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Nov 30, 2022
Hi everyone, I’ am McMillan, a long time gamer from childhood. My favorite games are fiction, grand strategies, RPGs, secrete world Legends.
I also am into cooking, and have an extensive movie collection
I play all sorts of games with no major loyalty to any particular genre or series, but I love trying something new every time. I’ am always on the lookout for new games.
I’ am so exited to be among the community and looking forward to a nice adventure.
Nov 30, 2022
Hello gamers
A little about myself
I am retired, looking for some home winter entertainment .
Thought I would gaming a shot. My computer knowledge is limited.
Before I spend any money I am looking for entry Beginner PC games. Action and Shooter. I like Sniper
My home PC is OK , but all I need is graphics card. So cheap started PC Gaming investment
Anyway. Now the search , hunt and fun begins
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looking for entry Beginner PC games
Welcome to the forum :)

2 things: First, make an account here and browse around to see whatever takes your fancy:
The great thing is every game there has a 60-minute demo you can download and play, and there are usually a couple of very useful detailed reviews.

Second, check out this thread:

I like Sniper
Only sniper I have under my belt is Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, which I liked enough to replay, and probably will again—main downsides are the open world is devoid of wildlife apart from a rare few deer, and getting around on foot is a pain until you activate the Fast Travel points.

I also was playing Sniper Elite 4, which has started out very well. Of course, the Far Cry games can be played in sniper mode, since they're all open world.

Before I spend any money
Create an account at Epic, where you'll get a free game or 2 every week.

You'll also want an account at GOG for older games, and of course at Steam which is the Big Kahuna in the retail download industry.
If you don't like managing multiple game launchers, get GOG's Galaxy, or Playnite—they combine a few of the majors into one interface.

Most retailers have a bunch of free games to get you started, just check in the menus or their search.

Your timing is impeccable for saving money—you just missed the 2 biggest sales days of the year :p But not to worry, there will be more around XMas—and there are lower-volume sales going on all the time, I get at least one retailer email a day from my wishlists.

Anything else we can help you with, start a thread and you'll get plenty of responses. Some might even be useful ;)
Nov 30, 2022
Hi my name is Trevon aka LUNAR7H4 aka lulu7h4 I'm new to this hope you'll accept me and what I have to offer
what I have to offer
Welcome to the forum :)

Intriguing… before you offer—and thanks for thinking of us—please have a look at some of these:

Read a few threads to get a feel for what's acceptable, if you're still unclear, read these:

Dec 3, 2022
Hello everyone my name is Petronie

I am very excited to join this beautiful community for more insight and discussions about new & old games and gain more experiences from you guys.

Thank you very much



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