Stump the Gaming Geniuses (Guess the Game)

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So I'm a city building enthusiast like yourself, but that game was wayyyyy too deep for me. I hated having to manually set everything in that game. I got through the tutorial and refunded it. How are you enjoying it?

Aside from our city building chat, here's my screenshot:
It's very deep. I play it on "easy" mode, so I don't have to worry about certain things. I watched a couple of "Let's plays" on Youtube, and that's where I learned a lot.

It's a great game, but not for everyone, and I am not even sure I will play it anymore after Cities Skylines 2. That's the highlight game for me this year.


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No and no. There's a bit of a clue in that picture. All the rest of my pictures either give it right away or would be no help. I'll put one of those up tomorrow if no one gets it. But, as an additional clue, mods are central to this game, more than in any other game I play.
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That is running at 25fps. Even for me, playing an RPG, that's pretty low. But hey, it's better to look good than to feel good!
It's not supposed to have nearly that much stuff on the map, but the game always runs pretty crappy. You see, all that stuff is made with tiny pieces. They aren't large set pieces. So one large building may be made of hundreds of "blocks" for lack of a better word.