The last game you completed

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OsaX Nymloth

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Prey was one of my highlights in recent years. Liked it to the point I almost made 100% achievements AFTER I completed it twice - both pure human and "pure" alien playthrough. Then on my last run I had to kill personally every NPC in-game and the "big typhoon thingie" managed to ruin it for me and killed ONE person. Damn.

But really, I wish to see such a game of this quality in the immersive sim genre at least once every few years.
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Today I finally finished GTA V. It was a very nice experience. Rockstar is one of the best gaming companies when it comes to narrative. It's the biggest advantage of the game. The screenplay had its flaws especially in the end, but it was very enjoyable nonetheless. I can also recommend the soundtrack. There's a wide range of radio stations which feature even very famous songs. I especially loved the Los Santos Rock Station.

OsaX Nymloth

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Completed Region of Ruins. For the life of me I can't remember where I got it, but hey, tried and it wasn't bad. But there's some rough edges.

First hour went from meh to "hey this is actually enjoyable and challenging" - I liked how every new region I would venture to would be a potential death of me. I started abusing AI, throwing axes from long range and sometimes fighting one map for 10+ minutes and trying to avoid getting rekt.

Then I discovered you can go inside buildings. Including tavern in your "camp" and recruit other dwarfs. Since then it was a stomp. Squad of 5 mages with some meat shields > everything else, game became a trivial "go and shield yourself for a bit when your squad destroys universe" walking simulator. I got all the achievements as they were kinda trivial, but my interest was waning more and more. With equipment upgrades not mattering because of "death-squad-of-angry-dwarfs", village upgraded to the fullest and even that stupid mini-game in tavern maxed out, there was nothing else to keep me interested.

Still, not a bad experience for what it is.
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I just completed Divinity: Original Sin 2 for about the 6th time? Something like that. Got through it so quick in that tactician run and without issue so I decided to start an honor run.

I'm also working on completing Terraria. I hadn't played it since it released back in the day, so with this update it felt like it was time. Master hardmode and I'm at the cultists, I'm getting there.
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May 2, 2020
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Finally finished Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Not bad. Currently working my way through Batman: Arkham Knight. It's actually a damn good game now that the crippling launch issues have been fixed.
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Last game I played through until the end was The Last of Us: Part II for PlayStation 4. It's not a perfect game by any means, but the narrative was enough to keep me invested and the combat is up there with the best in the stealth action genre. Enemy AI was also fantastic, a particular highlight in a time where enemies only seem to get dumber rather than smarter. It's like game developers are either too scared to make a game hard, or too preoccupied with making it hard in the wrong ways.

It's an improbably beautiful game, too. The global illumination and subtle use of HDR make it one of the most stunning games I've played in my life.

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OsaX Nymloth

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Replayed Bulletstorm - had a desire to do so for some time now. Gameplay wise it's as good as ever, trying different combinations of weapons and environmental hazards to get new "skillshots" and higher score was sweet. The only nitpick I had was the "contextual" QTE for everything - can't jump down, need to get close to the edge and click R. Climbing? Of course, QTE. I am glad this period in gaming is behind us.


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Finished Divinity Original Sin 2 after 90 hours and 3 months since I started playing! It was a wonderful, but very hard journey. The combat system and the ending were very satisfying. Unfortunately I needed to consult my playthrough with a guide sometimes. I didn't fall in love with the adventure like puzzles. There's a place for them in the genre for sure, but not necessarily during main quests. I'd rate the game somewhere around 82/100 maybe 85/100. If I decide to replay it some day, I'll do so on easy difficulty level from the beginning. I hope Larian will reduce the difficulty a little in BG3.


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I just finished Jedi: Fallen Order. Pretty good game - very much a modern Tomb Raider only using The Force instead of guns and with a lot less story.

On the plus side:
  • Nice level designs. I like the way they arrange things so you can make 'shortcuts.'
  • Good voice acting.
  • OK story - nothing remotely close to Witcher 3 but definitely enough to keep you going.
  • Should work very well with 3D Vision but my system got screwy so I missed it.
  • Really beautiful planets.
  • It's STAR WARS!
Not so nice:
  • Save point save system - and you don't even get to have multiple save points! Seriously, JRPGs back in the `90s had better save systems than this.
  • Sometimes there wasn't a shortcut and you were stuck going over the same area again. Or maybe you want to get some bit of treasure now that you have a new Force skill. So back you go over the same beautiful areas yet again, often times fighting the exact same enemies.
  • Rather short for a $60 game.
  • I didn't really like the "stim" style healing. When you want a heal, you tell the droid on your back to toss you one. However, little BD isn't going to try that if you're rolling/attacking/getting chopped up by a lightsaber and it takes (I think) a tad under 2 seconds for it to pop one out and for you to inject yourself - plenty of time to get attacked and spoil it when you're in battle. This sounds like something I would like but, in practice, it drove me mad!
  • This may have just been my PC or a bad setting but I was seeing a lot of little black dots in my textures. It wasn't noticeable when playing but, when I would stop to admire the view or take a screenshot, some textures would be really grainy.
Oh, and don't expect to play this one with mouse/keyboard unless you've got a bunch of {ahem} handy buttons on your mouse. Your left hand will get completely overloaded with movement, Force powers, and dodging.

