Question [Help] ASUS Z270G Motherboard not recognizes GPU on PCI-E (x1) Riser Boards

Apr 10, 2021
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Hi, I have a PC with a ASUS Z270G Motherboard, i7 7700 and two GPUs (a GTX 1070 Ti and another GTX1070).

The issue is that running both GPUs on the PCI-E x16 slots in my motherboard does not offer adequate cooling and the upper card gets really hot with poor airflow.

Attempting to solve this issue, I tried using PCI-e riser cards (the x1 kind used for mining) in order to use multiple GPUs outside my case. I'm using the v009s version (there is a picture below).

Although my motherboard has 2 PCI-E x16 and 2 x1, I cannot get the BIOS or Windows or Linux to recognize any card that is connected to a riser board (when I connect directly on the x16 connector, it recognizes, but that is not what I want).

I tried several configurations and nothing works:
  • one GPU on x16 and a riser on another x16
  • one GPU on x16 and a riser on a x1
  • both GPUs on risers on a variety of PCI-e connector configurations

I also tried to make some changes on my BIOS according to a video I found on YT (
) that basically consists of changing the generation of my PCIs in order to have bandwidth. I tried, Gen1, Gen2, Gen3 and Auto and nothing works.

You may ask about the PCI-E risers, that might be defective, but I've tested on three different boards which are known good ones and work on other systems, so that is not the problem.

As I said before, I tried on Windows 10 (one GPU at a time and both together) removing and reinstalling NVIDIA drivers, however, it simply does not show on Device Manager.
I then tried to run on NiceHash OS and it also does not recognize the cards on risers.

I'm therefore out of ideas and really would appreciate any help I can get as I believe this has to be some BIOS configuration or something like that.

Just to resume everything I've written for someone who is not interested in reading my saga:
  • I want to run GPUs (GTX 1070 and GTX 1070Ti) on PCI-E Riser boards (used for crypto mining) on my ASUS Z270G
  • The GPUs are only recognized when connected directly on the x16 connectors in my MB and not being recognized on the Risers
  • I'm using known good risers and tried on Windows 10 and Linux
  • I'm beginning to get quite desperate as I can't make this work and don't know why

I added pictures of my Hardware configuration, of the modifications that were made on my BIOS and of Device Manager.

Also, my BIOS is on the latest version, I've updated it.

Please, can someone help me with this?

I decided to create an album with the BIOS and other images. The link is here


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