Xbox Controller keeps controlling my volume without me wanting to

Mar 4, 2022
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First of all I have it set to xbox config on steam but every time I press the combo of the A button and the left thumbstick it always messes with my volume and honestly it's starting to bug me that I can't find a solution online, btw the controller I'm using is a Xbox Elite 2
Hi and welcome.

Found this on Reddit, I'm afraid I dont have any experience with Xbox controllers but this worked for some people..


I think kinda solved this issue for myself last night, this issue hasn't replicated for me since.
With the controller plugged in & on the steam interface, Steam > Settings > Controller > Guide Button Chord Configuration > Any of the four boxes with input styles > Style of Input > None > Done > Repeat for all four boxes
I should add that I did this too for desktop configuration & disabling it after for good measure.

Let us know if it helps :)
Jul 10, 2022
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Thank you very much, my friend. I was really pissed off about this controller issue and the solution turned out to be pretty simple. I recently did some upgrading on my Xbox One and everything was great. But the problem of the naughty controller really annoyed me.
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