Oct 25, 2020
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Hi All!
Need some advice.
Currently looking to upgrade parts of my rigg just to keep up with current/future gens.
Needs: Micro ATX Board to fit case (i want to keep current case) and have tjhe ability to potentialy upgrade to 30 series GPU in the future.
Processor: dont mind if Intel or Ryzen
Ram: DDR4
I am currently running Intel Xeon 5 1660 6 core Processor (not great for gaming, got it second hand), GTX 1070 on 32gb DDR3.

What i want to know: are there any really good deals out there at the moment to consider?
Is it worth waiting a little bit for a new Ryzen gen to come out and lower some current prices?
Is it worth waiting for other manufacturers to bring out more motherboard range?
Is it worth waiting for 20 series GPU's to drop in price when more 30 series are available?

I havnt really been keeping up with all the recent innovations over the last 12 months.
Pic for attn
Thanks in advance for any help!
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