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10 hours left on the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality over at It now contains over 1700+ different types of projects (including different types of games, soundtracks, assets, etc) from over 860+ creators! The lowest asking price for donation is 5USD which is basically saying that this is free. Your chance to be part of history and donating to a good cause as this is most likely a once in a lifetime bundle.


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On July 12, for a limited time, Ubisoft will be giving away Watchdogs 2.

Here's the official statement from Ubisoft. Watch Dogs 2 should be available in about 1,5 hours:

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It's interesting to see the different phases, as at first the login screen would load a while and kick you back, then it immediately kicked you back, then they added a warning tab under the stream and I got my first "login error" message and now they moved the warning tab to be the first tab and have added a message saying the login server is under maintenance.

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