is correct. I could have been clearer, so I'll give an example of what I mean and also include in the same an example of why it is important to look at the favor cost because of how unbalanced they can be:

The screenshot shows the number of how many times you need to kill it (as you mentioned) but it also shows how many times you can do the same prophecy at the top: Fulfilled 0/2 times. So the more you can get that one, the better. The screenshots also show 59000 favor cost which is nuts for something that bad. It also shows that it comes with a fixed Legendary Potential and this is not good as you want to have it drop any LP possible.
I been avoiding arenas as I watched a video a few weeks ago and he just skipped them all.
Monolith arenas are better to do when you have a decent corruption level, before that it does not matter much as you don't get enough bonus XP from the nodes.

Throwing in a tip I just learned in case you and @Rolfil don't know about it: Just as you can right-click on keys to teleport to dungeons, you can also right-click on the monoliths to teleport straight to them.
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