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Weird, I thought this game was better than it was


My scores seem to be going backwards
scores continue to go backwards. Weird my best game was the first one I played

People want an infinite mode, as it ends once you place last monument - I am on 51/52 for a reason in the screenshot

I want more zoom before they make map bigger

I didn't think I would beat top that game, I was running low on tiles all game.

stops playing game, suddenly realises the game was keeping room warm. Currently -2c (my house not designed for cold). GPU was keeping room warm.
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Seems I beat my score again. And in less time.

200 higher than last time. I think highest score I seen online is 17k something.

I almost restarted that game too. Instead I just stopped playing a few times. And came back to it. Thought it was later than it is, almost stopped at 48/52 structures, would have played tomorrow.
Almost all the clocks facing in right direction


People have requested some way of seeing what way buildings face before placing blueprints as its almost impossible for the castle. Every side looks the same. Its just luck if its facing in right direction.

just ignore fact one is on the back of a building... it looked so good

2 scores showing is a cropping error.

New top score, cracked 17k

high scoring games easy to tell apart from low, I had over 100 spare tiles almost all game, ended with still about 50. I recall having 148 at one stage.

I would really love to make a map with a giant hole in middle to dump some buildings to get max effect from them. Its just not possible in most games, need to pre plan where everything goes, and its all random what blueprints it offers. The order can help build success or failure. Sucks to restart when you on 9k and realise you run out of tiles too soon.
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its all about placement. Blueprints at first only boost one type of building but as you get more advanced ones, they can boost up to 3 buildings - so stone, trees and water is a common combo, placing the buildings in the right place to boost all 3 sure adds up.
I should start a spreadsheet listing the buildings and what they buff -I got 210 points just for putting down the castle.

not to be redundant but new top score again

I thought I was missing a building but I had just forgotten I got it earlier

took a while to realise the unlike Dorf, it helps to keep all the things close together.
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i think i took a break at some stage... it also included a few minutes where I was eating. I wasn't really trying to go fast. Think I just working out best placements. You get blueprints based on score so if you can boost the tiles up to point you get at least 5 points per tile at the end, it speeds up the game.

Since the end of game is reached by placing the last monument, it likely has a score you need to have to get it - I haven't been taking that much notice. So faster you can reach that score, the quicker game is.

I don't know what fastest would be. I expect a speedrun at some stage - TAS would be interesting as it would make placing tiles perfectly less time consuming... not that this game as punishing in tile placement as Dorf. Its more relaxed. In dorf, every edge can be different on a tile, whereas in this game, if a tile has water and trees, all edges of that tile do as well. Easier to get high points.

Another difference between this and dorf is this has an actual end. Dorf ends when you run out of tiles. This does too but it also ends with placing all the Blueprints.
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first 4 digits make me go hmmm
And 5th is probably 'S' :)

Not like I was trying or anything
Yeah, that seems to be a common theme among people who play non-stop for a month. Y'all need to focus, ya know… take it seriously, like…

I am 1049th
I heard there are 1,050 playing it, is that true?

Gotta break into the top 1,000—NGA! NGA! [New Goal Alert]
i play it to relax, not to try to get every perfect placement. My scores this week are lower than last week, hence no screenshots. I thought tonights game was better than it ended up being.

I can never tell how well I am going. At one stage I was down to 13 tiles and then later in same game on 130. Its swings around depending on what blueprints you choose. and placement of map tiles.