Dec 15, 2020
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I have a pc with the following specs :
Asrock B460M pro4 ,
i5 10400F،
16GB g skill trident z 3000Mhz,
Asus gtx 1050 ti(I know its too weak for cyberpunk),
Seasonic S12III 650W 80+ Bronze.

And i cant get more than 25fps on low setting

My question is can i upgrade my gpu to rtx 3060 ti without changing any other hardware other than the gpu???
Hi :) What case is this all inside? As long as it fits in there physically it will be fine, although you might want to add an extra case fan or two depending what you have already. A 3060Ti will release quite a lot more heat than a 1050Ti.

I mean this in the best possible way, good luck finding one anywhere for sale!
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Not promising anything, but I hope I'm right. Everywhere in the world is out of stock of everything it seems. Combination of Christmas, new cards being released, and perhaps Bitcoin price, with a touch of Cyberpunk thrown in there for good measure I guess. The perfect storm!
Dec 18, 2020
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While I've got a little beefier system, it's a bit comparable and you should be fine. I can run between 45-60 with rt ultra and dlss quality.
i7 9700k@ stock
ROG Strix Z390 E
G.Skill 32 GB 3600
RTX 3070 FE

Running the game on an XPG Spectrix S40G m.2


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