Free Games (Not Time Limited)

Thought maybe we needed a thread to post games that are always free (please don't post games with pay-to-win features).

This first game has an article on PC Gamer today. It's one of the top rated games of all time on Steam and it's completely free:

Edit: Should this just be for completely free games where you can't buy anything at all, or should we include fair free-to-play games? My original thought was to use it for completely free games.
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Can't have a thread about free games without including Dwarf Fortress, probably the most ambitious game ever made (and not even close to being done) and entirely free, though you can also buy the Steam version with improved graphics and UI.

The next biggest free game I'm aware of is OpenTTD, based on the original Transport Tycoon game by Chris Sawyer.

Then there are NetHack and Angband (and its many variants), based on Rogue, the game which the term roguelike refers to. Angband and a bunch of its variants can be played in a browser here:

There's also the roguelikes Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, which has a similar fantasy setting, and Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, which has a post-apocalyptic setting, neither of which I have played, but both are fairly well known.

One that isn't on any of the lists I saw is Liero, a 2D arena shooter, like a real-time Worms.

Then there's TrackMania Nations Forever, a racing game with crazy tracks that's all about setting the best time on each track.

Also on Steam there's Alien Swarm, a top-down shooter with up to 4 player coop.

Two other games I've heard of but haven't played are The Battle for Wesnoth, a turn based strategy game, and Freeciv, a game based on the older Civilization games.

Edit: Should this just be for completely free games where you can't buy anything at all, or should we include fair free-to-play games? My original thought was to use it for completely free games.

I would limit it to completely free games, because it is subjective as to what is considered "fair".
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GOG—link hides DLCs and games you own, you can change those and other filters. Most of them are demos and prologues—so useful way to see those too—which you'll need to skip past.

Yep, +1
Zero-K inspired by Total Annihilation
OpenRA inspired by Red Alert

Some of the original Command and Conquer games are free now, if you don't want to buy the remaster.

An April Fools free game by the Postal people.

Just one game at a time for me. No sense in burning through them all at once. :)
The Starcraft entry in the PCGamer article reminded me of Starcraft: Mass Recall, the mod that remakes the entire first game (and DLC) in the engine of Starcraft 2. It's available for free as well, since Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty can be downloaded for free.

I did a quick check and there seems to be a bunch more singleplayer campaign mods, as well as a ton of multiplayer ones of course.

Very short, very funny.

Another one I've played and thought was worthwhile. A little disturbing :)

By the way, I'm not checking links to lists of games for duplicates. If it's completely free, I'll link directly to the game from here.

I played this for 15 minutes a few years ago and even made a note about it which simply says, "Welp." I no longer know what I meant by that :ROFLMAO:

This one I remember even though I didn't leave extensive notes as I did on the first game. It's a light horror game, sort of a point & click thing. It left a decent impression on me, and I still remember the ending.
Switch to pepperoni? :(

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Not sure why it lists it as online multiplayer. You can play it solo, too.

Just released. I've had some significant fun with this. If you like fireworks, give it a try. After a brief tutorial, you can create your own fireworks shows. It has simulated real fireworks from real firework companies, and there are a ton to choose from. It's even fun just to go through them one at a time and see what they do.

Game is completely free.
Completely free horror games for Halloween!


@Brian Boru A couple of years ago you wishlisted a game that I think was called Home Builder. Not sure what it was about it that intrigued you, but I came across this today that lets you build and do interior design. It's a free game that is actually just a part of another game that will come out later this year. They just separated out the building and decorating for people to goof around with.

I've just finished playing with it, and it's pretty good if you are interested in this sort of thing. It's not on the scale of what you would get from something like House Flipper 2, but it's definitely workable and has some nice features.

There's no registration or anything required. Just download and play.
Hmm, don't recall that—maybe someone else?

Vivaland looks nice tho, downloaded for a spin—thanks for the thought :)

House Builder popped up as related, maybe you might like the demo—altho reviews are mixed.
I thought it was you. Maybe not. I almost certainly have the name of the game wrong. It's been years. Not sure why I thought of it.