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Introduce yourself: We'd love to hear a bit about you below. Thanks so much for joining our community and helping it to grow into something truly incredible! If you have thoughts, suggestions and ideas please head over to this feedback section and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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What was the first video game you remember playing?
What RPG Characters have you Dated/Had Relationships With?
RPG Red Carpet Megathread - Show off your ingame passion for fashion!
Show us your setup!

So there you have it, tons to do. As you read the forum rules, create accounts, choose avatars and get ready to post, remember you’re building this community with us!



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Community Contributor
Dec 9, 2019
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Hello everyone,
you should know me by now.

I either tell you why the game you like sucks or why the game you dislike is actually great ^^
No matter if I like or dislike a game, I do it with a passion.

Either way, I'm looking forward to discussing games with all of you here.
Dec 9, 2019
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Maniac here, also long time PCG'er and usually quite active in the Discord.
Beyond spending WAY too much time gaming, I also am into cooking, and have an extensive movie collection (~1,200 blu-rays and 4k flicks).

Minor Update:
In real life im an intelligence and security advisor for a pharmaceutical company; prior to that, I was an intelligence analyst in the Army for 9 years and spent a couple of them playing in a very large sandbox overseas.
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Community Manager
Staff member
Hey there, folks!

I'm Steve, one of the Community Managers here for PC Gamer. I started gaming with Donkey King and Pac-Man tables at the Round Table Pizza I would visit a couple times a year as a little kid. After that, I was thrilled to have the Commodore 64 as my intro to what would become PC gaming.

Being old means I still have a love for text based adventures from days past.

We're all incredibly excited to have folks come in and hang out with us in these forums. Thanks so much for joining us on this grand adventure!
Dec 9, 2019
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Greetings all. Lee Bo here. PC gamer since the UO days, currently playing a lot of Steam games and part time Warcracker (subscription currently inactive). I may start playing again sometime in 2020, maybe not.

Decided to register here after learning PCG is also a Future site, as is iMore/Android Central/Windows Central where I hang out most of the time.

PCG James

Staff Writer
Staff member
Dec 9, 2019
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What up what up, it's your boy, James Davenport.

I write for the website It's pretty good.

I play all sorts of games with no major loyalty to any particular genre or series, but I am so happy Halo is back on PC. Loving Reach right now. I've also been cleaning up some RPGs: just wrapped Tyranny, kicking off Planescape: Torment for the first time, might finally finish Divinity OS2 over the holidays.

Outside of games, I dig cooking (made some bomb chicken katsu curry the other day), hiking, and books. Fiction, non-fiction, theory, philosophy—all of it. Reading The World Goes on by Krasznahorkai, giving Watchmen another look since the show hooked me, and working through everything China Mieville.

PCG Jody

Staff member
Dec 9, 2019
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Hi, my name's Jody Macgregor and I play a lot of indie games and RPGs and anything with the word Warhammer near its name.

Right now I am listening to Porridge Radio and 100 Gecs and reading a comic called Steeple. It's about a Church of England curate and a trainee Church of Satan priestess who become friends, it's pretty funny.

PCG Tyler

Executive Editor
Staff member
Dec 9, 2019
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Hello, I'm Tyler, and I've been with PC Gamer since 2011, when PC gaming was still "dying."

I have 1,000 hours in Rocket League, but I only play Snow Day, aka "The Good Mode." I also play Siege, and enjoy RPGs and pretty much any co-op or multiplayer game, even the janky ones. Especially the janky ones, maybe. Getting your head stuck in some geometry might be frustrating in a singleplayer game, but having witnesses to point and laugh at your dangling feet changes everything. Recently, I've been playing Generation Zero, theHunter: Call of the Wild, Golf With Friends, Ratz Instagib, bizarre CS:GO custom maps, Remnant: From the Ashes, and I hope to get into Red Dead Online soon.

I also enjoy playing D&D via Fantasy Grounds. Currently, I'm a Mountain Dwarf who frequently forgets how his features work and misuses them.

PCG Joanna

Hardware Staff Writer
Staff member
Dec 9, 2019
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Hello all! I'm Joanna Nelius. Other than writing a bunch of stuff about PC hardware and cloud gaming, I play a lot of The Sims 4, Overwatch, and any horror game I can get my hands on. (Who else is excited for The Outlast Trials?!) As of late I've been slowly working my way through The Outer Worlds and just started a Call of Cthulhu table top campaign.

Non-gaming-wise, I'm currently reading "The Amateurs." I also write a bunch of fiction (mainly horror and sci-fi) and play tennis when my knees aren't acting up.


