Have you ever done anything dumb in a game without realising it.

Ok so most of you regular guys will know that for the last 18 months i have been hammering SATISFACTORY it is the first game of its type i have used and i made a lot of dumb moves.

1. I spent hours deleting and replacing power poles.
2. spent hours deleting and replacing belts
3. same for water pipes
4. did the same for miners
5. Until i saw somebody talking about zooping i did not realise you could do 10 of something such as walls or foundations with 1 key press so you can imagine how long it took to make a big foundation on the big lake .

I was placing a bigger power pole and got my mouse in the wrong place and accidently over printed an existing one so it was at that point i found out that that you can upgrade or down grade something by over printing.

Finally i did not know you could attach splitters and mergers directly to vertical conveyors , i had been putting a short bit of belt between them and only found out my mistake after looking a a megga build video ...... spent a couple of days altering over 500 coal power stations and other assorted machines ........ slapped self in face

footnote stop lolling at me i told you i was a building noob ... now i have nearly 3,000 hours on it.
Oh yeah, just recently. One of the mods in my Minecraft mod collection allows you to crossbreed different types of magical chickens to get new types. Normally you breed chickens by just hand-feeding them seeds, so that was what I was doing, but I never got a new type. It wasn't until much later that I realized that the crossbreeding recipe included a specific breeder block. Once I built three of those I had a bunch of new crossbreeds within a couple of minutes.

There's magical chickens that create resources that you need a lot of which you otherwise have to go mining for or built expensive machines to generate them, so it would've been useful to figure this out much sooner.

Another thing I just found out is that you can hold the shift button when selecting a recipe to make the maximum amount of the recipe as you have resources for. Would have saved me a bunch of time if I'd known that from the start as well.
I like reading the articles by gaming journalists; "10 things i wish i knew before i started" because I like to see what i have been doing wrong in a game ive been playing for a while. I usually fair pretty well, having been doing things they suggest, but i have ran into some "i HAVE been doing this wrong!" moments.

Most recently in Diablo 4. I spent a good 100k abouts on "imprinting" special perks into weapons/armor on my lower level characters just to realize its going to cost a whole lot more in doing so when you hit way higher levels and that at lower levels, these extra perks dont really matter since your "strong" already. I stopped and yea i didnt really need them at that point lol.
I remember getting really angry that without warning I lost a chance to do a side mission in Mass Effect 3. Now I ALWAYS do side missions first in games out of paranoia I'll miss one, but they certainly didn't make it clear.

It was part of the missions involving a dreadnaught, and it was a mission where you save Admiral Koris after he crash lands on Rannoch. That said, I thought ME3 was a lot better than the reviews it got, in fact I was more put off by the ending they patched in, that merely had 3 color coded variants of the same cutscene.
stop lolling at me
Hah, good luck with that! But we do offer the significant consolation of LOLing right back at us :D

Most recent is Far Cry 6, I spent a good few hours swapping out ammo types depending on opposition—game design says use soft-target ammo for this, armor piercing for that, etc. Took me a while to realize ammo piercing all the time is a much less frustrating mechanic—as long as you headshot the soft targets.

Another is across all the FC games from 3 to New Dawn, due to the console-nerfed UI design. The amount of times I looted some corpses and then discovered down the road that I'd also swapped my sooper dooper tricked-out AR for a vanilla AK47… GRR! Yeah, same hard-coded key to do a bunch of different things, like loot, swap weapon, etc etc. Thankfully not in Far Cry 6 tho—corpses don't drop weapons anymore.

In Civ4 I spent maybe the first year building cottage economies, until I discovered that production-based were so much stronger—that got me from Prince to Emperor difficulty within a few months.

In Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 I had a lot of trouble with sway on longer high-zoom shots early on. It wasn't until I reached a mission where I had to support guys infiltrating a town from across a wide gorge—and failed 3 times—that I dug in to find out what I was doing wrong. It was my first sniper game and I was screwing up the bipod support mechanic—I didn't realize that whenever I switched out of scope view …eg to check binocs… it undeployed the bipod!

I could go on, but I don't want to discourage others from competing for Greatest Dummy Ever :D