Jul 1, 2020
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hello, i bought an rx580 8gb 2 weeks ago,everything worked perfectly but two days ago i let my pc turned at night, when i woke up i found that the pc kept restarting all the night. I know that it was a cpu problem, i fixed it, but when i wanted to start a game my pc crashed, i started sdoing some stress tests to all my components,then figured out it was perhaps a gpu or psu issue. I replaced the gpu with a GTX960 2gb ,and everything worked perfectly,I don't know if it's a psu or gpu problem,i dont think that it's a gpu problem because i just bought it,it's more obvious to be a psu issue. Can you help me out with this ?
Jun 24, 2020
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I would try another PSU first. Try using OuterVision's PSU Calculator to see how much you need.

Also make sure that your drivers are up to date.
RX 580 can draw 325W at full load ?!!??! On which planet?

The total system power consumption can be 325W...

The GPU's own power consumption will be nowhere near that.

@Taha_JP You say the PC had a problem with the CPU that you fixed, and then almost immediately it had another problem.. that sounds like it could be the same problem that is manifesting itself as both problems...

What was the 'CPU problem' you had exactly and how did you fix it?

Before telling the OP to just go and buy another PSU, it would be worth investigating causes and solutions that don't involve speculatively spending cash on random components.


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