News Lead
Staff member
Dec 9, 2019
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Hey all, I'm Andy C and I head up the news on the US side of PC Gamer, although I'm actually located in Canada. Most of my gaming time gets put into RPGs and single-player shooters - I recently (finally) started playing Metro Exodus, and I am so happy to be back in that world. I'm also super-excited that new Baldur's Gate and Bloodlines games are in the works, even though a part of me wishes they'd leave well enough alone, because my expectations are probably way unrealistic at this point. But hey, I'm not gonna say no.
I'm Joe!, and I lead the ragtag cabal of community managers here.
My favorite games are grand strategies, simulations, RPGs, and survivals where you do a bit of building. I'm currently muddling through Anno 1800 after a stint in State of Decay 2, and avoiding micro-intensive match-ups in Age of Empires 2. My favorite games of all time include Alpha Centauri, Stars!, Ultima Online, Crusader Kings 2, Secret World Legends, Dungeons & Dragons Online, Conan Exiles, Enderal, and RimWorld.

I'm most looking forward to Vampire Bloodlines 2, Cyberpunk 2077, and Humankind.


Staff member
Nov 25, 2019
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Heya folks!

I'm Matt, one of Joe's band of community managers. As a lifelong fan of fantasy fiction and seeker of the worst action movies ever made, being publicly described as part of a ragtag group is all I've ever wanted from life.

I'm coming off my FFXIV cycle, where an expansion is released and JRPG nostalgia dominates my playtime, music playlist and heart for months. RPG's are my bag, so it's been an awesome few years on that front. I've recently replayed The Witcher 3 and was amazed at how well the atmosphere and experience holds up - I'm absolutely stoked for Cyberpunk.

I'm into hiking, reading and obsessively crafting scenery or painting miniatures for Dungeons and Dragons games (like seriously, I have a problem, please stop me). I'm also currently deep into a Descent into Avernus game on Roll20 that is scratching my itch for Baldurs Gate 3.
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Staff member
Oh gosh I made the thread and forgot to introduce myself!

I'm Stevie! I've worked on gaming and tech brands like CCP's Eve Online + EVE Valkyrie (we were the launch title for the Rift). Activision's Guitar Hero Live and Multiplay's Insomnia Gaming Festival.

I work as a Community Developer on and (as well as getting to hang out with you awesome lot). I'm a member of the BAFTA Games committee, I sit on the board at Northern Exposure (it's a game development convention up north) and I'm co founder of Women Making Games and a mentor for #TechUp.

I play lots of different games, and stream when I can. My streaming tends to switch between guitar streams if I'm feeling energetic and League of Legends.

PCG Robin

Staff member
Dec 10, 2019
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My name's Robin, I'm a pretty recent addition to the UK team, I joined earlier in the year to become the new editor of the magazine.

My tastes are all over the place really but I do lean towards the geekier side of things - I love strategy games, RPGs, turn-based tactics... and outside of PC gaming, I'm into role-playing games, board games, and I'm known to paint some Warhammer figures on occasion.

Recently I've been getting sucked into Dota Underlords. It's taken me a while to understand what the auto-battler genre actually is, but now that I've gotten to grips with it I'm hooked. Which can be tricky when matches take like 45 minutes to play...

PCG Phil

UK Editor In Chief
Staff member
Dec 10, 2019
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I'm Phil, the UK editor-in-chief – a role that primarily (although not exclusively) involves finding ways to shoehorn a picture of tub Geralt into the various things that we do.

I'm on a multiplayer shooter kick at the moment, mostly splitting my time between Battlefield V and Destiny 2. But I also dabble in strategy, RPGs, and playing the Yakuza series out of order.

Lauren Morton

Staff member
Day 963: I have gained PCG's trust. They still do not know I am a bear.

Heyo I'm Lauren! I play every flavor of RPG from your classics to your Dark Souls to the MMOs. I've also got a big ol' soft spot in my heart for indie devs because I used to be one of them. I went to school to be a level designer and after a couple company layoffs I whoopsed myself into writing about games instead.

I like chunky fantasy novels, spicy romance novels, polar bears, and standup comedy. Ask me for an indie game recommendation (edit: or fantasy novel!) any time and I'll try to rec you something you've never tried!


Staff member
Dec 10, 2019
Hi everyone! I'm Rachel, a longtime PC Gamer fan and contributor with a shameful weakness for hidden object games. When I'm not indulging that sick passion, I'm hunting down anything horror-themed, big ballsy shooters, RPGs with romance options and sims like Theme Hospital.

My day job is over on GamesRadar, so no one tell on me if I'm lurking about here too much during work hours.
HI All, I am Rogue Leader. Some of you may recognize me from Tom's Hardware as I am a moderator over there. But I've always been a fan of PC Gamer and I look forward to interacting with everyone and building this community here.

Game wise I play a lot of Hitman 2 these days. Thats one of my favorite series of all time, despite it losing its way the past few years before Hitman (2016) came out. Clearly I am also a huge Star Wars fan, and I cut my teeth back in the day playing X-Wing, Tie Fighter, and XvT. I'm also a racing sim junkie and I have a very fancy Next Level Racing triple monitor and seat setup I'm in the process of building.

I don't play much in the way of multiplayer online games, except racing, mainly because I'm not all that good, and would rather spend my time not getting beaten up!

In real life I manage financial systems for one of the major ad agencies, I am a volunteer firefighter for 21 years, and I race cars as a hobby.