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May 27, 2020
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Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice (vr edition)
Rate it 10/10. Can't wait for Hellblade 2!
Great game I followed the development diary videos the company was posting for two years before its release......... amazing how an independent studio made a triple A game with a super low budget.


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Finished my XCOM 2 War of the Chosen play through last night. That was my third play-through of that game, plus I spent a good bit of time in The Long War mod! War of the Chosen really does add quite a lot to the game. It might even be a bit much to deal with if it's your first play-through. Factions, special training, the Chosen, tired soldiers, bonds... If you've already played XCOM games, though, you should be fine. Eventually.
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I had hoped to beat some games but alas jagged alliance 2 1.13 was driving me insane and the red solstice became far too difficult/annoying for me to complete. Which is a shame with a few tweaks the game could have been right up my alley.

So the last game i did beat was The Hex. overall a nice experience, with interesting characters and story telling.

i suppose i beat the stanley paraable. now i'm just messing around to see as many of the endings as i can. Again an interesting experience with excellent voice acting and scripting.
Did you play the demo? That's essentially another game in the same style, is free, and says the word "eight" better than you have ever heard.

Would that be Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist? i did play it but it didn't leave much of an impression tbh. But then again i didn't piss around for more than 24 minutes. But the stanley parable certainly left a good impression some of the ideas were pretty good and came like a left hook.

i like to take the time to discuss my issues the the red solstice game. i think it all boils down to the difficulty and some of the mechanics need some reworking. Part of the problem it plays more like xcom in real time instead of alien swarm. You have full control over one character and you order the other AI Squad mates. The tactical mode works and its the only way you can manually command them to deploy special abilities.

problems really begin when they throw in increasingly number of tougher aliens, i found myself needing to use all my squads abilities and doing a lot of micromanagement for the whole squad. So you spend most of the harder battles virtually in tactical mode (which slows the game down to 10% normal game speed) which is boring and tedious yet a necessity to progress forward.

But what really broke me was the defense mission where they sent a huge hordes of monsters and to their credit, their combined might crushed me easy. They would enmass attack you in different areas (strip armour, cause status effects, bullet sponges etc). Switching ammo was not really an option so you have to have squad members equipped with different ammo types so they're effective for certain enemies. But what really hacked me off? The AI not doing their bloody job. The commander said he would cover the west gate but guess what? he doesn't do his bloody job and i get attacked from the west side. Especially galling when the main obj was to seal off one exit at a time. Squad wipe. Want to try again at checkpoint? sure, but all those items you used in your previous attempt aren't replenished. So its harder. Guess you have to start the mission again! Theres enough gear around, but the game just doesn't give you even time to prepare the defenses so all the claymores, auto turrets, remote detonators can't be preplaced and i'm stuck using what i pick up along the way.

i dunno, maybe i was rubbish at the game but i think it could do with some balancing and adjustments here and there.


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Would that be Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist? i did play it but it didn't leave much of an impression tbh. But then again i didn't piss around for more than 24 minutes. But the stanley parable certainly left a good impression some of the ideas were pretty good and came like a left hook.
No, I don't think so. I mean the demo - it's on the Steam page here:
Well finished Hocus Pocus Doom. The novelty kinda disappeared after 20 levels. After that the game became pretty monotonous. same locations, the same enemies, limited weapons didn't help the game itself. far too often i found it a labourous fetch quest and god forbid if you got to the end of the level only to discover that you were one or 2 crystals short. Then it became a nightmare of searching the maps for items you missed. There was also the annoying fact that enemies hurt you on contact and had this horrible habit of clipping into you where by you took continuous damage. Plus they were all silent and sometimes they teleported right on top of you and you weren't any wiser until they too massive chunks out of you.

There were highlights but i was glad to see the back of that game. Another doom mod needed to clean my palette.

its also a bit early but i think i've seen enough to write a comment on it. i was playing Alien Rage and i was expecting to walk into an absolutely horrible mess of a game. To my surprise, it wasn't bad, in fact i was having fun with it. The combat was pretty good (although shotguns are terrible) having an arcadey feel to things kinda like bullet storm but not as good and the banter brought a smile to my face.

Its not going to win any awards, its filled with cliches, drab grey environments, a poorly implementation of a half arsed upgrade system and has its own technical bugs. The latter includes enemies getting stuck on the environments, dead enemies still grunted and screamed when you hit them and my personal favorite, corpses break dancing.

Would i recommend it? for the dirt cheap price? yeah sure, i approve of the game. Don't regret buying it after nearly completing it.
Gosh its been a while and i have played and beat one or 2 more games since i last posted.

Recently it was jydge. I had a lot of fun playing the game. It does get a bit annoying that you had to replay maps several times to get the medals to progress forward, but i was having so much fun i didn't care. The music was especially pretty good and i recommend a look if you see it on a sale.

moving on from law and order, we move to a recent release: red hot vengeance. A basic yet very satisfying hotline miami like shooter. You play as a hitman seeking revenge on the mob. being made and developed by 2 users it was pretty impressive fun. Worth a look as its free!

Currently i'm playing through Slayaway camp and titanfall 2. Both are... meh.
Just finished Titanfall 2. I dunno, i have mixed feelings. on the one hand i couldn't wait to see the back of that game but on the other hand it had some fantastic, exciting, well thought out set pieces that made playing it very memorable. The last half almost definitely a real highlight. But on the other hand i had no interest playing multiplayer.
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Jun 15, 2020
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What was the last game that you completed, and how would you rate it?

Completing games is not something I do often. The most recent game I completed was Halo Reach for the MCC on PC. I had originally played it on 360, but I barely remembered the campaign so it was great to get back in it. I haven't played much of the multiplayer, but I'd give the campaign 8/10 (nostalgia could play a big part)
I complete GTA 1 haha i know its funny its too small game.

OsaX Nymloth

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XCOM 2 is done and it's hard to not be impressed by improvements over previous one. Even maps, that are kinda random generated, are so much better than anything in XCOM: Enemy Unknown with their verticality. Game is also considerably harder, at least for me. On default difficulty in XCOM I could use same tactic half of the game, here in the first two months I lost so many soldiers I was forced to go on mission with 3 squad members because everybody was either gravely injured or dead. Hunting engineers became a necessity till I realized the Avatar Project is just 3 "squares" away from completing - then I scrambled to start doing the actual story missions.

Also unlucky me of course had to start a mission from one of the DLC during first month. Good soldiers were lost, many tears were shed, much cursing was had.
Prey completed. overall i have mixed feelings. I enjoyed playing it but there were times when i just wasn't having any fun. If i went into the game without knowing anything about prey, the twist and turns made it very memorable and exciting seeing that intro section was fantastic and the game did throw many twists and turns even if it felt like it was slowly outstaying its welcome. Some interesting puzzles with the bowcaster as well to open doors was quite cool

The times i felt i wasn't having fun was probably because i was playing on nightmare, wasn't playing it "properly" (just kept to human mods) and during the starting sessions were a real chore to survive as i ran back and forth collecting trash and healing. It felt like the balance wasn't quite there between stealth and action. By mid game when i was fighting the techtypons and the poltergeist and mind controlling typhons my heart just sank and calling BS as to how i was going to fight them without something that resembled a rocket launcher. By end game when i was flushed with ammo, grenades, food etc it was a walk in the park. Chose to play as lawful good as possible sparing everyone and rescuing whoever i could. After the credits roll, i say i was satisfied with the options. Will i go back and play like a monster? Absolutely not. its never my style to play evil. Even if its role playing. That and after spending 30 hours with it, i think its done and dusted.

Would i recommend it? meh undecided tbh.

What to play next? no idea.

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