What "punch the air" moments have you had in gaming.

My first punch the air was Grim Fandango as it was the first pc game i completed and every now and again i reload it just to see if i can remember what to do.

The second was The Thing , even if the ending was a let down.

My gaming interests are many and whenever i complete something on the lines of The house of da vinci or The room and other similar titles i get a punch the air moment.

My latest punch the air came in SATISFACTORY , this screen shot is part of one of my nuclear power set ups it runs 14 nuke power stations all running at 250%

As you can see in front of me is a row of drone ports and also a few behind me , i use a separate drone port just to fly in batteries to feed all ports.
The layout is run just using drones to fly items in , no trucks long belts or trains and nothing ever runs out , the sulphur needs 2 drones and the uranium 3.
At the time i decided to try this i had no idea if it would work

Far Cry Primal—taking down 3 Izila warriors running across me with arrow headshots.

Various—getting triple kills with one bullet, ie guys just line up right for a moment.

Far Cry 6—picking off distant truck drivers driving across. Also unsighted kills with explosive arrows—eg over the hill after truck has disappeared—are fun.

Tough Cookies

Amazing Pyramids Rebirth—topping the worldwide leaderboards for main game, and then 2 of the 3 mini games. Took a few tries for each, but good punchy feelings :)

Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour—completing the Generals Challenge on hardest difficulty, which took a summer for the 50+ missions. I credit this endeavor as a main catalyst in curing my need to 'beat' games—I was the air that got punched that summer!

Royal Envoy 1—Completing 3 stars on all levels of Expert mode… also took a while, 1 is the toughest of the series.
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The fight against Lohse's demon in Divinity: Original Sin 2 was a big one, which I've described before.

I'm having trouble thinking of any more that weren't boss fights, though. Oh wait! XCOM2! (Possibly with Long War expansion?) I set up an ambush that worked beautifully! Best of all, I had saved just a little before that and the game doesn't re-randomize when you re-load, so I could do it again and record it.
View: https://youtu.be/urFu8bgd5RU

I love it when a plan comes together. And hearing Duke Nuke'm, Schwarzenegger, and Female Boss 2 from Saints Row comment on it.