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There is no shrine in Hallowed hill unless its only in certain difficulties. Not a place to visit at low lvls as everything was lvl 40.
East Marsh has one after the boss the Outcasts send you in to kill. I also fought a lvl 50 boss in there and found a blue monster shrine, can't say I seen them that colour before. I don't think you meant to be in there at lvl 44.

No shrine at conflagration. I was standing in the place its meant to be...

A shrine hidden in a breakable section of the Skittering den inside ravnas cave - it leads to the den of the lost where you have to fight a boss, No amazing rewards. You get a trophy for killing him. I took a death knight into there instead of my battle mage as well, she at a stage I only have 2 gods to kill. Mostly anyway, so I played DK to get him to 40 and wearing better gear.

I need to take all my characters who have killed ravna back in to get shrine now. That is pretty much all my characters now. I think lowest character is lvl 27 and I don't feel like playing him... I have that class already at 40. I should take Battle mage in first as she has all the others I know about now.

Counter strike is fun, I don't even need to attack things now for them to kill themselves attacking me. this is on DK. Downside is it uses lots of energy so I need to boost his necro side now. I couldn't understand why he had so many ectoplasm components in gear, then I had to re add some later as he had downtime where he had to wait for energy. Counter strike is a buff so it always uses energy anyway.

Battle mage doesn't suffer downtime as I made sure to have energy regen on her gear. She is half mage after all. Still no spells, need to get mage tree to 50 before she gets a 2nd attack. She mainly uses the energy for sustaining the bubble. Its what lets me ignore archers for the most part now. I should lvl it up more, I was careful not to go mad with it as it can lead to no energy regen at all. Been there on my other Battle mage who is stuck on 30 as I seem to have stolen its weapon... oops. A few characters have that problem.

For some reason I decided that all the skeleton archers are Lutfi, as they always there annoying me... I don't know why.
Skeleton army failed as half of their army is archers.

DK only gets 40 points spent on mastery in Soldier so rest of the mastery levels come from Necro who gets more energy per level, so it will work out in end.

When you realise you play game to collect shrines to get constellations... I did this earlier.

Killed two bosses tonight that led to trophies, other was Mind Reaper in Chapter 7. He wasn't fun. Only have one cult quest I haven't done now. On any characters, Soliel's 3rd quest. Not sure who took them. Most of my characters seem to take Dreeg or Bysmiel.
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So I spent night working on a Paladin who up until today was a retaliation build and didn't actually have any attacks. He was Painful to play, so I changed him. He is still not fun to play but he is getting there. I was on hunt for dynamite when I got side tracked and played a Reaper instead.

I had a lvl 42 Gargoyle helm I wanted to lvl him into

but the difference isn't that amazing
One of these is after, its hard to tell


it wasn't a massive change.
Just before hitting 42 he fought another Gargoyle (they are random, only seem to appear in monster shrines in later parts of chapter 7, mainly there drops are for Oathkeepers or Nightblades. Either class kill one and you have a good chance of a belt or helm falling. I think helms are for Nightblades, whereas I have the belt already on am Oathkeeper... somewhere...

But the blue he was wearing was still better... so I put it in bank.
A while later he fought another one... some characters wish they this lucky
Hitting 10k in shadow strike while wearing it convinced him to wear it.

I should go bother some ghosts, need a new sword soon, this is in left hand,

Used to be offhand but it got replaced

Shadow strikes damage based on the off hand so I put the highest damage weapon there.
Shame its not all cold but can't have everything.

His dps is low as he has high damage attacks but lots of time inbetween them. Probably need to stop wearing chest soon and get more armour. Blade burst kills groups so no need to keep fighting in most cases. Just keep hitting things until it goes off again. He is too fast, last time I played him he killed a boss before I realised it was one.

I am working through my characters in alpha order. Get them all up to as close to killing a god (or two) as I want them.

I started putting my potions in a bag as I got sick of how game would sort main area and they used to move around too much. Easier if they all by selves, only when I hit 100 and not notice do they show in main area now. Odd there aren't any bigger pots but they all do a percentage, so the size doesn't need to grow if it always is same percentage of your total...
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Just finished the second expansion. I liked the first areas with poisonous animals and some ok bosses, but the later areas got a bit too cramped for me as I am not a fan of running through buildings and getting stuck because you did not hit the door correctly. I'm still playing on normal, thought I'd play through the expansions before going on Elite. The drop rates on legendary seem to be a bit low right now as a level 65, been like this for a few levels. Don't know if it is the expansion or if I am just more unlucky. At least I am happy when they drop, so that is a good thing. Ok, ok, I might just be crying here, because I just got a double legendary drop from one of those loot caches and then one right after from a devotion shrine.:LOL:

Some interesting views from The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Mr. Kripperian.
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I assume you didn't get chapter 7 as its really not an extension of the end game, more an extension of the content of the base game. It fits in between 1 & 4. But doesn't replace 3, more enhances it. Gives alternatives to grinding

If you lvl 65 and only have a few legendaries, it makes sense. You don't have as many as I see people getting in that game you linked to above. Some Diablo legendaries aren't that great. lvl 15 legendaries really aren't.

