Do you have a game that you could say theirs nothing else like it.

I am asking this question because i am looking for something " different ".

A puzzle is a puzzle is a puzzle etc
You could list dozens of games that you go on a mission , kill something , get a reward.

For the past 2 years i have been hammering SATISFACTORY and like thousands of others i am waiting for new content , i have looked at other construction games but none of them seem to float my boat. I did look at city skylines but it looks a big complicated
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From one lover of Satisfactory to another :) Here's a preliminary list for you. The first game is the most like Satisfactory, but the rest might be of interest to someone who enjoys the sorts of things you do in Satisfactory.

Astro Colony is sort of Satisfactory in space. It's not quite as complex, but I found it quite fun and easy to learn. Travel on your station to planetoids. Even hook the best ones up to your station and take them with you. Gather resources and have your researcher unlock new tech. Build complex factories and eventually travel through black holes to new universes.

Build a factory without conveyor belts while managing your people and building up your community in a voxel world similar to Minecraft in Colony Survival. If you want to, defend against nightly monster attacks by setting up your archers, building walls, etc.

Planet Crafter is a first person survival/crafting/building game where you terraform a planet similar to Mars. Fun and relaxing with no combat. You can turn off losing items when you die (usually from running out of oxygen), which makes it even more relaxing. Dying just becomes a quick trip home. Great exploration and advancement. Lots of systems but not hard to learn at all. Some good mods available.

Design and build the perfect space ships in Cosmoteer. Travel around the galaxy in your ships gathering resources, fighting pirates, doing missions, etc. Very challenging to make the best ships. Game is easy to learn, hard to master.

Avorion is sort of a 3D version of Cosmoteer with great ship building and exploration.

I really like Big Ambitions. It's an isometric business game set in New York. You pick your locations and set up anything from gift shops to hair salons to law firms. You buy and place the fixtures, hire and train the employees. You'll also set up a home office with personnel managers, etc. and have warehousing and deliveries to deliver to all your businesses each day with stock that you get from importers or wholesalers.

Two colony sims I have sunk some hours into are Kingdoms Reborn and Timberborn. What sets KR apart from other colony sims is that you lead your community from the middle ages all the way to modern times. In Timberborn you lead a post apocalypse community of beavers. Both can be as relaxing or stressful as you want to make them. Both are easy to learn. Timberborn doesn't take a ton of time to play and there are two factions and multiple maps. KR has 4 factions and maps can be randomly generated.

If running a farming business sounds fun, there's always Farming Simulator 22. Buy a farm and equipment. Work the fields or hire farmhands or both. Decide what and when to plant. Build factories (not the same way as in Satisfactory) to process your crops further to bring a better price. Deliver the crops to the right seller for the highest price. Etc.

Want to try your hand at running an auto repair and customization shop? Car Mechanic Simulator 21 is very highly rated (all these games are) and you can do everything from taking jobs from customers with car problems to wandering through barns and junkyards looking for cars to restore. Jack those cars up with custom parts and take them to the track for a timed test drive. Very in depth systems that are somehow extremely easy to use.

Like doing handyman work and decorating houses? You might like House Flipper

Like commercial aquariums? Design, stock and manage one in Megaquarium. Fantastic game with massive amounts of content and Steam workshop support that adds even more.

Those are what I have for now. I'll look through my library later and see if I can come up with more suggestions. These are definitely some of my favorites, though.
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i am looking for something " different "
"nothing else like it"

Hmm, I guess that depends on what game types you already know.

This has construction, but not like you're used to—it's more a puzzler if you choose to go for 3 stars on Expert mode.
Royal Envoy series
Try the 1-hour free trial on them all to see if you like the gameplay. If you purchase, I advise getting the Collector's Editions with about 50% extra levels.
RE1 hardest
RE2 easiest
RE3 tricky and interesting
RE4 easy [aka Campaign for the Crown]

Moduwar Demo
Guaranteed very different RTS. Currently free on NextFest.
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Letting my mind GO? That sounds dangerous! What if it finds a skull it likes better?

To the original post... Maybe you need to go the other direction and deconstruct?

The title is a different thing... If you're going to call "a puzzle a puzzle," then you must be talking about extremely unique games. There have certainly been plenty of great, highly unique games. They started their own genres after other developers used the unique ideas in their own games! These days, you're probably talking about games that are very niche, just plain not-so-good, or trapped in obscurity.
So far the most unique experiences i can think of have been puzzle games. manifold garden and antichamber are the first to springs to mind. i would also add viewfinder as possible to add to the list.

Honorable mention to hypnospace outlaw. if it wasn't did feel so much as work, it would have been something i would have loved and would have been one of the best things i played last year. Still getting the sequel though.

EDIT: outside of puzzle games, the one standout experience that was memorable at the time was Planetside 2. Seeing hundreds of players just assualting or defending a base is a massive thrill. especially when both teams are balanced in numbers and skill. heroic assaults', glorious last stands, objectives constantly flipping, so many kills that your k/d is in the positive and in double figures. it was amazing. thats all over now, but damn, when it was with the right people it was amazing and a real thrill and i left them feeling entertained and walking away with loads of credits to boot.
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Sure, it's a driving game, but it's very different. It's somewhat chill, but can also be very intense at a very slow pace.

The quick description is this: explore a partial wilderness area with a small truck or SUV (my favorite is the International Scout II. Always wanted one), uncover as much of the map as you can, find upgrades for your truck. Find a mission to haul something, tow something or retrieve something, get the appropriate truck for the job and then study the map and get to know it and strategize how you're going to get what where. From there, there's the micro strategy of how you're going to approach and tackle certain obstacles in your path (this route is quicker, but has some big rocks your large truck may tip over on and dump your load). Once you get the mission done, get your money and upgrade your truck to tackle new loads or routes you couldn't before by adding larger tires, lockers, AWD, etc, etc.

There's not another game like it.
Some of the most unique games I've played:

Black & White (1 & 2)
Sunless Sea (there's also a sequel: Sunless Skies, but I haven't played it)
Crusader Kings 2 (I haven't played 3).
Honestly, all of the grand strategy games of Paradox are quite unique, especially if you have all of the DLC, as I don't think any other developers have made grand strategy games with anywhere near as much content.
Not my cuppa, but that crazy Inscryption game seemed pretty unique:

Other possibles:

Death Stranding
Papers Please
Super Hot
The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker
The Stanley Parable
Twelve Minutes
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