Looking for a keyboard: laptop-like, 4+KRO, backlight

Jan 11, 2024
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That's all I need! Just a real low-profile gaming keyboard! Why is it so hard to find? I searched everywhere but I found only keyboards with gigantic keys with a large key travel that, by the time you press them, you get killed ten times, lapped twice, and disconnected from the server for inactivity. As for low-profile keyboards, they either have no backlighting or are non-gaming (not even 3KRO).
More precise requirements below:
  1. Low-profile, like laptops have with very short key-travel distance (2mm and lower) and very clear sharp press response (unlike fluid unclear mechanical response)
  2. Any key backlighting. Backlight of the keys - not keyboard, not casing, not the space around the keys, but the keys
  3. Wired. I don't move my keyboard or anything. it's not essential, but If it will be wireless, I would just plug the charging cable into it forever and use it as a wired.
  4. Gaming. It just mean 4+KRO
  5. Price. Under 50$. Aimging for 20-30$
  6. Keys size:
    • Not short enter. Either long, either 2-storey. I really rarely encouter short enter anyway
    • Square "\". Same as other letters/numers keys
    • Long backspace
  7. Spacing between keyblocks (main block; F-keys; insert, delete, pgdn and etc keys; numpad, arrows)
  8. Numpad
  1. Silent keys. Pretty important, but not as much as the requirements above.
  2. Good backlight. Don't burn my eyes out at night and I can see the keys at day.
  3. Fn key is/are either missing or not on the left.
  4. Smol ~35cm wide (but with numpad and spacing between keyblocks).
Other things like water protection, programmable keys and etc is so little important, I don't mention it.

I currently use A4Tech Fstyler FX60 I bought for ~30$ – it have amazing backlight, laptop-like keys and all requirements (not optional) above except it 2KRO only. I would like to replace it with something like it, but with 4+KRO (4 or higher KRO). I found only Cougar Vantar (and AX version), but it cost 50$ in my country, which is too much. I can't believe it's the only gaming laptop-like low-profile keyboard in the world. It's not like that, is it?

Sorry for my English if it's hard to read.
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