Question What is a good controller to get for PC?

I am used to PS4 controllers but I guess I could learn Xbox if need be...

not sure what to get. Hence I am asking.

I don't need an arcade stick. More likely to play racing games (but don't need a steering wheel)and maybe anything else that can use one.

give me some ideas and I go look at them.

is there any difference now between wired and wireless? I have no preference.
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I still use a DS4 and dont have any plans to change. I do use it mostly attached to the front USB though, seems the Bluetooth keeps getting forgotten with Windows updates or something. Could also be because I only have a cheap dongle. Otherwise its been a long time since a game didnt support it through Steam. Used to have to use a 3rd party program for some games to trick them into thinking it was an Xbox controller, but havent had to in a while. Might be different if using Gamepass or any store other than Steam though.

I think wired vs wireless at this point the only difference is having to deal with the wire, as long as you dont have connection problems.

One thing is a lot of games still put any on screen button prompts in Xbox language, takes a bit of getting used to.
I might get this -

Only came out this year so shouldn't have any driver problems. (famous last words?)

A lot of xbox controllers use chips that lack working windows drivers - I have seen that in questions on TH. So I need to be careful not to repeat other peoples problems.

I am not overly concerned about price, provided it works well. To a point anyway. The razer ones I can see locally are too expensive for the price of the rgb. I don't need it.
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Think i need to reconsider that model. Its the best that company has made but there are other choices. I don't need to rush into this.

I don't want to spend too much and some of these are too much as I have to take into account conversion rates

Realistically, the one you mentioned is probably best idea
and its cheaper than a Thrustmaster I was looking at.

And way easier to find here. I don't even need to order it online... two shops have them here.

I don't see point in buying cheap stuff as it might appear a good value unless it breaks fast and you constantly replacing them. I prefer to pay more and get something good that might last a long time. That is what I do with almost any purchase. I don't make many though. I try to make sure it will work first... and a Microsoft controller probably be fine for a few years.

there are 2 versions so have to be careful which you buy. Series 2 and Series 2 Core - The core is cheaper but appears to have different switches and doesn't come with as many extras. I probably pay difference for the Series 2.

Don't need to look for drivers for them as its built into windows 11.

I would have to buy an extra adapter to play them via wireless on PC, so I guess I would play wired as less latency than using BT. Currently hard to find the adapters here. Microsoft store don't even have it themselves.

Elites can have button problems, I hope mine is okay.
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The Elite seems like a good option.

I dont usually buy the cheapest either unless I can find a lot of info stating that its actually really good for the price. I dont really consider the standard official controllers to be poor quality. Had my DS4 since about 2015 and its still in perfect order.

I also have a Switch Pro controller which is pretty nice, havent really used it much on the PC though as its all the way over there, about 4 meters away.
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too many choices

Thrustmaster Eswap S Pro
lets you swap joysticks out completely, replacing parts in case they break
Every article says get the X version but its double the price here

Elite Wireless Series 2
might need to buy extra USB adapter to get good signal

Nacon Revolution X Pro
Comes with Dolby atmos, allows any headphones to use feature. I mostly use speakers though.
Best positioning of back buttons
Only wired
Doesn't have trigger stops = all others here allow you to adjust how far you can press triggers in

Razer Wolverine Chroma
Feels cheap compared to previous
I really don't want Synapse on PC
I don't need rgb on controller.

Spent all day watching videos on controllers. Probably get the Microsoft one still.
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I'd quite like the rear paddle buttons the Elite has, most of those probably have that.

Did you look into the Dualsense Edge? I heard some people say that Dualsense gives them hand cramps after a while, but not sure on the Edge. The adaptive triggers might be fun if any game actually uses them.
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Battery life - Elite can last 40 to 65 hours without a charge
Edge - runs out of power in 4 hours

Yes, I did see a video comparing both. The replaceable joysticks on the Sony one are interesting but I don't have to install another program to convince Windows that the Elite is a Xbox controller, you have to use DS4Windows to use the Elite.

He is incorrect about one thing, the series 2 does come with a USB charging cable - I went and checked on a listing as I thought I had seen it mentioned before and it would be an odd thing not to include considering it comes with a charging dock... how is it supposed to get power? Magic?
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There is a cheaper Elite Series 2 Core edition, it doesn't include any of the accessories which come with the original.
Such as:
  1. replaceable joystick caps
  2. replaceable D pad cap
  3. the 4 removable paddles on the back (but it has slots for them)
  4. The charging dock
  5. The carry bag
You can get all of those as an accessories kit.

I hadn't thought about why it existed... its a replacement controller.

