Random Game Thoughts Thread - January 01 - 07

Happy new year everyone!

My new year's resolution is to make more time to play video games. The Steam Replay showed I'm severely behind on most of you.

We stayed over the night at my parents' place and I spotted this Starcraft 2 sticker page pinned to a corkboard that used to hang in my old bedroom:


It still feels like Starcraft 2 released pretty recently, but the thick coat of dust that was on this says otherwise.
Happy New Year everyone :)

I'm getting settled in my new apartment, so I've really just played some familiar titles the last few days. I haven't properly started a new game in (for me) quite awhile. I got a few games gifted to me at Christmas, so I may try to check one of those out. I've been in the mood for a lighter indie game, so maybe I'll check out Slime Rancher tonight.
hopefully glean a few games out of my Steam backlog as well
Yeah, that's my main goal as well—not just with Steam, I have hundreds of games in both GOG and BigFish. But Steam first, as I already started and hid over 500 titles in recent months—next is to play the ~20+ I'm not familiar with to determine if they're hide or not.

Come on Brian, get with the times! 2K at least!
Sometime :)
Times are tight, so GPUs will have to return to earth before I up my graphics capability. I'm sure it'll be great, but I had loads of fun at 1024x768, 640x480 etc in earlier days—it's the gameplay, not the resolution.
Stability Diffusion AI will not draw genitalia. I didn't actually want it to, but I had an idea for a post and tried to get it to draw "bathtub Geralt". In one of the pictures, Geralt missed the tub entirely and was lying naked on the floor. Yennifer is going to be really disappointed.

He must have let a hungry Drowner get too close. Or maybe that's what happened at the beginning of Witcher 3 when he was in the tub and Yennifer conjured that crab thing.

I finally just gave up on getting a decent bathtub Geralt.


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@ZedClampet - yeah, the free camera mod I was using when I played revealed exactly why Geralt can't have children. That conversion to Witcher must have been really horrible.
Sometime :)
Times are tight, so GPUs will have to return to earth before I up my graphics capability. I'm sure it'll be great, but I had loads of fun at 1024x768, 640x480 etc in earlier days—it's the gameplay, not the resolution.
Waaaaait a minute! That's the resolution you currently have!? This is a new year, you have to have a new resolution! It's not too hard these days - just turn your monitor sideways and tell Windows to go into portrait mode. Terrible for landscape screenshots, but great if you want a picture of some character's sweet outfit!
Okay, okay… geez, so demanding!

I did a brief desktop span for 3840 x 1080—so that's kinda 4K if you glance at it quickly.

turn your monitor sideways
What's this "monitor" thing you keep on about? Singular?? That's so 90s, dear fellow—any credible computer user this century has at least 2 monitors. I did flirt with 3, but 3 x 42" screens would be a pain in the neck, you know?

What, you don't have 42" or more. OMG, seriously?? And let me get this straight, only ONE of sub-40" stature…? That's just… well, it's… *wipes tear*

Tried the sideways too during the experiment. 1920 x 2160… meh, too boxy for my taste—but I can see it suiting a square still in the last century.

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We're playing Darktide. We're fighting a boss, a hoard and a few specials all at the same time. One of our bots has gone down, and he lying in a pool of fire, so I can't revive him. It's just total chaos. Then suddenly Guido starts listing off the items he just found in a chest! He's not even fighting. He's searching for treasure. I just said, "Good find."
The Crew 2 is so Ubisoft awful. First of all, it doesn't explain anything. You have to wander through a bunch of crap to figure out how to even do a car race. Then you are driving around and it's giving you constant prompts. "Spot a deer!", "Photo op nearby!" and while it's doing that there's this constant beeping telling you that you are close to treasure. There's no racing line. The game is just an unexplained, bloated mess that, despite the bloat, is actually missing some very important features. Maybe instead of hunting for deer in a racing game, they could have put in a tutorial for navigation through the menus. Maybe instead of hunting for treasure, they could have put in a racing line. I'm about to the point where I won't buy Ubisoft anymore. Their games are the digital equivalent of a word salad.
I'm about to the point where I won't buy Ubisoft anymore
I'm not at that point, but I have shaken my head a few times while playing Far Cry 6—nowhere near as polished as FC5 or New Dawn. I'm enjoying it because it's FC, but that's in spite of Ubi, not because of 'em.

From your Crew 2 description, sounds like there are cracks in the Ubi which need quick repair.
We went up a difficulty level yesterday in Darktide (we're still low level because we are using different characters to level them all) and the shotgun I'd been using became useless. I died. There were 5 specials at the same time. Guido went down, and I couldn't get to him. I had to run for cover because it was taking 6 to 8 shotgun blasts to down a single special, and the shotgun has to be reloaded after every shot. My melee weapon wasn't so hot either. Felt like I was hitting the enemies with a stick. Since I had to run from the main conflict, the bots died, leaving just me. When you are the last man standing in Vermintide/Darktide, you better be damn good. I was not, and we failed our mission. Next mission we do I'll be using both a different gun and a different melee weapon. I was definitely not carrying my own weight with those weapons, which led to situations getting out of hand pretty quickly.
Have you ever wanted to, or needed to, reduce the file size of a screenshot, or make it into and icon? There are most likely many programs, tools or apps that can do this, but I recently found a nice little online tool that's safe and allows you to do that in seconds (gods, I sound like a freaking spammer) called AConvert:
Convert image online (aconvert.com)

The reason I found it was because there's a Postcards from the Globe contest for The Witcher 3 Next-Gen and I thought I'd enter 3 of my screenshots, but the max image size had a 10 mb limit, and most of my shots were in the 12-18 mb range (.PNG format). I was able to reduce the file size by converting them into .JPG's without much detail loss. While I was at it, I even changed my icon image for some forums (I'd been using that old Dragon Age Origins image for years).

PS: Do you know what's really scary? When you go to a website or game page that requires you to enter your date of birth, and you have to scroll all the way down to nearly the bottom just to click on the year you were born. It makes me feel old, and that eventually, if I live long enough, I won't even be able to log in to some sites.


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