What was the first video game you remember playing?

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Jul 10, 2021
When I was 5 or 6 I played games for the first time. I think the first game was like GTA Vice City or PES 6. It is hard to remmember, because I played easy games that came wwith my PC on Windows XP. Pinball was called of the games I think.
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Jul 13, 2021
Some of the first good games I remember playing on PC in the end of 90s and very beginning of 2000 --- Dune2000, Monkey Island, Prince of Perisa, Red Alert 1/2, Dungeon Keeper, Deus Ex as soon as it first was released.
EDIT: adding AOE1 and SIMS1 and Empire Earth and Sim City and Roller Coaster. Oh as much we fought with my sister for the playing times....

And before this I played a lot of ATARI and SEGA and SNES - Bomberman and I loved those plane games for my (w)hole life 1942. 1943. 1944. 1945. Chip and Chap, Darkwing Duck, Rambo and Streetfighter and stuff like this, this was the best time of my childhood.
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Jul 18, 2021
In 2007, my dad died. I was only about 2 and a half at the time so I don't remember it, but what I do remember is what he left behind. As I grew up I heard stories about my dad and little comments here and there about what kind of a man he was, but it never really hit me the same it did everyone else, all I had of him was what was given to me by mom, a Playstation 2, a GameCube, and an Xbox.

I had first been introduced to these when we had first moved to a different state as my mom and sister wanted to get away from everything, they seemed wacky to me, but I had my fun with them. Eventually they grew on me and I spent a lot of my time playing them, since there was nothing else going on, for a little while I had no friends (not as a result of playing video games) and that was all I could do. I never ended up fat until my later years but I was basically a little neckbeard-in-the-works in my room. I'm not sure which came first but I have fond memories of playing
Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island and Conflict: Desert Storm II on the GameCube and Playstation 2 respectively. I obviously had to google both to try and find what they were called but I recognized them instantly when I saw them. I also liked Battle for Bikini Bottom (which I know there's a remaster for and I really want to play).

For a while, that was what I had. I definitely sucked at them but I enjoyed them. As I grew older, and began to come to "know" the man who had owned these before me, I couldn't help but grow inseparably attached to them, both for the fun and what they meant to me. Some time passed and eventually my mom met a guy, who she now is married to and is my stepdad, and he introduced me to the new generation of games, and the first game I ever played on the Xbox 360 was Saints Row: The Third, which I grew to love just as dearly, and which eventually launched me into my love of gaming now. As time passed I mostly stopped playing those old consoles, they were in the back of my mind but they weren't something I played much anymore.

Eventually my sister moved to a neighboring state and my mom didn't want us apart so we moved with her, and I had to reintegrate into a new place. We didn't have much at the time and we lived in a hotel and car for a while before being able to get an apartment. We still didn't have much so eventually my stepdad and mom came to a decision that they didn't have much choice in. They told me we had to sell the old consoles and most of my stepdad's 360 games to get by. It was frustrating at first but I still wasn't too broken up about it then but it hurts more now. Those things that I had left of my dad I had never met introduced me to one of my great passions now, and your post got me thinking about it to the point I cried. Thank you for making me remember, it's truly special to me.
Jul 4, 2021
I'm an avid gamer, but I've been trying to think of the first games I remember playing and really loved. I remember sneaking into my cousins dad's study to boot up his mac to play Monkey Island, where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? And Myst (which I wasn't very good at). If you're a gamer, what do you remember playing and why?

the first game i played was pacman
I am a beginner as a gamer
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Have you played any PC games at all?

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Aug 2, 2021
I didn't get a home computer until 1997 but I would borrow friends computers and stuff but I can't remember exactly what games I played on thier computers/consoles
EA Sports NBA 97 was the first game I owned and My first PS1 game was Spyro.