Which will come first? Starcitizen, Dwarf Fortress or Dragon age 4?

I really kept thinking that SC was coming in 2022, it's been my guess for a while though really i'm more going by what i read from others and such. But watching the rate of dev and seeing how things are going it's been my guess for a few years now.

DF, They are kinda quiet on things, but the development seams to be going fairly slow. It also seams like a game that has huge potential to become the next stardew valley or minecraft. I realize the game has been out for a very long time with it's hard core fans, but bringing graphics and a gui/mouse into the mix could open this game up to 10's of millions of potential players that for now would just pass. I was really hoping for 2020 on this one, but it seams like it might not even hit this year. With a good publisher and some backing this game could be a great 2021 release, but i respect the indy play on this one.

Dragon age 4. Which leads me to this, Bioware is usually quiet on things till they are nearly ready and with the last being 6 years ago, it kinda seams like this one will be first out the door in this group.

That is my guess.. DA4 will be first, What's your's?

The long shot, ME5 will be out before SC or DF! I hope that is not the case cause that one seams like it's father off but who knows?

*edit, I am not knocking the one guy at DF btw, though he does have others helping with art from what i gather. He has been working on this game for like 15 years i think, its pretty impressive.
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Duke Nukem Forever 2 will probably go gold before Star Citizen goes beta.

Silly things aside. I was a hardcore 'believer' in SC some years ago, but like many players...I don't care anymore. Roberts probably doesn't know when to stop, he's a guy that wants everything: the latest tech, the best graphics, a 'complete' simulation of a future world where every aspect needs to be simulated. Don't forget: this all started as a Wing Commander 2-kinda game but quickly got out of control. Star Citizen sounds cool, even today, but the amount of work that lies ahead is enormous.
DF, They are kinda quiet on things, but the development seams to be going fairly slow.

Considering it's being made by one guy who's doing the Steam part as a side project while working on the rest of the game, I think it's going pretty fast. And out of these three, I'm guessing it will be the first to be released on Steam, though it'll probably take several weeks before it's stable enough to play comfortably.
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DA4 will likely come first, because it's coming from a publisher that will keep things on a schedule and release within a reasonable time from the announcement. Dwarf Fortress being made by one guy leads me to believe that'll take longer, plus it's already been a pretty long time since that announcement hit. But nothing will take as long as Star Citizen. Given where they are now, how long it's taken to get there, and where they want to be, I'm not sure it'll ever happen and I'm kind of with badman in the sense that I don't really care anymore. If it releases and it's awesome someday, then hell yeah. I stopped paying attention to it at this point though.
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My hope is for DA4 (or ME5) as those are 2 of the games that I'm looking forward to the most, and I think DA4 has the best shot. But with the pandemic raging across the world, it's really hard to say. Plus, Bioware has at least part of their staff working on the remake of the original ME1-3 Trilogy, that I think is supposed to come out around March of this year.


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