The Free Time Limited Games List

I thought it would be nice to have one place to post games that are free (Not Play for free or free games through a subscription) for a limited time, regardless of the platform. Feel free to share some gems and I'll try my best to keep the thread updated whenever something new has been posted. Thank you for your contribution.
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@McStabStab I did not make it clear enough that free games through subs would not be a thing, so I am updating that in the original post. I do thank you for the contribution. Twitch Prime is not too shabby when it comes to free games. I remember getting Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun a while back.

No worries, figured it was in the grey area. I snagged Blades of the Shogun as well. They've had some awesome titles on Twitch Prime.
The first two games in The Elder Scrolls series, Arena and Daggerfall, are available for free from Bethesda's website. Highly recommend Daggerfall with the Unity launcher.

Beneath A Steel Sky went free years back. It's an old-school point and click adventure game in the style of the Lucasarts classics, but with a unique sci-fi setting in a post-apocalyptic Australia. There's a remaster of some sort on the horizon so get in now and check out the original so you can sneer judgementally like the rest of the old timers.

Bungie made their Marathon Trilogy open source years ago, it's now available in a new engine called Aleph One that should play well with modern hardware. Apart from being very good FPS's they also had a lot of unique tech and were the testing grounds for a lot of ideas that went into the Halo series in later years.
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Crusader Kings II is now free on Steam and while it doesn't include any DLC, you can use the DLC of the host when joining a multiplayer game. has 2500 free DOS games. Most of these are not very interesting, but it does include classics like The Secret of Monkey Island, DOOM, SimCity 2000, Rayman, Star Wars X-Wing, Mortal Kombat, Loom, The Incredible Machines 2 and a whole bunch more.

Starcraft and the expansion BroodWar were made available for free following the release of the remastered version.

Wikipedia has a list of commercial games available as freeware too.

Cave Story is available for free too.

You can also search for websites offering abandonware for a selection of old games that aren't being distributed commercially any more (I'm not posting a link as the legality of distributing abandonware is iffy).
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just a heads up warzone 2100 is now free on steam. Now its over 20 years old, but back in the day it was awesome as you got to research, design your units and weapons etc and complete missions. it was set over 3 large sectors that grows as the campaign progresses and old bases are still in play until you defeat the enemy or you're forced to flee it.

Give it a go!
I am happy to update with Kingdom Come: Deliverance & Aztez Free until 20/2 (5:00 PM) on Epic Games. After that, next free game will be Faeria.

Thank you for the heads-up, I almost missed this one and Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a game I've always been curious about but not willing to pay a premium for. Now that I got it for free I can't complain if it ends up not being my cup of tea.