I took most of my characters to the cave my lvl 47 got the legendary in and he only one to get anything good there.... so it was either luck or due. I think the higher level you are, the more chance they will fall. I took paladin there and didn't get any necklace/medals... other classes at least got the necklace that had +1 soldier skills.
@Colif I just finished Forgotten Gods expansion. I liked that one a lot more than The Ashes of Malmouth. There are a couple of really cool bosses, especially the one you can summon which is a level 82 farao-looking boss. Kicked my ass as a level 67, go figure, but it was fun. He did some kind of locust attacks that filled the screen with swarms and was pretty agile also. Tried to kite him to some NPCs, but they did no damage and died. At least they did something more than just stand there in the middle of the desert which would have to be the most boring guard duty ever.

The map was fast to run through with large open areas and the tombs were also fast to clear. The final boss for me was the fire one (without spoiling the name for Zedclamet) and the most fun. He did some damage to me near the end so not your typical "I just stand in the fire and bash it" type of boss.

Gotten some more legendaries and the majority of them my nephew can use on his character. I have been getting tons and tons of Forcewave and Amarasta's Quick Cut on drops up to the point that I am starting to get nauseous whenever I see them. I guess it is time to filter out any greens because those are the culprits now and can't say I have seen good ones in the last two expansions so it is pointless having them show.
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The god isn't to be spanked... he is the fire guy you mean.

Forcewave shows up for everyone unless you use forcewave. Then its crickets. I have one warlord who uses it and he was still using a lvl 17 Axe at lvl 30. I played him today and got him to 40. It took about that long to have game show him an axe that had more damage. I know I have other characters that use it, I have 2 characters with wave in their names... a clue. think one guy uses the arm sword from Lucius.

I then levelled up my next lowest character who was my original battle mage. It doesn't help to play 2 different characters in one day and get their devotion skills mixed up. I had warlord devotions on a battlemage. The dps was nice.BM is using same build sheet as other one I have but has different point allocations, he is going long, not tall.

I have worked out how some people play with devotion points. I will see a guide, he has a total of 8 yellows but also has picked a constellation that requires 8 yellows and rewards 2. So I would scratch head wondering how he did it. Its simple, you take another constellation as a temporary point replacement, and then choose the constellation that requires 8, and use the 2 points it rewards to pay for it. Once you complete the one that needs 8 and you have more than you need, visit spirit guide and remove the extra constellation. Best time to do this is probably either from start if you know the order or at 40+ when you can use a purple potion from desert to refund all your devotion points for free.

I had to do it on my BM as he has 2 skills that didn't make sense.

So the bosses in shaded basin drop a necklace that has +1 soldier skills on it, unless you play a soldier... then you lucky to get anything. Its disappointing looking forward to getting it all game just to be ignored. Lucky I do have a few in stash. Most of them all help blade arc as well.

I haven't tried any of the endless dungeons, there are a few in the game.
So i doing my fix characters that seem to be stuck day. And I had a sorcerer who main attack was using a lvl 15 torch to burninate (Strong Bad tells me its a real word) everything but it was starting to not be funny when he was still using it at lvl 30. I did get this to look forward to at 32.

Then I thought... I wonder what the person who made build uses... 2 daggers. Not this stuff again, using a power from a medal to give him 2 weapons... I don't have the exact thing he used but I can get close.

Most Sorcerer's use grenades and keep their distance. I have to hit them hard and run away before they hit back.

Lucky I had just done an area full of fire raptors and they had given me a sword that most characters just sold - I have sold LOTS of this sword as I haven't played many demolitionists that use swords... okay, this is first one.

its not ideal to swap builds at 35. The thing that made me was the original DW build had none of the constellation powers tied to moves, so I had to guess what went where. I prefer to be told. Then I just have to work out how they got the points the way they did. Very rarely is it obvious.

His previous build had the cocktails in it, this is all just melee. Although it has thermite mines... I need to spend mastery points to get to it and Blast Shield might stop the archer problem. Never used the mines before... although I seen them used against me.

I need to play a character that uses stun jacks, I see it on so many peices of gear.

Up until going DW he was using a shield that buffed his bubble. Things were less inclined to shoot him them. Now its open season but he does have his bubble still. I just had to spend actual points on it.
DPS is 12k... all my characters with Arcanist in them have high dps. There are only 3 of them from memory though. 2 battle mages and 1 Sorcerer. Okay, maybe a Assassin or two use the bubble as well.

I have had to add an extra constellation in to get the right amount of color points to match what he has. I will refund it once I can.

My lowest lvl characters now are 31. I can just tell from their levels where they probably are. The Ankovian University. I did it a few times today. Lucky I took sorcerer through before he swapped to 2 weapons, he got the Kilrains mace from the last boss there. A few of my low level characters are very similar classes. Could say that about a lot of them. Only one pet build. It survives by being lvl 46. And at end of chapter 4.

