Stump the Gaming Geniuses (Guess the Game)

Trying to revive the guess the game thread :)

RULES: Take your own screenshot inside a game that launched (early access is okay) during the last 10 years, possibly longer if DLC is still being actively created. Doesn't matter if the game has already been posted in this thread. You can post the same game multiple times. Post the ENTIRE screenshot, UI and all. The resident geniuses have 48 hours to guess the game. If they don't guess it, you win, and the turn moves to the last person to make a guess. If someone does guess it correctly, it becomes their turn for glory.

If your screenshot gives no clues at all (for instance you walked up to a wall, and all we can see is a brick), you will be disqualified and there will be name calling. Smack talk and taunting are encouraged at any time. Outrageous threats should be used judiciously.

If no one has guessed correctly after 24 hours, you may use the reverse image search of your choice. Since we are posting original screenshots, you won't get an exact match.

Added rule: After you have been notified that your guess was correct, you have 24 hours to post your picture. After 24 hours, anyone can post the next picture. This is simply to keep the thread active.

So here is your first screenshot! You don't have the mental capacity to guess this one. None of you.

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I'm guessing this is V Rising with the first person mod you were talking about.

Should call this thread: "how well do you remember what this user last talked about?"
I didn't want you to feel bad for being so stupid, so I made it easy for you. Plus, I didn't think anyone actually read my posts.

Congrats! You are the first and only winner of Stump the Gaming Geniuses. You should get a tattoo or something.


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... that launched (early access is okay) during the last 5 years.
Uhhh, counting DLC? Europa Universalis 4 released almost 10 years ago but has had a steady stream of DLC since then. A new one popped out just last month. Then there's the whole No Man's Sky thing. Dwarf Fortress released a few months ago or many years ago?

P.S. Now you get an inkling of how my boss feels. "Don't include closed offices in the report." "OK, but by 'closed' do you mean there's nobody active in the office, that the office's land has been sold, that there are no active projects assigned to that office, that...." ;)


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