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As per usual i asked this on the game forum but nobody answered it.

I loaded my last save into the editor and greyed out all item except crates , i am not sure if i believe what it is telling me.

Example ..... the screen shot shows an area on the edge of the blue craters.

The editor says i have 47 crates on the map that i dont think is right

Look at how many are supposed to be in that screen shot , their is no way i could have that many and not see them in the game ????

I right clicked and deleted some of them , i dont understand the delete option , have i just deleted them off the map editor because if i had deleted them from my game i would have expected to be asked if i wanted to save the modified map and put it back into my save files.
This is the editor i am using

I could not find a save option after deleting items off map
That's the same editor Colif linked to, just not the github page. Based on the giant message on the screen that it's very experimental due to the engine change, there's no telling what happened when you deleted those chests. I definitely wouldn't replace my real save file with anything edited by that.

But, I've never used that save editor, so I don't know what was supposed to happen. I assume that they were deleted from your save file since that is the point of the save editor and that's what it was showing on the screen.
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