January 2024 General Game Discussion Thread

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Happy 4080super launch day!!! Im glad to grab the attention of 0 people. Also, its really dumb that nvidia put up a review embargo until the DAY OF RELEASE.

So, went to purchase the 4080s FE on nvidia and best buy at the same time, refreshed at 9, added at 9:00:05 and was promptly told they were sold out at both locations. Thank You bots!!

Went to newegg, they had a couple at msrp (999) and then the MSI Expert at 1150 (still cheaper than a 4080 but clocks better, has that very measly 5% bump etc.)

Didnt like the 999 variants, so i opted for this MSI Expert. After tax and shipping (expediated shipping) and comparing to say if i bought the cheapest 4080 i could find, i still saved 225 dollars, at the very least.

Went back about an hour later after purchase and saw that every 4080super type was sold, so i guess i got lucky. Will post pics soon! (should be friday because i paid for that lol)