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Okay, its just me but ok

Its really hard for me to stick to one character, when there are 9 classes and every character can have two of them to combine into a new role. So my highest character is only lvl 40, closely followed but a few in the 30's and about 5 in late 20's. When the game insists on dropping items I can't use, what choice do I have? Sell them you say? But someone else could use them.

I don't mind though as I am not in a rush to finish. I am still learning game. It means if I get bored I just play someone else.

I have worked out the patterns on the first two end bosses. Working out second was an "I get it" moment, and I killed him twice today on 2 different characters - one that uses 2 6 shooters, and I think the other one was a paladin - He just stood in front of boss and said hurt me... it was when boss put up a reflect shield I stopped hitting it and killed its summons, all the while the boss chasing me instead of fighting my pets. . that removed shield. On pet builds the usual approach to that fight is run around in circles around edge of arena and summons pets to fight boss.

Not many arpg let you use guns... he says... and thinks of Torchlight 2. its not a standard weapon type unless dwarves are involved. I can kill bosses before they get to me. That is one advantage. Killed one boss before he moved.

MY top character tried to fight boss but couldn't even find him in the area he meant to be in... I will have to look again.
When I say fight, I mean stand there and tell my pets what to attack, I don't have any direct attacks. They are my attacks.
I still don't know how I missed him

Game goes green stuff on ground bad, don't go near it and now 2 quests made me go into areas infested by the stuff.
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Game sure stresses out my new GPU, its average temps after over 12 hours of gaming was 45c, hot spot hit 70. CPU was on 50c
Nvme was about 58, I didn't realise I installed game on there.

Sort of know what you mean. The only time I notice my fans is after I have been playing GD for a while with the (space) heating on. Freaks me out at times though I am getting use to it.
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Game sure stresses out my new GPU, its average temps after over 12 hours of gaming was 45c, hot spot hit 70. CPU was on 50c
Nvme was about 58, I didn't realise I installed game on there.

Have you disabled V-sync, have uncapped framerate or a monitor with a high refresh rate? If so, that explains why you're hardware heats up. Anyway, as you probably know, these are perfectly safe temps. :) My Ryzen 5 3600 can get as hot as 85°C under full load during a warmer day.
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Sorry, if I had been awake more I would have put in a sarcasm label. Considering I hadn't slept in 20+ hours, its impressive I didn't mess up further.

I need to remember that not everyone knows about PC. I showed a friend this and he turned around and said.... ER is a hard game, and are you sure you have newest drivers... not realising website will call brand new drivers a month old anyway, as the entire website is a scam


Totally accurate, only 3 games will run on a 7900 XT, I have found 2 so far... why didn't they tell me which ones so I don't have to try the several thousand that do exist.

Room took longer to cool down after the PC was off, but after playing a game for about 16 hours, the radiator was a little warm. Water takes longer to cool down than air cooling. That and it was 31c outside and I had forgotten to close window before it got hot outside
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When the game insists on dropping items I can't use, what choice do I have? Sell them you say? But someone else could use them.
That's what I love about the shared stash, a place to keep all those items for other characters that you can't use but are too nice to sell. So many character builds to play around with, and spending your devotion points in the constellations for bonuses can really fine tune your character.

one that uses 2 6 shooters
I love using the guns in this game, and I often find it hard to choose between dual-wielding pistols or the rifles/shotguns.
There isn't enough time in 24 hours to play game.

I have both expansions just to get the new classes. I only just wandered into the forgotten gods expansion today, I had been ignoring it... it must fill a gap in the game as I am lvl 32 in chapter 3 and everything I kill drops lvl 35+ gear. I assume grinding isn't intended. What lvl range is it as the challenge would have been easy on my paladin had I remembered his attacks (see below) before taking first challenge. It was only after I remembered.... I won fight but it was slow. Forgetting to put on buffs before fights sure makes a difference on the gun users I have. Difference between run around shooting them slowly and destruction.

Challenge was easy, 1st quest to go to tomb was easy, next step was a spike... maybe I should get quest name. though that was on my guy who uses 2 guns. Paladin didn't get that far into chain, he took a different faction.

I need to learn all the new creature types. And which factions to choose. Almost as bad as which blacksmith in chapter 1.

I killed T Rex earlier, got an achievement. It was self defence. It attacked me first.

The problem with trying out all the class combos is you forget how to play them. Make so many, who uses ice again? If its not obvious from title screen they all look the same. Only the Gun users and my 2 handed axe user, stand out on there. I assume armour gets better looking as you get higher? Easier to tell who is what? If you can't tell from class description. Two characters can be same class description but one can be a pet build and other a caster.

