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  1. A

    Thinking of a switch to Team Red

    I currently have a 3090ti and am looking to swap to team Red. Its been about 15 years since I tried anything from AMD - I dont care about ray tracing since I would rather have the extra frames. I am not looking for a 4090 performance - I just want a card from AMD that would be considered the...
  2. theneoncake

    Question Low FPS and low GPU usage help??

    My boyfriend used to play games with no problem and ever since we moved he's had massive FPS drops. We went to Best Buy and they ran diagnostics for a pricy amount (even when we already tried at home) and they said hardware was completely fine?? Then told us to remove some software like Razer to...
  3. V

    Question [Help] ASUS Z270G Motherboard not recognizes GPU on PCI-E (x1) Riser Boards

    Hi, I have a PC with a ASUS Z270G Motherboard, i7 7700 and two GPUs (a GTX 1070 Ti and another GTX1070). The issue is that running both GPUs on the PCI-E x16 slots in my motherboard does not offer adequate cooling and the upper card gets really hot with poor airflow. Attempting to solve this...
  4. Linpaws

    Question Suggestions on upgrading gpu

    Hi guys, I'm a casual gamer and thinking to upgrade my Gpu.. My current build is i7-2600K 12gb Ram Nvidia GT 520 and i game at 1080p display.. So, can someone suggest me best gpu paired with i7-2600k so it doesn't bottleneck because modern gpus might bottleneck my cpu..
  5. T

    Question CPU und GPU Temperatur

    hey zusammen :) ich bin neu in der Gaming PC Welt und habe etwas angst waS die Temperatur meine Komponenten angeht ... Habe vorher immer an der Konsole gespielt wo die Temperaturen nie Thema waren so wirklich. Habe mir vor ca. 1 Woche ein PC zusammen konfiguriert: ASUS PRIME X570-P Mainboard...
  6. bobCARTOF

    Pls help with game performance :(((

    So i'll get straight to the point,when i play one game ,my fps drops down dramatically from around 200 to 20,this happens when i move around, either with wasd or with the mouse.I monitored my gpu usage and when i am not moving (and i have 200 fps) it is around 60% but when i move it drops to...
  7. PCG Katie

    Question Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060: What do you REALLY want to know?

    Hey, you amazing lot. Katie from the PCG Hardware team here with a 🔥 b u r n i n g 🔥 q u e s t i o n 🔥 I've been sent by a higher power (i.e. my boss) to ask what YOU want to know most about Nvidia's upcoming GeForce RTX 3060, set to hit markets in late Feb. Of course, we'll be doing a...
  8. Bnymynp1

    Age Of Empire optimization

    Hi all, when im playing Age of empire my FPS monitor shows low FPS in the middle of the game. i checked with the task manager and its balance the efforts betwwen my GPU and CPU (20% to both) i have GPU - 1080ti CPU - i7 8700k should i priortize or change some setting for my PC, because i have...
  9. A

    1070Ti underperforming?

    Hello all, New to the forums! I recently purchased a ASUS GTX1070Ti STRIX 8GB, an upgrade from my MSi GTX980 Armor 2X 4GB. I've had it installed for a few days with the latest drivers, however it doesn't feel any better than the 980, it feels... worse. I only really play WoW nowadays...
  10. Mister_JaxX

    Question is secure to upgrade my pc the way i have planned?

    so i have an i5 7600k 3.8 ghz box with a gigabyte-ga-z270p-d3 as a motherboard, with 16 gb RAM and a zotac 1060 ddr5 6gb. I cant take a 2060 cause my cpu would be too low for the gpu, so i have to upgrade my gpu first. I wanna make a jump on the cpu so i dont have to upgrade it anymore for...
  11. S

    Cyberpunk 2077

    I have a pc with the following specs : Asrock B460M pro4 , i5 10400F، 16GB g skill trident z 3000Mhz, Asus gtx 1050 ti(I know its too weak for cyberpunk), Seasonic S12III 650W 80+ Bronze. And i cant get more than 25fps on low setting My question is can i upgrade my gpu to rtx 3060 ti without...
  12. Matt1984

    Question HELP!! What or how to upgrade my build? Gpu? Or what next step should be???

    Currently running ryzen 3200G with asus prime A320M-k motherboard, Gskill 8gb x2 ram and 2.5" ssd. Its my son's first build.
  13. Zak

    Question PC upgrading and compatibility

    Hello Guys, I m lookin' for some good advice regarding upgrading my PC. Currently, I have i7 3770, with GTX 660ti and 8GB RAM (2x4gb DDR3 1600hz). Motherboard -P8Z77-v LX2 . I m planning to get used GTX 1070 (msi or zotac 8gb mini) or new Zotac GTX 1660. also I want to add 1x4gb RAM (for one of...
  14. A

    Liquid cooled RTX 30-series

    Hi all. All the RTX 3070/80/90 models I've seen so far are all fan cooled. Does anybody know if liquid cooled GPUs are being produced as well? Thanks in advance for the replies.
  15. S

    PC Build Upgrade - Help Needed

    Hi All! Need some advice. Currently looking to upgrade parts of my rigg just to keep up with current/future gens. Needs: Micro ATX Board to fit case (i want to keep current case) and have tjhe ability to potentialy upgrade to 30 series GPU in the future. Processor: dont mind if Intel or Ryzen...
  16. W

    1070 to 3070 Upgrade Help

    Hello everybody! My PC is about 3 years old now and I am looking to move towards high performance 1440p gaming with a 3070 next month. I am however a little concerned about making the jump and wondering if I need to make any other changes before taking the plunge. My specs are:- I5 8400...
  17. A

    Supporting hardware for RTX 3080

    Hi all fellow gamers. Following the news of the upcoming release of the new RTX GPUs, I'd like to ask a question specifically about the RTX 3080 model. Could anyone please tell me what kind of hardware can support it? My pc specs are the following: - Processor: Intel i7 9700K 3.6 Ghz -...
  18. Sporky

    Route my graphics card through motherboard

    I am building a mid tier pc but i want to use it with an Oculus quest but I want to use a 5700xt for the price to performance but it doesn't come with a usb-c port so i was wondering if i could re-route the video through my motherboard ports as i remember seeing an ltt video where they did...
  19. beardboy

    Is intel's integrated Iris plus 645 1536 MB much better than the Iris 6100 1536 MB

    Im just trying to compare integrated GPUs to see if the new Macbook can really do much more than my current 2015.
  20. T

    GPU or PSU problem

    hello, i bought an rx580 8gb 2 weeks ago,everything worked perfectly but two days ago i let my pc turned at night, when i woke up i found that the pc kept restarting all the night. I know that it was a cpu problem, i fixed it, but when i wanted to start a game my pc crashed, i started sdoing...