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Feb 7, 2021
Hello all you gamers out there! I am a huge really long time gamer at 70 years young. It all started with Atari, processing thru almost all of the consoles (which I still have today) to the PC. First love was Zelda. I was introduced to PC gaming with X-com UFO defense,in 1986 and I was hooked for life. Played them all thru and really enjoyed xcom2. I have so many favorite games I would actually have to do some research to come up with a list of say a top ten. I have been getting the magazine for approximately 36 years now, I saved all the demo CD's, hope they will still work today. Lately I am hooked on Project Cars 2. I actually need to upgrade my computer so I can fit more games on it. I currently have 171 games on steam. But to play anymore games I have to take one off. Dont want to do that and I am working towards a solution. I will work on a top ten PC games of all time for me. Hope to hear from you older gamers!
Apr 16, 2021
Hey there. I'm a veteran hardcore gamer that had a very long pause.
My beloved games: Quake 2 / Warcraft 2 / Starcraft II / CS 1.6 / LoL.

Recently I renew my passion to the games cautiously. I don't wanna waste too much time on it, but I don't want to miss out on all the fun - perhaps I will focus on watching streams, so prevalent now, which were my main treat when I finished my Starcraft addiction - and discussing the games with players via fora like this :)

High five.
May 22, 2021
Hi! You can call me Kate - I don't always tend to be the most talkative, but I do enjoy games! Currently I'm trying to finish up the Witcher 3 DLCS (I only recently got into the game) and am hoping to start mass effect soon with the legendary edition. My favorite genre is RPG, but I enjoy a good action and/or puzzle game too!
Jun 5, 2021
Hey everyone, names Dave and my tag on every platform is Pr0udCh0sen1. I have been using this site for a long time and I know I waited a long time, but I finally made an account and it's official, I'm part of the PC Gamer Gang!

I play every genre of games literally, I have three monitors in my game room all 65 inches, one for TV, one for console and one for main desktop as well as nice laptop. I'll post a picture when I can.

I have three Steam accounts and over 8400 games between them, I guess you could say I like buying and collecting games as much as playing them.

Although Steam is my main platform, I also play games on xbox one x and series x, Windows 10 platform (gamepass), ea play, blizzard, etc. I have tons of games on every platform. Too many to count, but the total number is between 14 and 16 thousand games. Crazy I know, but I am blessed to have a good career where I work from home for Symantec on the Norton Anti-Virus quality control team.

It's a pleasure to meet everyone as I hope to make some friends from here. Anyone can message me on here and if interested, I can make room on friends list for people as It's full at the moment.

Happy gaming everyone!
Welcome to the forum Dave, thanks for the great intro post :)

total number is between 14 and 16 thousand games
:eek: Now I feel far less guilty about my 2K+, thank you!
No doubt you've played all those, right?

I have tons of games on every platform
Do you know about GOG Galaxy or Playnite, which bring 5 of the main retailers libraries together into one interface?
I have three monitors in my game room all 65 inches
Ah so you have tram lines in your room, and train wheels on your chair. Very nice, don't forget to keep it all oiled.

Enjoy yourself with us, I look forward to more quality posts from you :)
Jun 21, 2021
Hello all:)
I am Ivan from Zagreb.
i am a big fan of your site.
currently i play a lot of platformers like mark of the ninja and kaze and the wild masks,thomas was alone and others.i also like rpg games like baldurs gate and dragon age.

In real life i am unemployed ,decent guy who is always up for a good co op game.
Jul 11, 2021
Hey everybody! I'm just a casual/boring gamer that mainly sticks to the big AAA titles, for better or worse. CoD, CP2077, GTA, etc. I figured I read pretty much everything PC Gamer posts (again, for better or worse LOL) so I may as well join their forums and contribute where I can. :)


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