So far only combo I don't like was half Demolitionist and half Necromancer. Lacked punch or could be as it didn't use guns and used the cocktails instead. I rejected it at about lvl 15 and started a Commando instead which is way easier to survive on. I wasted a few hours today making both...

I need to stop restarting. It took me a while to work out what the Arcanist in the prison was for.. transmog. Now I accidentally run into them all the time entering prison. I don't need it yet.

Another problem with so many different characters is running out of blues for the new ones. I need to get past lvl 35 with someone other than a pet build. Everyone is around same area in game. Between The Prison and Homestead... somewhere. Two Dungeon crawls in a row, 5 lvls of undead and one of vampires. At least there are warp points so its not one slog to Homestead.
I hate dungeons that force me to play in the dark just to see screen. Paly and one gun user at up to the quest to kill the big bug undergroud. I think everyone else still hasn't beaten chapter 2 boss yet. Soldier/Oathbringer classes just stand in front of them and say try to hit me. Gun user I made today hasn't as I ran out of energy. (I can't type today)

Bosses act as barriers. Until I work out their patterns. Some fights act as dps checks as well. Is your build good enough, should you rethink??

MY lvl 41's Arcanists main job in combat is to respawn dead pets. He doesn't actually have any attacks, just buffs. Its the game playing itself in that case. At least I get to see what is to come. I vaguely remember the end fight at Darkvale, its so many years since the beta. I don't think there was much moroe of the game after there. I really can't remember.
And yet base game hasn't changed as much as I was led to believe.

Being constantly surrounded by 3 pets that count as party members + 8 skeletons means its not so scary out there at night time.

My memory comes back as I get into areas, but not before. I only watch videos if I completely stuck. The ingame markers only work on the local map and if you near them. I guess there is Grimtools. But I haven't wasted time looking at the game, I could be playing it and work it out myself.

I like the ingame stash, I am not sure which of my characters will sacrifice their money to pay to extend the number of pages. I haven't tried but I assume you can't share money?

Have they changed the pacing of the game with the expansions? Am I going to slow? The drops I am getting seem to indicate the opposite

Does the damage shown on a weapon just show its melee value? I ask as I find they are really just stat sticks. If they boost the right damage type, it doesn't matter what value is shown for how much damage they do. Provided you have a hard amount of that damage somewhere, and not just percentage boosts, it helps. Easy to have a huge percentage and not actually do any damage.

Only had 3 hours sleep, no Idea why I woke up again. Not awake enough to play game... only reason. If some parts of post don't make sense, I will fix them tomorrow. :)
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Nice to have a set and be able to wear it at right lvl, she probably right to take on chapter 2 boss now

I have another full set but no one to use it.
meanwhile My lvl 42 Necro

is being closely followed by my lvl 36 Warlord

I spent most of the night in chapter 7 (forgotten gods areas) but on 3 different characters. Warlord is furthest along chain.
Yes. One of my characters has 9% and it is likely to go higher.
And it is the main reason all of my attribute points go into physique as monsters can crit hit you as well. Need to keep defence up, glass cannons die unless you have ways to avoid being hit. Killing things faster than you get hit is one approach I use.
Physique gives life and defence,
I wanted to make a Shaman, using electric attacks as my bank was getting full of electric attacks. I had a lvl 26 Axe weilding maniac so it was a night of adding a few lvls to it and seeing how far I could get without dying... still waiting to find out answer last one.

He is currently lvl 40 and as a present he went from this Spear

to this mace

his dream at start of night was 40, now he needs a new dream

Redundant names?

It is a shame you really can't tell how much damage it does unless you compare items. Both do over 4k per hit. Biggest hit was 8k so far.

Necro better be careful or he won't be top lvl character soon. At least the Warden killed everything itself.

The bug boss in chapter 3 wasn't even scary to him since he had 80% poison resist. Might take on chapter 4 boss tonight. Chapter 7 isn't even hard at the moment. He never did really struggle. Once he got the spear he was unstoppable.

unless its always in same place too, I got my 1st legendary today that isn't always in same place
It looks like a shield to me, I guess I need to get to 50 now to find out -

its the skull at top.
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i spent night getting a warlock from lvl 26 to 36. She took an hour longer than normal in the Undead university as the game crashed just as I warped to the Prison... I was not amused, I was on 2nd floor, really didn't want to fight them all again. At least game remembered I had killed bosses... shame it respawned them anyway.

