What was the first video game you remember playing?

Lauren Morton

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The first thing I actually remember attempting was a sidescrolling Star Wars game on the SNES. I was very young, probably only about 4. My father worked at an ad agency at the time handing Nintendo of America's account and apparently a few of them got sent home with the product.

I was very bad at it. I can guarantee my father was very bad at it because he did not then nor does he now play video games. But I remember passing the controller to him absolutely convinced that he could beat it for me when I died jumping into those sarlacc holes over and over.
Dec 20, 2019
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we had some cassette games in sre house and think first one I remember was dizzy and a game of tv series trap door but truly first game I remember spending a silly amount of time on was the first populous. We may have had a pirate copy >-> so at time it use to be fun trying to work out the shield passcode as the game book had not been not greatly photocopy. We also had the first sim city what me and mine sisters use to lose hours to . After that I have to say the bbc computer at school.It crazy to thing the witch in granny Garden used to scare me 😅.
I don't know what the first game I ever played was. Probably pong or a variant as we had cheap TV games back in the 70's. I know a friend had an Atari VHS but I cannot remember playing it.

First game I remember playing a great deal with WIzardry - Knight of Diamonds, or perhaps the original Castle Wolfenstein (not the 3d one) on an Apple iie in early 80's I guess - would have had to be as I didn't see a computer until 1982.
No one mentioned Zork? the game so big it became a 404 error. Alas, I think the sites that did that are gone now too.

all it is now is a


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Nov 25, 2019
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This is still a very clear memory in my mind. I not only remember the first video game I played, but when and where I played it. The game: Super Mario World, the age 3-4 years old. I was at a pool party with my parents (obviously), and very, very bored. They stuck me in a room with one of the children. We had never met before, so instead of talking he fired up his SNES. The second I touched the controller a radical transformation took place. I no longer was just a boy: I was a gamer. And that my friends is what we call history!
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Jan 13, 2020
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Bagasaurus yuh

The first game I really remember playing was LucasArts Battle of Britain: Their Finest Hour. Or maybe some other LucasArts title, like Monkey Island or Indiana Jones... Or a Sierra game like Knight's Quest, Space Quest, The Black Cauldron. But those game were tough for my 4 year old brain, it felt more like banging my head against the CRT monitor than playing! I took to dogfighting over the Enligh Channel much better.