Stump the Gaming Geniuses (Guess the Game)

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So @captaincrazy 's picture is what we're trying to guess. Um...he's kind of new here, so there's no telling if he plans to even come back to this thread. Blink twice if you are here, Captain.

So per the rules, we don't have a rule to handle someone posting a picture and disappearing.

Additionally, the rules that we do have hurt two of our most prolific players, @Pifanjr and @Brian Boru , so I'm not sure this thread is going to work long-term. Hmmm. Well, if it dies with the Captain, we'll just let it be put to rest.


Jan 17, 2020
Whats this?!? 😲

Train Simulator?
two of our most prolific players, @Pifanjr and @Brian Boru
Hey you got 1 out of 2, not bad. To clarify:
Pifanjr is prolific;
I am soporific.

But don't worry about me, I have a lot more depth than width in my gaming history—in hundreds of hours in a small number. Where I have some width is in BigFish, which no one here would know, and 90s games which I've mostly forgotten and certainly don't have installs to grab screenies from :)