The Free Time Limited Games List

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@IndecentLouie I don't want any screenshots here, but the one who got they key can post it to your PM if you like. The reason is that I want this thread to be purely about free games and nothing else. As for the keys, I would recommend you to post some of the letters and mix it up with something else, so that the bots can't pick up and steal them.
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Free key for a game called serial cleaner on a site called
You have to click the link, then click "go to, create account, after your account has been activated you hover over your profile and click steam keys and the game will appear. The key activated correctly for me.
Not sure how long this is running for, only a certain amount of keys to give away (I believe its 5000)

I've never heard of this site before and the temp email address I used didn't seem to work but one of my normal ones did.

Also I have 3 keys to give away:
Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart
Hotline Miami
Chaos Reborn
Update: The bundle now contains almost 1500 projects and still growing! This is absolutely mind-bogglingly, overwhelmingly amazingly awesome!

For this post, I am making an exception to my own rules, as I think this is an important bundle to share and for the community to be a part of. This is as close to time-limited free you could possibly get:

The bundle I am referring to is called: Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality over at and it contains over 740+ different types of projects (including different types of games, soundtracks, assets, etc) from over 560+ creators and it continues to grow by each day! Around 3,5K in value so far, but I don't think you could even set a prize for this absolutely amazing chest of different treasures. The bundle offer ends around the 14th of May.

Here is what PC Gamer's writer and critic @Jonathan Bolding wrote about it:

You have the opportunity to donate (minimum 5USD) what you feel like and not only do you expand your library, you also get to contribute to an important cause.
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