If your Elite dies, out of warranty, you can buy a core and not pay full price. Shame they used cheaper plastic in it, as its not an exact copy but really close. It does come in 3 different colors but then you can use the Microsoft design labs to make a custom Series 2 if you want... if you buy it direct off them. I will just be getting the standard one.
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could be worse, could be Asus...

looks good online, bad in person... feels like a normal xbox controller, not a premium one. Charging a premium price.
only way to map the 4 back buttons is through armoury crate, which doesn't exist on Xbox store, so you can't use them on an Xbox... lol
It doesn't have removeable joysticks

reviewer thinks USB C means its at least got a fast connection... NO... USB C is just the adapter, the cable could be USB 2. Its not until we actually start getting USB 4 devices that we will see USB C being any indication of how fast the connection is. I wish people knew that.
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Elite Wireless Series 2
might need to buy extra USB adapter to get good signal
  • Software to control controller already built into windows 10/11
  • Wireless
  • Can program any back trigger to be a shift key meaning it lets you double the amount of commands on Controller as Shift A is different to just A.
  • Can program macros to one key.
  • Swappable/removable back buttons/D pad cap.
  • Can make custom versions in Design Lab (but look to be more expensive).

Potentially high failure rate (I say potentially as a fact of the internet is that people without problems hardly ever post about it. Its only people with problems that complain so your view of the world can be wrong.) Its hard to find the truth as every result on Google just leads to an article saying how wonderful it is... so on its launch, not long term.

Many of the problems appear to be from 2 years ago. It sounds like its luck. You can get a good one or a lemon. Advice seems to be get extended warranty if you buy it. I found a reddit question about it a few months ago, said as much in answer.

Thrustmaster Eswap S Pro
lets you swap joysticks out completely, replacing parts in case they break
Every article says get the X version but its double the price here
  • Accurate & replaceable Joystick units (can buy new ones)
  • good switches used in buttons

Not wireless
Eswap X Pro comes with the replacement joystick units, you don't get anything apart from cable with S Pro. If price difference wasn't almost double I would get the X.

These are the two I am looking at. Bottom one has the least negatives among ones I looked at. Elite only has one negative.

Would prefer wireless even if PC is within 2 metres of me.
Some of the controllers cables are too short. Most come with at least 10 foot cables.

I am not sure I should ignore the potential failure rate of Elites. I might as it does have a 1 year warranty and Microsoft aren't likely to disappear in that time.
I can also buy an extended warranty for peace of mind. Not like the controller would be used every day (might try it out in Diablo 4)

Good thing its a weekend and I can only think about it. Might go get one tomorrow... I can get both at same place.

Have controller now. Doing my typical thing, I tried to pair it on BT without reading instructions... I was missing a step. Think I will buy the Wireless Adapter Usb Receiver For Xbox One 2nd Gen Wireless, next week as its meant to be faster than BT and runs at a different frequency compared to normal wireless. We shall see, I can just as easily plug it in.
Charging now as even though BT shows it at 100%, the light that is meant to be solid when charged is flashing while USB cable attached. Its new, who knows how long its been sitting around. I have already updated its firmware.

No rush, I need to find some games now... thought about forza motorsport but I seen some signs its missing lots of things. So keep looking.
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Downloads Forza 4 Demo

runs benchmark


laughs at target fps as he gets more than double. Only later notices its at 1080p

wonders where Forza 5 demo is... it doesn't have one. Instead get it with Game pass... so now downloading Forza 5. Will delete demo since I have full game. Is this just a one month trial?? Not sure how it works.

can also get Starfield same way... but I need more ssd space before I do that.
Notices a few other games he might try as well.
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a few other games he might try as well

So who is this guy you keep talking about, someone you're mentoring? I feel as if I know him from somewhere… Toms maybe?

Is this just a one month trial?? Not sure how it works.

I'm not a Gamepasser, but more than 99.9% sure that it's the full game for your full use for as long as it stays on Gamepass—which might be forever for MS studios, and depends on contract for 3rd parties, but a year seems typical on v quick search. Sounds very like Netflix.
So who is this guy you keep talking about, someone you're mentoring? I feel as if I know him from somewhere… Toms maybe?
i was perhaps talking in 1st person in that post.

I'm not a Gamepasser, but more than 99.9% sure that it's the full game for your full use for as long as it stays on Gamepass
thats right, its same as how Playstation does it. As long as you keep paying, they are yours. its monthly payments.

No rush, I need to buy a 4tb ssd now to fit some of them.
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Did you look into the Dualsense Edge?
watching video on it now, I see another good reason not to buy them if you only use PC.
You cannot re map the back paddle buttons on it without using a PS5.

So glad I didn't get that one.
Unlike the Elite, the paddles on DS Edge are pre mapped to 2 buttons on front, whereas the default profile on edge has all 4 buttons disabled. I think I use that one until I need an extra command.
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Oct 18, 2023
I like having a few. GameCube, DualShock, Wii U Pro.
Wired is just more reliable. For me, except where I have to be wired, or where it doesn't matter, I go wireless.
Hey don’t know if you’re still having BT problems, but I run into a similar issue on Windows 10. I have a Xbox Series X standard controller. When connecting to BT, a pop up comes on my desktop saying to click there to connect but it never works. When I go to BT settings on Windows, it gives me three options, two of them are labeled “Bluetooth Devices” and “Everything Else”. I have to play around with which one to do because the controller shows up on both but only one works and I always forget which one. I’ve had this problem across two XB1 controllers and my new XSX controller even after clean reinstalls. Maybe this will help getting your BT working properly if you didn’t buy the adapter yet.
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