What are the most useless in-game items you have hoarded?

Old tech cables and adapters. Oh, you mean in-game stuff…
Could have been both, but corrected it to in-game.
Money, I suppose. I loot stuff long after I have any practical need for its benefits, it's just part of the gameplay for me. I get annoyed with enemies shooting at me—"Stop that, can't you see I'm busy skinning these wolves?" :D
I had over 80K in BG3 when I finished the game. Not my fault, loot was planted for me to pick up.
Oh dear… I should've skipped this thread.
Hoarders unite!
Money, I suppose. I loot stuff long after I have any practical need for its benefits

Until you suddenly find a gold sink in the game (or the developers add one in an update/DLC) and you're glad you never stopped hoarding. This often happens with other resources you think you have "too much" of as well.

I've had that happen in modded Minecraft. You think a chest filled with stacks of dirt is overkill, but then you discover you need a specific resource and one way to get it is by transforming whole stacks of dirt into a 10% chance of getting a single drop.
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Oh jeez...

Tissues in... I think it was Yakuza 2? They actually DID come in useful in one quest, but only one. I didn't need to keep them afterward. I think I did at least shunt them off into the secondary storage.

Some worm-related junk in No Man's Sky. Again, I did relegate them to a vault, but I still kept them - even though they were clearly designed just for an event that was long since done. (But maybe they'll do the event again some day?)

Oh! In City of Heroes they have "inspirations" which are little tokens that can buff your offense, defense, raise you from the dead, and so on. Even at level 50, you can only hold 20 of them and they drop pretty often, so you can use them quite a bit and still fill your inventory up again quickly. There's certainly no need to hoard them.

Anyway, when Christmas comes around, you can get special "present" inspires that do something random and I think they had some special particle effects. I, of course, kept one as a keepsake. And, when the next Christmas came around, I kept another!

I did finally use both of them in a particularly hard arch-villain fight. In early July. Other people in the battle got a good surprise!
Sep 17, 2023
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As for me, the most useless thing in any game is new clothes, especially if they are not very different from the standard ones. Like why? Especially if they don't carry some kind of additional power or chip
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As most of you regulars know i have been hammering SATISFACTORY for almost 2 years. After every major update the hard drives , slugs , sommersloop and mercer spheres all respawn.

I will never need any more hard drives but i still collect them ???? , i have more power shards than i will ever need so again why do i still collect slugs. The same goes for sommersloop and mercer spheres , i still collect them but have no idea when they will be needed in the game , i have hundreds of containers full of SAM ore stored in many different locations ready for when the developers decide when and how it is to be used.
I guess i am just a die hard gamer/hoarder.

Finally , i have 3 huge empty factories complete with drone ports and rail track ready for if and when the devs decide to add something new to the game.


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