I have noticed I have a habit of doing quests and forgetting to hand them in after. I do it all the time with some quests.

Getting to the point they all using guns at the bottom end. I have a lvl 50 chest peice for the 1st one who can get that far. Highest is I think lvl 39. I took him around to places to collect shrines he had missed. He didn't get the one in the Uni, I am not surprised, I didn't notice it for a while. Have a few who need to run the entire things again just to get it - its in room of the last boss.
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last post, before I sleep

My sentinal that uses Dreegs evil eye as a machine gun finally upgraded her dagger she had been using since lvl 15

the damage difference isn't that amazing but the sword is almost as big as she is. The aegis bonus is just icing on cake.

new build altered main attack, its not as fast now. She may need new armour soon as she wearing a lvl 20 set and it workeds as she was essentially ranged, now it has gaps between firing and well, it takes adjusting to.
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its possible playing the same quests multiple times on over 30 characters has started to get to me. I have noticed that even my casters end up hitting things with swords. the one character I had that was different ended up morphing into dual wield last night. Wait, I did have one caster left but looking at her, she is using a skill that just doesn't scale and to change her at lvl 36 into something useful might be too much hassle.

hmmm, my s key doesn't work every time now, its annoying in game as it used to open one menu all the time. I have taken the asd keys off now and cleaned under them, see if that stops it.

the only ones who can't just be described as hitting things are the 3 characters I have that use guns, and one of those isn't even a traditional gun class combo. I think both are stuck as most guns need high agility and that isn't a thing I do.

Think I need a break... Waits for Brian's reaction...
I just continue this since Titan Quest is what Grim Dawn took much inspiration from.

2nd mastery learned at level 8 BUT the pace of game is way slower meaning you won't be level 8 much before 2 hours of play
Graphics - obviously... its a 2006 game. Although at least its the remastered version
Mastery charts grow upwards, not sideways
No constellations
different classes... I don't see any gun users in this game... its mythology, it sort of doesn't fit the scene.
Can't buy extra space in shared stash, characters don't start with as much space but can buy more. Still not as much though.

So far highest level characters are both lvl 8 I think. I started as a warrior but he didn't go well. I had to learn to slow down, especially when at start you don't have any potions. Easy to die. I swapped to a mage and it showed ranged to be easier. So I made a Ranger as I remember I used to like ranged builds. Used it as a trailblazer, think its still further ahead than any others.

I made a conqueror and he slowly catching up to the ranger... I already noticed she took a quest in one place and didn't actually do it yet.

Class names are different as well. No warior class, there is more a warfare mastery. Conquerer is a combo of Warfare & Defence. Ranger is a combo of Hunting and Nature. Assassin is a combo of Warfare & Rogue - not sure why that 1 mastery has a title that makes it clear what it does. Some are not obvious like Earth & Neidan

Only 21 combinations to make - (its actually 56. the page only has builds he made, not all possible.
Obviously some are better/easier to play than others. Some probably don't work all that well. )

Need expansions for all the classes but the game isn't really expensive, I bought a pack including the Anniversary edition.

See why I looked at builds before starting

You shouldn't need to grind but reloading and running through areas again sure is one way to cross the gap I find between my level at start and some of the bosses I am meant to kill.

Conqueror managed to get two Olive green drops off the same group and one was a chest piece and other shield which he gladly started using. Olive green drops only fall of monster infrequents

Also had a blue shield drop.

Olive green - Monster Infrequents. Rare items with a special name and one or more fixed properties as well as an additional rare property (though without the affixes name).
Blue - Epic items. Very rare items with unique names and a set of fixed properties (though some stat values may vary slightly). Cannot be enhanced with charms/relics.
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At least spider legs in this game aren't freaky and are actually useful

i should try to get 2 of them and then I may make a rogue, Currently this guy will use it until something better comes along. Other weapons only do 40 DPS right now. He is a pet build, uses 2 wolves to do most of his damage, dagger is just for the times something burns down both my wolves.

I have 3 characters at same spot, the first real dungeon. And although I don't have to do it now, the route ahead from my position blocked by a boss I need to kill - A giant ogre - , and I might as well do dungeon to get a few levels.
1 is a conqueror, which is Warfare/Defence - essentially a tank
2, is a champion which is Nature/Warfare. - Pet build (wolves) but will have some DPS (he only chose 2nd mastery (warfare) 2 levels ago so not many skills in it yet) so won't be standing far from them all the time.
3rd is a ranger which is Hunting/Nature - archer with wolves as pets

nature tree is mostly pets and heals/buffs for pets.

I think the ranger hasn't done one quest which is where the spider leg comes from. I know one of them hasn't.

Or it could be my Mage but I don't think its that far into story. Its not as obvious to me where to spend the points at start with some guides.
Some guides show a breakdown of where at 20, 45 & 65 the points should be. Others aren't so nice and just show end result. Guess its a learning curve.

there aren't many guides out there and with 51 possible combinations. That isn't funny
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