Game can easily be likened to Dorf Romantik but here are a few observations on how its different - Likely to be added to once I get full game

Pan'orama has mega tiles in that you will get 1 group of tiles that are all connected in that turning one turns entire group, but they don't have to be visually connected - can be gaps. You have to find a spot on your map to put it in. Can be tricky later on as the shapes don't always play nice
Example of a Mega tile:

the white 2 shows how many points you get for placing the group, the 3 next to house icon is a mini quest.

No railway tiles. These act as restrictions in Dorf as you often get them at start of game and can be a nuisance to put somewhere they don't restrict other tile placement. Only tiles that can link to rails are other rails. putting a railway tile down can block 3 tiles

Dorf has 2 types of mini quests, ones where you just need X or more of a tile type, and another type which you can only have X of a certain type and if you go over you fail. So far I haven't seen 2nd type in Pan'orama, its more relaxed I think... its hard to tell, sometimes it doesn't react how I was expecting.

Similarities (apart from how game looks as that is obvious one)
Both have a creative mode in final game, meaning you don't have to care about points
Both have tiles that have miniquests attached to them - quests being attach X number of similar tiles to this one. So say 3 Forest tiles. You gain points for completion. The above mega tile shot includes a quest for 3 houses.

adjacencies give more points. The more similar tiles around the spot you putting a tile in, the more you can get. Max points I seen so far for 1 tile is 10

Points in Pan'orama are your way of getting Blueprints. Every 75 points you get a blueprint

which, as you can see, can add more tiles or improve others.
When you pick one, you get a shape something like

which can be placed over already built tiles if they match the required tile pattern, or just in a blank space if they don't. Above needs 3 houses and 1 field to create the local cafe.
It appears you also get 10 tiles just for picking a Blueprint.
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I guess this is my progress thread. Game actually released in 4 days. Be nice to have more choice of Blueprints. I assume the actual game is paced differently as its difficult to get to 1400.

I might get a program that replicates hex paper so I can record the order of some blueprints so I can plan ahead and put buildings down in right order before I get blueprint - as that means instant rewards on placement.
i remember playing the demo for this. Honestly i didn't really have a good opinion of it. The game rubbed me the wrong way. i think the tile pieces weren't immediately clear as to what was on them. yes they were color coded, but at the same time still felt confusing. Thats assuming you remember which color represented what and the second problem was how the tiles laid out multiple colors.

i can't remember if there was a rotate feature on the tiles themselves, but it doesn't explain why it couldn't just show the object's themselves. The second thing was the map constantly rotating and i really wanted it to stop rotating or at the very least let me rotate it.
I think I look in morning, its been on "releases in less than an hour" for over an hour now, so I guess it be released when they wake up or something. That is problem with being 18 hours ahead of US time zones, games that say that come out on X day are often X+1 for me. Luckily it doesn't happen often with AAA games as they big enough to just auto release at the right time... though if D4 anything like D3, it won't go live until 8am my time. I remember as I was waiting for it... i hadn't been able to sleep night before. I am not as expectant with D4.
At first I thought... this is harder
But as time passed.


it became apparent it wasn't harder and in fact the blueprints in the game are far more useful than in beta
Though I think if anything the game could be made harder

As I have finished it

And it was on my 1st playthrough

Here is a close up of my city

most of the buildings facing in right direction. They also fixed clocks so they all say same time.

A lot of the blueprints buff every tile around them and continue to do it for any placed in their range after. That is what was missing from the beta. Its what makes scoring way easier.
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I got a patch... suddenly game harder again... wonders if he was playing the "review copy" as its now much harder to get past 2k. I didn't notice that I was running out of tiles.

Now if its back to how beta was, that 16k might take some beating lol

thread on steam discussions asking if game too hard or easy, seems answer was too easy... hence patch. I feel it could be a little easier but not like it was today... at one point I had 120 tiles in my bank. Almost every time I got below 50 I would get a massive payout as if you put some structures close to each other they both buff the same tile scores each time you put a house in their range. Others do the same for trees or Rocks, or water... eventually every tile type can have its value increased.
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They also fixed clocks so they all say same time.
no, i was wrong, 2 of them agree but the other 2 buildings with clocks on them are different... its not really a bug you can fix easy so I just ignore it...

This was before the patch... I am sure it was made easier for initial reviewers to get a good score... and to show more of game. Promote it to audience. given to influencers to attract an audience and then fixed after so it is a bit of a challenge ... 2 hour games aren't normal now - link

If it hadn't been easy today, I would be impressed by his score (3k) since my top was 1355 before today...

I don't watch this guy much, he tends to talk about things unrelated to game and I don't want to know about what he does when not playing the game. I don't watch the videos to listen to his personal stuff... that isn't the purpose of video.

Makes me wonder how many of the games "Influencers" play aren't made easier for them and then "fixed" afterwards. Are they really as good at these games as they promote. Lead the audience to the ...
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Not sure they made it harder, just need to get a good start. I must have been lucky 1st game.

Time zones, what are they?


I am tired, I might see if I get to end tomorrow.
There have been a few times where I thought I was going to lose in this game, no point have I had 120 tiles though.

My usual approach, split everything into likes and separate them as quick as possible so you don't have to put a tile where you don't want it. It can take a few starts to get right. Rocks in bottom left, city bottom right, trees top right, farms top left. Water sort of inbetween... Once game gives you quest tiles made up of multiple types it starts to get messy. It works better in this game as there are no rails to trap you. Nothing stops you putting non matching together besides score. You only get 1 point if they don't match and when you can get up to 10 points a tile, its a waste. Start is hardest part as you lack a lot of matches.

Some blueprints can reward up to 175 points just by completing them.

My frame rate sux in that game. I only avg 49.6, I can get over 150 in benchmarks so its not my GPU.
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It only started today so it might be temporary - I am assuming as much since I keep posting images.

This game is odd. Every point is actually an item in the game and the score box in left corner physically exists in the game meaning points need to hit it to count. So if I move map to left the points take longer to reach me

Above is an example of the castle going off when you finish it and points tring to hit my score box.

Nice to have it facing in right direction. Clear divide between city and farms here

You only start game with 100 tiles, so me having 109 is a nice buffer. Full map doesn't show on screen.

Games makes GPU think... If I zoom in I get 144fps but if I zoom out it drops to 59fps. You can't really play zoomed in or out... middle ground works best.
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Beat it again. And yet my top score is still from the first time I played game.

Guess that time I hadn't lost on the last tile yet so felt invincible.

its not a fast game, takes almost 5 hours to complete


over 2 days

I didn't realise I was so close to top, I was only 18 points behind my best.
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