PCG Article Stop boasting about the length of your game!

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Yea, it is an rather unpopular opinion but by modern standards I really don't think Skyrim is a particularly stellar game. The title of The Salt Factory's (YouTube channel) video on it has really stuck with me: "Evaluating Skyrim: an extremely shallow experience". The world is awesome (especially back then) but it is just a really shallow game overall imo.

I think Skyrim has done an amazing job in the world they crafted and the freedom they give you to explore it. I don't think there's a lot of games that can give you that same sense of exploration and adventure.
The Guinness book of records no longer supports or recognise the world record attempts for games playing and sadly this link shows the reason why and this is not the only incident
Well, when some of them are so impossible to beat that you have to kill yourself to do it, its time to stop mentioning them or just end up giving tiktokkers ideas. Only ones I like are natural ones, not records like how many X can you stuff in your Y. It was better when it was just a book and not a website trying to fight for clicks and be cool. Just do records, you were good at that.

I never liked Skyrim but I know I am in minority as everyone else does.