Pets are good and bad, good if they fight for you, bad when they agro everything. I just wanted to run through floors I had already done but silly hellhound kept attacking things.

Trying to get most of my characters up to at least past Cronly and at Homestead. If they can do a few quests in the expansion it normally gives them a boost. Not sure who I play tonight, might go back to my Axe weilding maniac.

Necro feels like I am spectator, at least the others need to kill things for selves, Warlocks pet is only lvl 1 and can't kill anything... i would hardly notice it wasn't there... I meant to have 2 but bird dies too fast so I will add it later when I have spare points. Only things I spend the points on the oculist side of build is pets. I think they buff my damage. I have set pet to protect me, shame I can't just set to follow.

edit: pet doesn't buff me at all in stock state so I just removed it from build and put points elsewhere. Once I have 20 more points in Oculist, I will revisit that pet as one of its buffs is helpful. I make me more powerful instead.

She won't listen to me, insists on using a 2 hander...I say, your a mage...

if I see her hitting anything with it I know I need to refill my mana
Its just a stat stick

i need to do a fire sale and sell a bunch of things in my stash no one ever uses. I saved some thinking they be hard to get, but greens fall all day, so only really works to save blues. And Purples. They more in demand.
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Only played one character tonight... well, eventually. I created a new Oculist/Necro character but no pets. Cabalist part 2. This one curses and poisons and throws acid around... nice guy. Feels more likely to get to end compared to the other one that is just a sightseer.

I didn't realise I killed that many things in 12 hours

Guess all of his attacks are aoe.

Hardest thing is when boss can hit back and then I run around in circles using one attack I can use from ranged. I have 2 skills like that now.

Currently up to same part in game as most of my other characters are. I am just tired, might try it tomorrow. I have about 5 lvl 36's now.

Game insists on giving me the same shields. Not the one pictured as its a melee shield, this guy's shield just adds damage. things rarely live long enough to hit me. they tend to be consumed - I casat this at my feet and anything attacking me is eaten alive -

I restarted game before I did the skeleton dungeon, I remembered from last night.
i played a blademaster until lvl 36 and then swapped onto guy above to get him to 40. Blade masters are too squishy, died twice tonight though I did find if you recover body you get experience back.

He found lvl 40 plate just before he levelled but it really doesn't match him, its actually better for melee. Given its stats.
His face is erm... a mask. A Mage can have it if it ever gets to 40. His weapon and shield are just stat sticks. He doesn't want to actually be hit.

Damn game crashed just after I ran into a zone I didn't want to be in... twice. I beat boss and it froze... so I reloaded and beat boss again. Might try chapter 4 boss tonight. Running out of excuses/quests.
I need to look at one boss. I tried him last night and he killed my guy so fast I don't know what happened. He is now the next roadblock. My necro killed him but well, pets do have it easier.

I didn't achieve a lot last night, apart from one guy dying I got a gun using commando from 25 to 36, and I made another tank who uses one attack I haven't tried before.

worst part about builds I follow is they get the constellations wrong almost every time or miss steps.
The worst part about pet builds is they die too easy - the skeletons do anyway.
Unless you invest 50 points into just the mastery bar and then choose master of death on the Necromancer and suddenly I no longer need to summon them all the time. Oddly they suffer from vitality attacks... but they are dead? Guess game had to have some way. Before Master of Death I would lose half of my 6 skeletons almost every fight, now its the occasional one. I summon them 3 at a time so I just redo it if they get low. Some fights all my pets die and I run around respawning them. I currenly have 6 but from memory max is around 8. It can get crowded. they stand on me. So screenshot below is sans Skeletons. The 3 pets I had were still trying to stand on me.

I made a new one, he feels less like a spectator as he has a job in each fight. I can also heal the pets if I ever remember I have that move. My options are too many. I followed a build guide that actually showed the constellation placemeents for all the shrines. The guides I had been trying to follow lacked steps. Or asked you to choose something that didn't exist. I feel they changed it after an expansion and there are lots of old guides out there.

he also found that Legendary skull mace in the exact same place as my other character so starting to wonder if all legendary items are in known places...
He found 2 parts of a oathkeeper set, hence he looks like a paladin now. If I find the other 2 parts I will let an oathkeeper have it...
He lvl 40, only took 13 hours... might get him into chapter 4 if I just don't make another character again... I can't stop restarting.

The enemies in this game are really weak, he killed 12k and his biggest hit he took is 1k... might have been in first hour. He didn't get hit much after that.

