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Welcome to the forum :)

Hi I am Wendy I am happy to bring you content on PC gaming
This should explain it:

Read a few threads to get a feel for what's acceptable, if you're still unclear, read these:

Jul 16, 2023
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Hello everyone and welcome to the PC Gamer Community!

Introduce yourself: We'd love to hear a bit about you below. Thanks so much for joining our community and helping it to grow into something truly incredible! If you have thoughts, suggestions and ideas please head over to this feedback section and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Get involved: Notice those trophy points next to my name and in the top right of your settings? You can earn trophies for being a great contributor, having good discourse and of course, getting likes. (What would the PC Gamer forums be without a bit of gamification to reward our good users ey?) If you want some quick links to threads full of ways to contribute, here are some of our favourites:

What was the first video game you remember playing?
What RPG Characters have you Dated/Had Relationships With?
RPG Red Carpet Megathread - Show off your ingame passion for fashion!
Show us your setup!

So there you have it, tons to do. As you read the forum rules, create accounts, choose avatars and get ready to post, remember you’re building this community with us!

hey :)
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Jul 24, 2023
Lets try to keep this short..My name is Brandon, But you can call me Aspiie. Aspiie is a play on Asperger's. I was Born with High Functioning Autism.

I Post on Youtube. You can sub to my channel AspiieGamer ! I will post mostly Wayfinder content when it release Aug 15, 2023.

Im glad to be here Hello everyone!
Welcome to the forum :)

I will post mostly Wayfinder content when it release
This may help your stay here :)

Read a few threads to get a feel for what's acceptable, if you're still unclear, read these:

Jul 27, 2023
Hello! Introduced myself to PC games in the mid-1990s when I saw a Walmart display computer running SimCity 2000. Subscribed to PC Gamer in 2000 after buying their issue reviewing The Sims, and have followed the website since. I tend to find one or two games I really like and play them devotedly for years. I played TS2 from 2004 until 2018, for instance, when I finally tried RDR2, and still haven't moved on from Civ 3 or the original Mafia (2002). Currently my games of choice are RDR2, Stardew Valley, and TS4. Once Horse Ranch goes on sale, I'll have the same horse in three games. :tongueclosed:
Aug 2, 2023
Hi guys, new face here. Any interesting threads on games that we are playing ATM around here ? Possibly with HQ screenshots.