Overall: worth getting at half price.
A bit late, but i'll add it to the list: Vampyr

In a nutshell, the premise of Vampyr was excellent, the execution not so great. It wasn't a horrible unplayable mess, its best described as functional but not compelling. The world wasn't particularly large, yet wasn't very detailed and felt like a hollow shell with areas reused in a attempt to add depth. There weren't many enemy varieties and the combat mechanics used a stamina meter so you just can't help but compare it to dark souls (or what was potentially possible). No armor system for starters. Ok, admittedly, i played it on "normal" as the devs originally intended, but still had issues.

Speaking of issues, dialogue system wasn't particularly in depth and sometimes flawed. I mean, whats stopping me asking the same question again besides the game not allowing it? In one scenario i stumbled upon a new quest and returned the item and upon return of item failed me and prevented me from discussing about a certain subject (it was the scarf one). Another one is that some of the objectives are poorly written. The one finding the braille made me think that i had collected all 4 when in fact i only had 3. if you look up that certain quest people had the same concerns as well.

Partly my fault, partly a design flaw, you can't get the more unique weapons without playing evil and killing everyone to get their items. Whatever game, i'll just get the best sword and use that instead. The generic weapons like the bonesaw and the double handed clubs are fine for the job 99% of the time.

But lets not forget it isn't a high budget AAA dev working on this and for a team more known for life is strange i guess its fine i shouldn't put it under serious scrutiny. Would i recommend it? Not sure 6/10 or 7/10 is the absolute limit, Perhaps on a sale at a very cheap price. But for 12.99 i think there are better games out there.

EDIT: corrected typo and rewrote some bits to make it flow better.
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I like coming back to this thread because people remind me of games I've been curious about, and also I hear of games I might not have otherwise. I also now know what an Otamatone is.

I can't say its completed but I've done a few playthroughs now of Battle Brothers, and after 150 hours I think I'll play something else for a bit.

Its a turn based tactics game where you manage a mercenary company in a medieval fantasy world. You travel around a world map in real time, raiding caravans, fighting monsters and bandits in turn based encounters. Its sprite based, with a quite unique art style which conveys quite a lot of information. Enemies are always shown wearing the armor and weapons that they are actually using, and you need to manage them so that you can use armor piercing or head attacks to preserve the armor so that you can swipe it for yourself after the battle without destroying it. It adds another layer of strategy when the toughest most damage dealing enemies often have the best armor.

Up to 20 Brothers are recruited in cities, of which you can field 12 max at a time. There's a quite in depth perk system, allowing for different weapon and ability specializations as your brothers level up. Army composition is important, but you also have to pick perks and equipment that suit the base stats of your bros to get the best out of them. Fortunately there are a lot of different viable ways you can build.

The world maps are seed based, I dont know how many but they may as well be procedurally generated. You have to manage several different resources to keep your kit in good repair and your brothers healed and paid, or they will easily leave. Different encounters may also demand slightly different compositions, and there's no way to know that until you've had your party wiped by, for example being routed because you didn't level your bros resolve stat enough against a ghostly undead army. Some might find that frustrating because theres no way to know in advance

Speaking of which it is brutal early on and even into the mid game. Your brothers all start weak, but some are better than others and they can all be one shotted quite easily if you're not careful. The early game is very tough as even one unlucky encounter can mean you lose someone with great potential, who arent always easy to replace when gold is hard to find. One bad encounter can set you back seriously, and knowing what contracts and fights to take only comes with experience. There's perhaps a bit too much RNG in the game up until day 30 or so.

I have to also say that the base game without DLC feels a bit bare. Not very many enemy types and not much variation in armors and weapons. I picked the base game and 2 dlcs up for about 30 Euros though, so I'm not complaining after 150 hours.

Anyway it wont be for everyone, and its definitely a project but I haven't been taken with a game this much in a while. Highly recommend for tactics fans with some time on their hands.

(If you read all that congrats! It helped me to collect my thoughts on the game anyway :D )
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So, now that you're done with Battle Brothers @Kaamos_Llama, I assume you'll be moving on to play Othercide? You know, that game where you fight enemies with your Battle Sisters?

I skimmed the Othercide PCG review earlier and it looks interesting. I'm definitely not averse to fighting alongside people of any pronoun. :)

I actually started playing Prey, its brilliant so far.
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I'm ticking another game off my list: Invisible inc.

Not a bad game. even on the easiest setting its a tense/stressful game that i liked. Its not the longest game and the replay value is tackling the harder difficulty mods and unlocking everything. I'm far too busy to find time to unlock all the operatives and one play through on the easiest setting is more then enough.

Well worth getting at a cheap price. Is the DLC worth it? not sure tbh. All it does is add additional agents/enemies, a mission in the middle of the campaign and some additional objectives. Not sure if its worth it but bag them all for a cheap price and its fine.
Jul 3, 2020
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I honestly don't remember the last game I completed. It was a while ago. I mostly play multiplayer games.

But with that being said it was probably Tomb Raider on the Xbox 360 (2013 reboot), yeah not PC 😅🙄 And it was a pretty good. I thought it was pretty short, but it had a great balance of puzzles and action. The puzzles weren't extremely tricky. At least easier than the original puzzles.
But I am playing thru Deus Ex Revolutions. Sadly I never beat the original. And didn't play Invisible War other than the demo. So far revolutions is good. The main story is somewhat interesting with side quests sprinkled in for taste. I recommend doing them so you can gain more augmentations for the late game. Although, I'm not a huge fan of being locked to an area. Hopefully the new hardware in gaming reduces that need.