Pet damage is a mystery to me, I don't really know how much they do but well, they killed almost all of those 12k
First boss of game was dead before I was ready to run away from him. Second lasted a little longer... None have been harder than say... this enemy is taking a while to die, oh its a boss.

Need to sell some trash I guess. Only classes I know that have over 200 Healing potions are Necros. Everyone else actually uses them.

I forgot to do a chapter 1 quest and game kept reminding me, so he just did it... at lvl 40. It was so hard. (sarcasm)
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It turns out the boss that one shot my guy is optional, you can run past her and enter next zone and she won't follow. One less problem. So far only pet builds are past her. I needed to find name to see how to beat. Now I just run past even though she standing at gate. Good. I can figure out next boss then... maybe tonight as I need something new. She was holding back progress. Now I just ignore her and try to see more of game. not the same parts. I can vaguesly remember the next chapter.

Good thing there is a save point right after her. Never need to run past again... each game.

She almost killed my lvl 40 Cabalist as his main mission was to find out her name... Zaria the carver. I wasn't going to go there today but I came to comment here... and really, today was a meh day. didn't really get anywhere new. Found a few drops I never had before, game gives you everything you don't want. Its really obvious at start. As soon as you choose a class the things you want become really rare. You want electric, okay, how about cold, fire, anything else.

I hate games that do that... i know you can't annoy software but putting all blues on really seems to annoy it, and as soon as you have a good weapon it tries to offer alternatives. Have good blue axe, suddenly its dropping all the other blue axes. It didn't like my Druid putting on a 3 part set that gave him +100% lightning damage... but as he didn't want fire or cold, I got to see a few new drops they wouldn't have got... I assume the odds of things you can use falling are reduced... or maybe there are just too many choices.

I might be getting tired of restarting characters. I wanted to try all the different combos to see which I like. Most of them are okay actually, some combos just make me wonder. I have tried all the damage types now, fire, ice, wind, acid, physical. they all fun. dual wield blades is the hardest one to get far. Only a few odd combinations are still in below 30. If they can't get past 20 I question them... and looking on Grimtools shows there aren't any beginner builds meaning that its hard to get started... some might be how they are after a respec... which are easy to do in game. Helps to follow grimtools guides as they show the constellation placements, which the other guides seem to be vague on.

there aren't many real caster only classes. Most have to hit things.
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i went to play an old character and couldn't find his build list... so I made a new one. Who is way past the old one now


Currently, still, the best weapon he can use is a lvl 17 axe. He refuses out of principle, he is lvl 38 now. He expects to find something better soon... Might take a lvl 40 axe to do it. His sword isn't bad. Its at least lvl 30. I feel its a trap relying on one weapon. Better to adjust to less DPS and build up what you have. Eventually its won't do enough damage.

He is a Commando, uses fire bombs... i hadn't liked idea first time I tried it but it grows on you when its the only way you have of killing bosses/groups. Any boss I can kite around through my flames works for me. I will eventually be able to stops running away but I need more levels to get another skill and power up the ones I have now.
So far every main boss has been killed the same way. Not sure I have a lot of space against next guy but he might not even be the end guy in chapter... I haven't really looked ahead. I don't remember what happens after Darkvale.

He will get a fire mine as well, and a fire shield of sorts. I just need more points... too many choices, lvl up my mastery lvl to get access to new skills OR make my current skills better. Its a tough choice unless you play a pet build and don't ever get hit. It doesn't help there are 2 mastery trees. One for each sub class.

He is almost up to same spot in game as my necro. (Necro is actually a Cabalist, its just easier to say necro. As he is a pet leader. Its easier as my other lvl 40 cabalist doesn't use a pet.
His sword is just for show. He hasn't hit anything physically in since probably lvl 6 maybe. Its for the physical damage component. Its just a stat stick. Since he is a caster who just happens to have lots of health. Soldier/Demolitionist class.

I learned one boss could be kited out of his little area into a bigger one where his war cry doesn't have as much chance of hitting you. Helpful as it drains health each time.

I feel this is a character that gets better as you reach higher mastery. I will find out I guess.

You know you slow when you watch someone beat 1st boss at lvl 10 and I normally do it at lvl 23. I don't see point. I bet there are speed run videos. I prefer to play than to watch... some games I can't watch videos of as it makes me want to play... most games I am immune to that. Journey I can't even listen to the music for... which is a shame as its good music.

Reminds me, music in game got on my nerves. Its way lower now.

Need to get a acid using Oathkeeper to lvl 40 as I keep finding parts of a set for one such build... guess I know what I be doing tonight.
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